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Star Tobbi (Chapter 30)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Something will happen

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                 Karina really nervous as that day is her first date with Keito where camera will record everything. She wait at living room as her lover will come to her house to fetch her. VJ already record her and that make Karina says, “Somehow, it kind hard to believe this will happen. It not always happen where first date being record.”

                “Karina-chan, he’s here~!” says Reika.

                Karina grab her handbag before wear her shoes to leave the house and surprise to see Keito’s car. She says, “Wow, I never know you have nice car.”

                “Just for this special day.” Say Keito. He opens the door for her to get in the car before he take his seat and start the engine. He says, “Let’s enjoy the day.”

                While on the way, they talk about many things. Keito says, “You look really pretty in that clothes.”

                “Arigatou, I choose this with my sister and it was her who give me a lot of tips. You know I don’t always wear something like this as I’m not confident in something like this.” Say Karina. She keep touching her hair clip to make sure it still there. It is her first time to wear hair clip on her short hair for private time.

                “Ne, does that gallery is owned by someone that you know?” ask Keito.

                “It is owned by my uncle but I only know about it few weeks ago. I just too busy to notice it and they hide it really well.” Say Karina.

                Keito remember something, “Ne, do we may have chance to meet him today?”

                “Hm… I can’t say anything but percentage of meeting him is high since he knows about our visit. Early warning, my uncle is a tough cookie and he is ex-MMA fighter.” Tease Karina as she could sense that guy seem a bit nervous.


                “Karina-chan! Happy to meet you again!” someone hugs her as soon they walk into the gallery. Keito really surprise to see the man who hugs Karina has huge body built like Van Diesel that doesn’t seem owner of an art gallery. He just make guess as Karina show reaction that she knows that guy.

                Karina says, “Uncle Kiryuu, we just met few months ago, during family gathering.”

                “I know but I really happy when I get information that you will come here with your wonderful boyfriend.” Say Kiryuu while pinch Karina’s cheek.

                Both of them giggle to see Keito already froze at same place after realize they accidentally ignore him. Karina escape from Kiryuu and hugs Keito’s arm, “Uncle, this is Keito-kun. Keito-kun, this is my uncle and owner of this gallery, Kuzuryu Kiryuu.”

                Kiryuu offer shake hand and Keito timidly do the same. That scary-looking guy says, “You don’t have to be too formal or scared with me as I’m not eating you alive. I only have this kind of body because I join MMA before this but I already retire in order to focus for this gallery.”

                “I’m Keito…” says Keito.

                Kiryuu says, “Enjoy your time here and feel free to ask help from the staffs. I will not disturb your date since me afraid you will do the same to me.”

                They bid bye to Kiryuu before walk to section where the painting being place. Keito really amazes to see the painting as it attract attention to anyone who pass-by there. He says, “Wow, it really show the current you. It really great.”

                “Yeah, thanks to this painting, I could feel they still alive in their paintings and always do the best for everyone.” Say Karina. They spend time in that gallery to see various painting there and Keito knows that Kuzuryu Family is paint lover where they has produce various kind of painting.

                Keito wonder over something and asks, “Can you paint something like the paintings in this gallery?”

                “I had tried it before but it totally failed as when I try to draw a portrait, it turn out to be a weird looking creature. Since that, I never draw anymore but I found out I have talent in music.” Say Karina.


                Rin seem worry over something while waiting at living room. Sara and Reika busy baking cookies at kitchen to celebrate their tour that just end yesterday. Mariko notice the tense atmosphere at living room that make she says, “Please bring that tense vibe to other place! This place is for relaxing.”

                “I just worry… that’s all.” Say Rin.

                Sara says, “It not only you who worry about it. We also worry as we afraid she will forget her dream with Hoshiko. We notice recently she look like lose her own touch in music.”

                “You girls had hear rumours in our jimusho? I heard Mr. Nagase in searching for new bass player and want to make audition for it.” Say Reika.

                Sara says, “I also heard about that and everyone think it is for Hoshiko as recently, she gain many solo projects and it keep clash with our schedules.”

                “Do you think she will leave Hoshiko?” ask Rin. Everyone seem really worry about it.

                Mariko come out with something that really surprising to everyone, “If she leaves Hoshiko, I also leaving.”

                “I think we all think same things about that matter.” Murmur Sara.


                Sara really surprise when she suddenly get phone call from her brother, Mark. He says, “Sara, I think it’s already time for you to return here.”

                “Why you say something like that, oppa?” Sara wonder why. It is the first time Mark make phone call to her as both of them more prefer with mail to exchange news.

                “Appa seem down these past few days and he keep staring at omma’s picture.” Say Mark. Sara begin worry about it as she knows something wrong happen but she kind confuse at that moment. Mark suddenly come out with an idea, “How about you quit from being idol and move here? At least, appa will happy with your presence around him.”

                “But for me to leave Hoshiko…” Sara speechless on how she continues her words.

                Mark says, “You better think about it deeply as it involve your own family member. Give your answer as soon as possible and I will manage everything for you.”

                “I know…” Sara hung the phone call and leave out sigh as she doesn’t know what she should do at that moment.

                Reika’s voice bring her back to reality, “We just get phone call… from Mr. Nagase. It seem he want to talk about Hoshiko’s future.”

                “When the meeting?” ask Sara.

                “Hm… Maybe next week but make sure to keep it secret from Karina-chan. It is order from Mr. Nagase.” Say Reika. Sara only nods with it but her mind still worry which one she should choose.


                The last place for the date is a park near to a riverside where they will relax on bench. Karina says, “I think it really weird when I finally get used with camera around me.”

                “It just the best because you only be yourself without worry of anything.” Say Keito.

                It seem Karina really tired after long day that make her slowly doze-off and lean on Keito’s shoulder. Keito silently make signal not to record them to let Karina rest. He mutter, “You must sleep late last night because worry about many things.”

                Karina fall asleep for 15 minutes before wake up and somehow the VJ ready to record. She says, “You should wake me up!”

                “You just look so cute while sleeping.” Say Keito.

                Karina snicker, “Whoa! That’s cheesy!”

                Keito pinch Karina’s cheek while say something that only both of them could hear that bring curiosity to others. The interview for the ending being make after they arrive at Hoshiko’s House. They do it at rooftop and after that, Hoshiko make small feast for everyone.

                One of the staff happily stuff his mouth with food before says, “It really delicious. It is true that Sara-chan and Reika-chan who prepare everything?”

                “You must be really happy by now since you’re huge fan of them.”

                Sara happy to hear it, “Really? Which one you like?”

                “I like… Sara-chan.”

                Sara cheer, “Yatta!”

                Mariko scold, “It’s not for battle, both of you!”

                Others just laugh while watching them. The cameraman still manage to catch moment between Karina and Keito who seem argue over foods. Karina’s honest smile somehow hurt Hoshiko’s as they can’t say anything to her.


                After few days, Mariko and Karina share ride together to Ace Entertainment; Mariko has recording while Karina being call for something by people at jimusho. While on the way, Karina says, “It seem you get your luck as you get many chances after this for various stage plays and also drama.”

                “Of course it happen because of my great talent and look.” Say Mariko.

                “Hai, hai, wake me up when we arrive. I make reading last night and when I realize, it already morning.” Say Karina.

                As soon they reach at jimusho, both of them walk to different route where Mariko to studio while Karina just lounge around the lobby to check fan letters for her first. She says, “Wow, I already imagine I will get less amount of this when my news about dating with Keito-kun but it look like it have been increases.”

                The receptionist says, “It seem your popularity raise up because of it.”

                Karina giggles, “Maybe, thank you always for everything.”

                One of staff that supposedly meet her reach at lobby and notice her, “Let’s go to meeting room.”

                When reach there, Karina being tell about new drama that will has genre of romance where she will act together with Keito. She notice something, “Why the theme song is Hoshiko’s song?”

                “They already decide it and after that…” that staff begin announce to her about her upcoming solo projects that make her a bit worry.

                She choose right timing to ask, “If I take all of this project, what will happen to Hoshiko?”

                “About that… will be discuss later.” That staff hesitate to say the reply. Karina can’t say anything as everything already being arrange and it was her who let the management to decide which projects they think suit her.

                Karina just read the file that has details of projects that she involve. She also wait for Harada before go to script-reading for that new drama. She feels nervous as this time, there will be no one from Hoshiko that will cover her mistake. She begin worry what will happen to Hoshiko as the schedule just too tight for any schedule for Hoshiko to fit-in.


                Mariko finish record the song and listen it back before she think if she need to sing again or not. The person in-charge, Gaemon says, “Wow! Your voice this time… really great without help of Karina-chan.”

                “I practice it beforehand as I don’t want she nag me but it seems she won’t listen to me. She just get many projects and soon, she won’t be able to help us anymore.” Say Mariko.

                She decide to sing again to make it perfect since she knows that will be the last single that being produce for Hoshiko. Since the song is a happy yet fill anxious, she sing it while remember her days with Hoshiko since the first day they being put together. She admits she really enjoy to be together with them and experience many things that actually teach her what is mean with life.

                The recording end safely, after she feel satisfied with the result. She take sips of her drink and let out tired sigh. Gaemon says, “Thanks for your hard work but remember to rest after this. Your throat need to rest.”

                Mariko remember something, “Ah, usually Karina-chan will give me throat lozenge.” She takes her handbag and bid goodbye before leave. Her mind begin imagine what will happen after this, Hoshiko won’t be together anymore.

                She decide to visit Amarante and somehow, as soon she reach there, her tears drop down. Amarante signals her to come closer before pull her into hug and says, “I already heard what happen and know you really hard to accept it when you already used with them.” Those words make Mariko sobs harder.


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