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Star Tobbi (Chapter 32)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko has to get ready...

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                Mr. Nagase already heard what happen and wonder, “Why only Karina being affects? Where is she?”

                “She goes to script reading with her new manager, Kiriko. I really surprise when you choose her as manager when you know she really hate Karina. Who know if it was her who causes the trouble?” say Harada.

                “I believe in them but we have to make sure that girl doesn’t break down.” Say Mr. Nagase. Harada can’t do anything about what happen since other people has assign as Karina’s manager. Mr. Nagase come out with an idea, “We should assign bodyguard for her.”

                “You know she won’t agree with that.” Say Harada.


                Sara manages her things that need to be post back to her house at Seoul. She feels really sad when she has to leave everything but she knows her family is priority. She finishes her business at that place and bump into Yuya. He asks, “Why you’re here?”

                “Just for some business.” Reply Sara. She doesn’t want Yuya know about her plan to return Seoul.

                Yuya knows that company offer service to send things to overseas but he decide to ignore it when notice the girl in front of him really want to hide it. He changes the topic, “I’m on the way to a great place that serve delicious meals. Want to join me?”

                “Your treat?” ask Sara.

                “Since it is my idea, my treat.” Yuya’s reply brings light to Sara’s face. He smiles as at least, that girl won’t make other people suspicious about what happen. He already heard about the Hoshiko’s disbandment as almost everywhere spread the news but try to act cool.

                When reach there, they notice Mariko, Hikaru and Kota also there. Yuya asks, “What three of you doing here?”

                “Just for break.” Reply Kota.

                Mariko protest, “It was you guys who drag me here.”

                “But you didn’t run away, right?” Hikaru make her speechless. Yuya and Sara join their table and enjoy the meal there. They chat about many things that involve their works but Sara only interrupts once in a while.

                Mariko ask in tiny voice to let only Sara who sit beside her could hear it, “You finish manage everything?”

                “Yeah! They will come to the house to take the things soon.” Reply Sara in tiny voice before both of them return to their meal.

                After they finish their meal, the girls excuse themselves with reason, “We have to go back to practice for our new song.”

                “Are you sure you don’t want any of us to send you back?” ask Hikaru.

                Mariko declines it politely, “Thanks for the offer but I already ask our manager to pick us up and we’re sure he will arrive at the place we agree real soon.”

                “Yeah, we will you guys again soon.” Say Sara before wave bye and leave the boys.

                Yuya turn to his members, “It seems that news hit them really hard at the moment.”

                Hikaru says, “I already plan to talk with Karina-chan but Nobuhiko already tell me not to touch about that topic. He said each of them work really hard to stay calm.”

                Kota pout before whine, “But I really want to know what will happen to them after this.” Hikaru and Yuya just decide to ignore
him and just walk away before Kota tag behind them.


                Karina just finishes another meeting for new drama and decides to stay another minute inside the room after get permission from others. She ask Kiriko about her work after that and her manager says, “You don’t have any work after this but remember you have early photo shooting at 7 on Wednesday.”

                “Okay, thank you.” Say Karina.

                Kiriko could see that idol really tired under her glasses. She says, “I will wait at car. Take your time.” She is one of famous anti-Hoshiko despite work under Ace Entertainment. She admits she really surprise when she being assign as Karina’s solo manager when she really hate that girl because her sister almost get choose into Hoshiko but that girl’s name raise up.

                When notice no one else around, Keito bring himself closer to Karina before says, “I know you worry something, no matter how hard you try to cover it.”

                He could see tears in Karina’s eyes that make him says, “It is about rumour?” He can’t bring himself to say about the disbandment news.

                He scoot closer to her before pull her into hug. Karina hugs him back before cry while try to say, “I only want all of us always together but why this should happen? Am I really bad leader?”

                Keito pat her back gently while whisper comfort words to her ears. He knows his lover already hold everything for too long inside her. They don’t realize someone hear their conversation from outside. It takes a while before Karina could calm down and she says, “Gomen for taking your time for something like this.”

                “As long I could make you feel okay, I don’t care what I can do for you.” reply Keito. Both of them leave the room and get into separate car since Keito still have other work after that.

                Karina get into the car before says, “Gomen for taking too long.” She covers herself to get some sleep without give chance for Kiriko to give response. She’s actually doesn’t go straight to sleep under the cover but silently cry before slowly doze off.


                Rin just get phone call from the office to tell about the house that she will buy. She really happy when finally found a house that really fulfil what she wants. She knows everyone already begin pack their things. She checks the house during her free time, “Wow, this is really great.”

                She really loves the structure and design of the house that simple yet calming. She smiles to know she just make correct decision by herself. She actually plans to choose together with Karina but when remember that girl already has her own house make she has to do it alone.

                She still remembers the day that she knows that she will get solo debut, “We’re sure you will grab many people’s heart plus you make your own songs.”

                She never confident about that matter as she knows it she accept it, she will have to do it alone. She finally ready to try new things to open her eyes. She finishes checks the house and gets the key before take out her phone. For the first time, she’s the one that meet Miwako at her place.

                Miwako serve drink for her daughter before says, “Usually, you will create thousands of excuse when I want to meet you.”

                Rin says coldly, “I only come here because I don’t have anyone else to talk about.”

                “I’m sure you worry if your solo debut will work or not.” Rin really surprise to hear it and Miwako adds, “My Company already sign contract where we will design your costumes for your solo debut. I thought you won’t leave Hoshiko.”

                “We make the decision because we don’t want Karina-chan keep decline offer she get. Things just happen in a way that will side towards her.” Say Rin.

                Miwako could see that girl in verge of tears when think about what will happen in future. She walks closer to Rin before pull her into hug and says, “It must be hard for you to face it but you have to remember bond that you create with them will become precious memory.” Rin hide her face at Miwako’s face before cry in silent.


                Reika begin pack her things in her room as she has no work on that day. She knows everyone not at house, doing things that they have to do. Suddenly, someone appear in front of her room while says, “I’m here to help you~!”

                “Karina-chan, don’t you have work today?” ask Reika when knows how that girl really busy with her works.

                Karina smiles, “I get leave before go to Osaka for photo shooting. Don’t tell me that you forget my brother’s wedding is tomorrow?”

                “I didn’t forget it. That’s why I pack my things today.” Say Reika.

                Karina helps her to put CDs into box while says, “No matter what happen, we still can spend time together. How about we visit Seoul when get time?”

                Reika knows Karina tries to cheer her up since the leader know how close her with Sara ever since they just trainee. She feels happy to hear it, “Of course we can do that but I don’t know if we could get time for it.”

                “We will work hard for it. Hoshiko will always be Hoshiko in our hearts.” Say Karina. She knows each of Hoshiko members ready to leave the house while she has not begun anything to pack her things. She just use excuse that she still busy with her works. She curious over something, “You will move back to your family house?”

                “My parent wishes me to stay with them for a while.” Say Reika.

                Karina smiles, “Iina~, you will surround with people when move while I will have to be independent. Ne, can I hang-out at your house?”

                Reika smiles as she knows that girl only want to cheer her up. After they finish pack up things, Karina brings her to eat outside, at the cafe that she always go when she still a student. While in the car, Reika asks, “Would you okay after this?”

                “I will try and I don’t have other choice.” say Karina. Somehow, her driving style at that day really calm.

                Both of them get into the café and someone lock Karina into tight hug, “Karina-chan~!! You’re here! Can I prepare special meal for you again?”

                “Yeah, and I bring along Reika-chan.” Say Karina while break off the hug.

                The person who hug Karina, turn to face Reika before welcome her, “Welcome to Free Café. I’m the manager of this café, Himeko.”

                Both of them take their seats and Karina says, “Order whatever you want and I could guarantee the taste here. You can order same with me but I don’t think you can handle level of spicy that I could stand.”

                Reika know what is mean by that and choose something from the menu. She asks, “Why you suddenly bring me here?”

                “I’m sure both of us are hungry and I don’t want to burden you to cook something for me. You need rest after those tired working.” Say Karina. She takes out her phone before play games on it.

                Reika want to ask more about something but her voice stuck at her throat. In her mind, “I will ask her later.” She can only watch that girl happily enjoy her portion, like little kids even in her mind is actually thinking about too many things at once.


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