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Star Tobbi (Chapter 31)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko already make decision to disband?

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                Karina just finish meeting for new program that she will become MC, Otome Heart. She really look forward as she gets chance to discuss about girl’s worries and also learn about it. The recording will be make next 2 days and it will become her first TV show as MC. Karina dreamily says, “Wah, I always want to do something like this but dunno how.”

                “That’s good as it’s not easy.” Say the producer. He really amuse to witness that girl’s carefree as he only use to hear it from many people.

                Karina want to discuss more about the show with the producer but Harada quickly get her attention to tell her, “Karina-chan, you have another meeting after this.”

                “Eh?! But I don’t have anything after this.” Whine Karina. She already plan to eat after that as she feels really hungry.

                “It is sudden change in schedule and I already buy bento for you. You eat while we on the road.” Say Harada. They say goodbye to everyone before leave the building. Karina asks what kind of meeting while enjoy her bento but Harada doesn’t say anything about it. That make her only pout with mouth full with food, look like kids.


                She surprise when notice everyone else already there. She quickly apologize, “I’m sorry for late.”

                “It’s okay since we also just arrive. Please… Take your seat.” Say Mr. Nagase. Karina just take her seat even sense tense atmosphere in the room. He take deep breath before announce, “00 Love will become last single for Hoshiko before being disband.”

                Karina really surprise with it and bang the table, “No way! That should never happen! It is because of I get too many projects? We can decline some of it to make space for Hoshiko, right?”

                “No, it not because of that.” Say Harada.

                Sara pat Karina’s shoulder before says, “I have to return to Seoul because my dad’s condition where I have to be at his side. Rin-chan get offer for solo debut after they hear her singing. Mariko want to focus on acting. Reika-chan decide to become trainer for new idols.”


                “We need to come out with something to avoid Karina-chan feel guilty. I’m sure she will be really depress about it.” Say Rin.

                “I already have my reason.” Reply Sara.

                Reika opens her mouth, “I plan to become trainer to train new idols at jimusho. At least, I could create special bond with them.”

                “I want to pursue acting since my mom would get discharge from hospital soon.” Say Mariko. She knows by focus on one area, she could help her mom to recover.

                “Mine… jimusho already decide for my solo debut but it still under discussion. I’m thinking to decline before this but decide to accept the offer. Karina-chan can’t say anything about that matter.” Say Rin.

                “At least, we can help her not to feel guilty about what happen.” Say Reika.

End of flashback~~

                “Since all of us already make our own decision, something like this can’t be avoid.” Say Mariko. Her face clearly show that she’s trying really hard to hide her sadness but it seem no one realize in that situation.

                Karina really surprise with it, “But it really hard for me to do this. I already used with Hoshiko want to continue as Hoshiko.”

                “We will always be Hoshiko but we may can’t perform anymore. We will focus what we really want to do for our life.” Say Rin. Karina begin burst into tears while keep deny on what happen. Rin hugs her while try to comfort that girl even the tears won’t slow down. They know Hoshiko gives big meaning to her, more than anyone.


                That night, Karina decide to relax herself at rooftop while enjoy drinking hot chocolate. She knows everything can’t be change anymore, no matter what she tries to do. She really want to make Mr. Nagase withdraw the decision but her mind can’t figure out anything.

                Suddenly, some force hug her from behind and hears, “You shouldn’t stay too long here. We already agree to make okonomiyaki party today. If you late join us, the food will be gone as we have two glutton in this house.” She knows it is Rin from her voice.

                “Okonomiyaki? I thought we’re going to make takoyaki party?” Karina while stands up. They already plan to make food party to celebrate their upcoming single, like what they always do.

                “We can’t found any tako and decide to change the menu. We should join them right now.” Say Rin. She pulls Karina to down to join others. Smell of delicious food rush into their nose when they reach at living room.

                “Which one you want?” ask Reika. She and Sara already make variety of okonomiyaki with various toppings.

                Karina think before reply happily, “I want the biggest portion because I’m really hungry.”

                Sara serve okonomiyaki and says, “This has cheese in it as we know you really love cheese.”

                “Yay! Arigatou, Sara-chan!” say Karina before take bite and says, “Umai~!”

                “Hey! Wait for other first. Have you eat anything for the day?” ask Reika as she notices that girl eat a lot where it only happen
when Karina doesn’t consume anything during daytime after watch that girl literally inhale the food.

                Karina tries to think what she eat on that day and casually give reply, “Hm… I only ate nori bento that Harada-san bought for me but the portion too small for me and water.”

                “He keep thinking that you need to control your meal as it really hard for model to keep the body.” Say Reika. It seem no one would want to touch topic about Hoshiko’s disband at that moment to avoid themselves to get hurt.

                Karina finish her second portion and says, “Ne, let’s watch movie tonight! I got new movie that I take without my brother’s permission!”

                “What kind of movie is it?” ask Mariko.

                “Wait for a second!” Karina runs to her room before return with a DVD and show to everyone, “It is some foreign movie about taxi. I read on net and it say this movie really hilarious.”

                “Let’s watch it!” Sara join Reika and Karina to decide which one will put it to DVD and switch on the TV. Rin and Mariko just laugh to watch them.

                Mariko tells Rin in slow voice, “Next week, I will begin move my things to new house. It seem my mom will get discharge soon and we will live together with my dad.”

                “Ah! I almost forget to search house that I will move.” Rin remember about it.

                Mariko take out a paper and give it to Rin, “This place could help you while keep the secret who are you. Their service is the best as I had made business with them before.”

                “Thank you.” Rin quickly keep the paper inside her pocket.

                Mariko take sip of her drink before says, “I just want to do something as it may first and last time for me to help you.”

                Suddenly, they heard Karina cheers, “Yatta! I get to do it!” Karina get to put the DVD into player before switch it on. She return to her seat and says, “I want another one! I’m still hungry~!”

                “Cruel! It should be my turn!” say Sara. They begin focus on screen when the movie being play and enjoy the moment together. They also don’t realize when they fall asleep as they still talking about many things at living room.


                The next morning, Rin decide to go out in searching for her new house. Hoshiko will have to leave the house soon before it will be given to new group that being create by Karina again. She walks towards the place based on address that printed on the paper that she gets from Mariko. She decide to manage it by herself as she knows Karina already has her own house. She try to make herself at ease by telling herself that it is time for her to grow up and graduate from Karina.

                “We will contact you after we finish manage everything. Please wait patiently for it.” Say the worker at that estate place after they finish the discussion.

                Rin leaves the office and surprise when see Ryosuke seem waiting for someone at the door. She want to ignore him but he says, “Don’t try to avoid me. I’m waiting for you.”

                “For what?” ask Rin.

                Ryosuke walks towards her while saying, “I don’t know. Maybe just worry to see you alone as I notice you walk into this place. You’re planning to move out from the house that you stay with others?”

                Rin knows she can’t say anything about Hoshiko’s disband at that moment and only says, “We decide to give the house to others as we already afford to buy one for ourselves. We decide to break the tradition of our jimusho as it is something that all of us already decide.”

                “Do you think you could live alone when you already used to depend on Karina?” ask Ryosuke. He knows each of Hoshiko’s member always depend on that girl in many things.

                “I have to since we’re not always together. There are times that I can’t depend on her.” Say Rin.

                Ryosuke suddenly get an idea, “Ne, want to come to my house? My mom and sisters really want to meet you when know we have collab for several times.”

                Without wait for her reply, he just pull her hand and both of them run to avoid anyone recognize them. It just lucky people will take time to notice them as Ryosuke wear all-black while Rin wear dark hood that cover most her face.


                “Ah! You really pretty in reality! I always want to meet you but Ryosuke never want to bring you.” Say Mrs. Yamada, pull her into bone-breaking hug.

                Ryosuke quickly interrupt, “I already tell you many times that she also busy with her works and you will kill her if you continue hug her like that.”

                Mrs. Yamada broke the hug before says, “I just too happy. Ne, tell me what you want to eat and I will prepare it for you.”

                Rin doesn’t know what to say as it just too sudden for her and Ryosuke manage to cover, “She’s okay with anything.”

                “If like that, I will go to buy ingredients first. Make yourself comfortable in this house, okay? Ah! Mikito and Chihiro will come back home later as they really want to buy present for Rin-chan.” Say Mrs. Yamada before leave the house.

                “Gomen ne about my ka-san. She just too happy.” Say Ryosuke. He serve drink for her in his room to let the girl feel comfortable as she could watch movie in his room.

                Rin hold the glass with both hands, “It is okay. A mom really has unique warmth that could make anyone feel comfortable.”

                “Eh?! Why you say something like that?” ask Ryosuke.

                “Maa… maybe because I can’t understand it since I lost parent before I could remember it. I always heard it from many people and couldn’t help feel jealous with it.” Say Rin while looking to the glass in her hands. She feel really sad when remember about it.

                Ryosuke hug her from behind but make sure the glass already put on the coffee table before whisper, “You will get warmth that you always want when you’re with me.”

                “Ryosuke-kun…” Rin loss in words but the moment being interrupt with the sudden opening of the door that show Ryosuke’s sisters reach home. Ryosuke quickly broke the hug and act like nothing happen.

                Mikito asks, “Do we interrupt anything?”

                Chihiro snicker, “I think so but we don’t care about it. Rin-chan, this is present from us to you.”

                Rin really surprise when the sisters buy her a wonderful set of cute clothes. Mikito says, “Both of us share thinking that this would suit you at first sight. The colour really suit for your complexion and the design really elegant.”

                “Thank you so much. I l-like it.” Say Rin. After few minutes, Mrs. Yamada return home and welcome her like she already been there for many times. They also work together to prepare meal that really give funny feeling when spend time with Yamada Family. She has spent time with Karina and her brother, Karina’s cousin family but it give different feeling.


                Karina arrives at shooting place for the new program but she notice something that make uneasy feeling arise when some of people that waiting outside is other members’ fans. They recognize some of them those fans had made trouble when Hoshiko make performance when they still newbie where they act violent to other fans. Even it already years happen but she still worry about it.

                Her thinking being snap into reality when Harada says, “We already here.”

                “Ah! Okay.” Karina pull her bag before step-out from the car but as soon she’s outside, she being throw with things that give unpleasant smells. Her eyes wide when realize what really happen and can’t move as she could guess how that happen that only make it worse.

                Staffs has to pull Karina to rush inside the building while security handle those who did it. She still in shock even after clean herself and change into the clothes for the show. Harada has to ask favour from the staff to postpone a bit the recording to let Karina to get back herself. He thinks, “It seem that news already been leak out.”

                Harada get into the room to see that girl only stare to her own reflection on the mirror that make him taps the table to gain her attention before says, “I know this month will be my last period working for you but don’t let what happen affect your work.”

                “I…” Karina shutter as her mind begin imagine the worse. She used to think Hoshiko will always be together but the news really disturb her. She take deep breath before form smile on her face and says, “I should act as professional here. I’m an idol and I should not make everyone wait for me, right? Let’s go~!”

                Harada knows even on that girl’s face is smile but deep in her heart, big doubt hidden there. He knows that famous carefree girl will hurt herself more just to appear strong and like nothing distract her day. He want to talk with her but he could only watch that girl walk into set before happily greet everyone while make cold joke that bring laughter after that.


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