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Star Tobbi (Chapter 35)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is preparing something for their fans...

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                Karina still immerse herself in stacks of papers when hear news about Hoshiko on TV. The news caster says, “Popular female group idols, Hoshiko will release their last single, 00 Love next month!” The news show sneak peak of the PV making location where Hoshiko members doing random things; Mariko practice her singing, Sara and Reika fooling around, Rin strums her guitar, while Karina just annoy people around her.

                Then, the scene change where Hoshiko gather and says, “Morning everyone! Hoshiko desu!”

                Karina says, “Next month, we will launch our new and last single, 00 Love. It really nice to hear because the song is about various love that actually around us without we realize it. We also attempt different style of PV.”

                “Which is we wear different costumes that we never wear for PV.” Say Reika and Sara in union.

                When being ask about their costumes, Reika says, “My style is casual look.”

                Mariko says, “I’m wearing kimono.”

                Rin says, “I stick with my cool style.”

                Sara shyly says, “I become ojou-sama in PV.”

                “While I’m wearing wedding dress. Why we wear those clothes, check our PV, okay?” say Karina happily and the news change to another topic after finish the promotion.

                For some reason, Karina realize she’s look too happy on the screen and chuckles to herself. She take a look at clock to see it almost 5 am. She knows she already stay awake for 3 hours as she can’t fall asleep when arrive home. The shooting end really late and she’s lucky her works on that day start at evening.

                She really want to stay awake but doze off after few minutes as she actually really tired. The sudden phone ringing bring her back to the reality. She notices it is phone call from Harada and she press answer button to hear, “This is Harada but I know you’re just awake by now and don’t want to say anything. Listen here, this evening works has been cancel and it will be replace on another day. I already ask Kiriko about your schedule… you’re free for today but make sure you get more rest. Tomorrow, you will be busy again.” With that the phone call end.

                Karina roll on the floor to think what she should do for the day. She take another hour nap before get ready for the day. She goes downstairs to see Sara in middle of prepare something. Sara notice her and asks, “Care for brunch?”

                “Absolutely.” Reply Karina happily. She open the fridge to search for anything that she can make smoothie and found strawberry, “Nice~!”

                “I heard from Harada that today’s work is cancel.” Say Sara.

                Karina cut the strawberry while give reply, “Yeah, maybe because this evening will raining. We will shoot for upcoming fashion line and it will be too cold when the shooting will make outside.”

                “Ne… Karina-chan, why you seem doesn’t pack your things yet?” ask Sara. She notice that as Karina seem really relax without care to move her things while other busy doing that.

                Karina thinks before says, “I will move out after make sure all of you reach at your destination safely and I want to use some work force from my friends. I want to bully them once in awhile.” Sara could only smiles with it.


                Rin just finish her meeting with her music producer to discuss about theme for her solo debut. She already finish write the lyric for the song but she still need to think about what kind of music suit for it. She walks at the hallway while still in deep thought.

                She almost bump into someone but a voice give relief to her when it is Reika, “You should alert while walking around here, Rin-chan.”

                “Reika-chan, what are you doing here?” ask Rin in surprise as she never think she would meet any of Hoshiko member on that day as it is off-day for them.

                Reika point towards one of practice studio, “I have to watch over practices of our new trainees. It really hard when they think it really easy to become idol and I have to show it not like what they think.”

                “Even we work really hard to get what we have nowadays.” Mumble Rin.

                Reika want to agree with her but another voice interrupt them, “Ah~! It really lucky to become Hoshiko when you always get rest when there is not work on that day.”

                “What else do you want, Madoka? Don’t you get enough to annoy Hoshiko?” ask Reika with annoy tone. She can’t understand why Madoka really hate them while their other senpais merely ignoring them.

                Madoka want to say something but some kind of force swept her feet that make she fall to the ground. Rin dust off some invisible dirt on her hands while saying, “Bad mouth about Hoshiko again and I will give you special mark on your ‘beauty’ face. I don’t care you are our senpai or not.”

                “Hey! If I tell those reporters about the real you, your solo career will be end really soon! You better be careful around me.” Madoka want to threat them.

                Rin raise her eyebrows and smirk before says, “You think we will scared over that threat? Unfortunately for you, that don’t give affect to us even a bit. If you really can do that, I also can do that.”

                Madoka want to attack Reika but she get throw by Rin to the wall. People come to hallway to see what happen and Reika says, “I know this is too late but I want to tell you that Rin-chan really dangerous when someone enrage her. She never care who you are before throw you.”

                Madoka wince in pain due to impact at her back and become embarrassed when notice they become centre of focus at that moment. She just walk away while try to stand the pain while the other two only smile before high-five with each other. Rin says, “After this, if she annoy you again, tell me. I really want to throw her again in future.”

                “Thanks.” Say Reika with smiles. She never think that day would be so interesting for her when she really need some entertainment for herself.


                Mariko goes out together with her mom when know she has no work on that day. Amarante says, “I never think I would go out like this again after I get admit into hospital.”

                “Don’t say like that. I know you would recover and we can spend time together again.” Say Mariko.

                Both of them walk into boutique when notice beautiful clothes. Amarante notice Mariko seem thinking something else while they choose clothes and decide to asks, “Still thinking about the disbandment?”

                “Maybe a bit…” Mariko knows she can’t lie to her mom, “…I don’t know if this matter doesn’t appear, I will stick with my arrogant self.”

                “You’re not arrogant. You’re just too focus to get attention from your dad.” Say Amarante. She suddenly curious over something, “Why you suddenly want to focus on acting when you really like singing?”

                “It because of Karina-chan. She always criticize my singing but never did that when I practice acting with her. She even make comment that I really know how to get into feeling of various roles that she make me. From there, I know acting is suitable for me.” Reply Mariko.

                Amarante smiles and says, “I really want to meet that girl. She sound really great.”

                “I will bring her to meet you soon and she’s really special for Hoshiko as she always notice our emotion before work hard to help us to overcome that.” say Mariko. She quickly put stop on it before smiles and choose a dress that grab her attention.


                Hoshiko really surprise when Mr. Nagase announce to them when Hoshiko has meeting with him, “As thanks for all your hard work for Hoshiko and your fans, we will make special event for both sides. 10 lucky fans will choose to spend time together with Hoshiko at special place which Disneyland.”

                “What Disneyland?” Karina’s eyes sparkles to hear that before continues, “I always want to taste delicious food there.”

                Everyone gasps to hear that, “You only think of that?”

                “I’m hungry~!” say Karina while rubs her stomach before giggles.

                Sara give her some snacks and Karina happily stay at one corner to enjoy her snacks. That action make people think, “Like a kids…”

                They just continue the meeting without care of Karina as they know that girl will continue listening to them. It being decide that the lucky fans will be choose by draw where each of Hoshiko member will handle two fans. They even discuss what kind of activity that they will do on that day and complete compulsory concert for other fans.

                When the meeting end, they hear sound of someone bang her head on the table and it is Karina who seem tired. Rin asks, “You have work after this?”

                “Yes, today’s shooting will continue for several days non-stop.” Reply Karina half-asleep. She want to continue her sleep but Kiriko already pull her as they almost late for her next work.

                Harada make comment after watch Karina’s expression, “It seem only time before she collapse.”

                “Is her schedule really tight?” ask Reika.

                “It supposedly not that busy and she could decline some of it but something inside her seem never let her do that. She is overwork herself.” Say Harada

                Rin knows why she does that, “She only want to distract herself with the fact that we will not be together anymore. She will do whatever in order to avoid herself to break apart.”

                “Can’t we ask help from Okamoto-san?” ask Sara but they know their leader will never let anyone try to do anything to her. That girl would never let anyone try to make any changes to her as she knows she can do it alone.


                Kiriko give gel eye mask to Karina before says, “Use this to relax your eyes.”

                “Thanks.” Karina take it before place on her eyes and rest. She’s happen to get enough time to relax in the car before reach at the destination. She wear her earphones to listen some music but her mind keep thinking about what happen after that. She remember her meeting with Bara and Nobuhiko after they return from their honeymoon.


                “I don’t think I will get used to that.” Say Karina after tell everything.

                Bara serve cold drink for her, “You have to get ready accept any changes in future.”

                “I know why you really afraid of changes. You afraid the biggest changes that affect your whole life; death of our parent and the day we think we lose everything in our life.” Say Nobuhiko that make Karina silently cries to agree. He knows his sister want everything stay the same, like when they were kids.

                Bara hugs Karina before says, “You may not realize it but you already face many changes in your life. Every day will offer different things that make us changes something within us.”

                “You will be okay.” Say Nobuhiko.

End of flashback~


                The day that Hoshiko hope won’t come is here, the launching of Hoshiko last single. The girls get ready for their appearance on a TV show. Karina can’t stay calm and keep walking around but that only last for awhile before her stomach growl that can be heard by everyone in the room. Karina only says, “Yabai!”

                Everyone laugh to hear that and silently thanks as that sound really soften the tense atmosphere in the room. Reika take one of bento box prepared before give to Karina, “You can eat this first.”

                “Mou~! I already remind you to eat something before leave house!” whine Sara. She has prepare some food but Karina fall asleep on the table until the car arrive to fetch them.

                Mariko annoy to watch Karina eat in front of her, “You will only gain weight if you eat without care of things around you!”

                “As long my stomach happy, I would be happy~!” Karina announce like little kids before continue eat her meal. Everyone can only watch her before continue what they are doing.

                When the time come, Harada says, “It’s time and all of you show to everyone who is Hoshiko.”

                “We will make them remember Hoshiko forever!” Say Mariko as they make circle.

                Four of them join other artists to appear at set. They show their best smile to everyone there, like news about their disbandment is just a baseless rumours. MC says, “It really nice to have all of you here, Hoshiko. Can you tell me about this new song?”

                “It being write by me and this song really special as it show love that we can experience in our daily life. It is song that can make your day.” say Karina happily.

                Mariko says, “It can soothe your mind as it opens your eyes after listening to it.”

                They take their place after the talk and get ready to perform. Everyone could see in their eyes, the girls ready to give great performance. Reika begin the beat before all of them play the music and Mariko happily sing the song that make everyone really enjoy to hear it. It show at the girls’ face that they really enjoy what they are doing even it will come to end soon before they go to their own way.

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