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Star Tobbi (Chapter 28)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Press conference plus surprise party?

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                Karina and Keito walk together to take their seat at the press conference. The reporters already wait to throw their questions for days as both of the idols really good in avoiding them after failed attempt to trail them. The MC says, “Thank you so much for willing to come here for despite busy times. We will open the Q&A session right away but they are free to choose to answer or not.”

                The first reporter asks, “It is true that both of you in love relationship?”

                Keito decide to answer it as he notice Karina still nervous, “Both of us are friends that share same passion in things that we do at beginning. From there, the feeling gradually develop but I admit it really hard to realize my own feeling as I know I will have many rivals around me. Everyone want to grab this wonderful girl’s heart, right?” It is something that they already get permission from their presidents.

                Everyone laugh with it and he continues with serious tone, “She’s really hard worker and sometimes, she ignore what she want. She keep thinking about people around her and because of that, I fall in love with her.”

                Everyone surprise to hear it and it take a while before they continue the session. Karina decide to answer when being ask question, ‘Are you serious about this relationship?’

                She gently take the microphone before says, “It may still early to say as a serious as we’re just begin this relationship that has its start because of job but we really hope everyone could accept us. I hope everyone would not stress anyone around us as it is our decision and our own selfish demand.”

                Both of them stand up and bow towards everyone in that place. Everyone really amazes to see them and Mr. Nagase takes the microphone to say, “Both jimusho decide to let them to continue the relationship and they will appear as guests for a TV show that show real life of a coupe.”

                Karina and Keito surprise to hear it but manage to cover it as they know nothing about the plan. Mr. Nagase tell everyone that any changes or further announcement will be announce later on. The press conference end and Karina take the chance to ask when they leave the venue, “What is mean by that?”

                Johnny joins them to say, “We will show to everyone about how both of your life and you can use the chance to go out for date. It will show to everyone why we agree to let both of you continue the relationship when I always the one that oppose them and it only for a week. Now, let’s put that matter aside and we should go somewhere to eat.”


                Ryosuke has off-day and decide to walk around before notice an interesting music shop. His ears catches someone’s singing in that place and curious about it, “Does anyone here that actually singing?”

                “Oh, we have studio here if you want to practice singing and it seem Rin-chan forget to close the sound before singing again.” The shop owner, Mamoru.

                “Rin-chan?” Ryosuke’s mind think about Hoshiko’s Rin.

                Mamoru says, “Yeah, she’s from Hoshiko. She always come here to practice singing when she doesn’t want her members to hear it. She and Karina-chan are my regular customers ever since ages, even before they trains as idols. It really happy to watch them grow up into great people. Ah! I shouldn’t mention this to anyone… please keep this matter from everyone including those two girls. What can I do for you?”

                “I’m only looking around.” Reply Ryosuke and Mamoru excuses himself.

                After few minutes, Rin leaves the studio and surprise to see Ryosuke there, wandering around the shop. He notice her and praise, “You have nice voice when singing.”

                “It’s not that I never sing before.” Say Rin.

                Ryosuke knows that want to say that she has sing at Hoshiko’s concert, “But that you sing together with Karina and you have no solo lines at that moment. You should sing solo songs more to let everyone to hear it. Maybe you should have solo debut like what I did before.”

                “I don’t want that happen as I never good to do it alone.” Say Rin. She walks towards Mamoru to tell him, “Arigatou ne for let me use the studio.”

                “You’re always welcome to use it but make sure you set it right. People could hear your voice again.” Say Mamoru.

                It seem Ryosuke come out with idea to make stop at a café when meet Rin at outside from the music shop. He knows some café that serve really great dish with just enough privacy that they want. He asks, “Do you get any information about what happen to that press conference?”

                “Not yet. I really want to accompany Karina-chan but Mr. Nagase don’t let us to tag along.” Say Rin.

                Ryosuke says, “Same goes to JUMP. We’re also worry about them and plan to tag him in secret but our managers sniff it out before warn us not to do anything.”

                Suddenly, both of their phones ring to tell that they just receive a mail. They open the mail and exchange glances towards each other. They quickly make move to leave the café and get into cab towards a destination.


                Kento surprise when he bump with Ryosuke and Rin while on the way to meet Karina. He asks, “What are both of you doing here?”

                “It that couple ask us to come here. Same goes to you?” Ryosuke say that and Kento just nods to answer it. They arrive in front of a house and just walk in there as the instruction ask them to go straight to the house’s garden. They curious about the mail as Karina and Keito ask them to come for something so sudden.

                Three of them really surprise when they notice that everyone else already there; Hoshiko and JUMP. Karina pull Rin to join others while saying, “Let’s get in before we begin the celebration.”

                “Celebration?” Rin ask her best friend and that girl explain everything by whispering. It turn out the celebration is for Nobuhiko and Bara’s wedding. It is Hikaru’s idea to celebrate it as he knows everyone just free on that day and want to introduce Nobuhiko to his members.

                “Rin-chan, you’re late!” shout Nobuhiko from the other side of garden. It seem they are preparing BBQ that bring one question in Rin’s mind to Karina, “Don’t you feel cold right now?”

                “Yeah, that’s why I’m wearing this sweater or should I say Keito make me to wear.” Karina show the coat that has thick fabric that seem a bit suffocate Karina along with muffler.

                “You look like too stuffy right now.” Comment Kento.

                “People really worry over you.” Say Rin.

                They join others and have fun. The girls seem already create bond with Bara when they begin talk about many things. Keito decide to bring food for Karina who seem enjoy her time alone, sit on the wall that let her observe everyone in that place. He asks, “Mind if I join you?”

                “Just be careful.” Karina take the plate and drinks before Keito join her.

                He notice Karina gives nostalgic look when look to the house and decide to ask, “You have stay here before?”

                “Yeah, when we still kids, before that tragedy. We really surprise how the house is actually being keep the same one that we used to live before.” Say Karina. Keito surprise to hear it before Karina add, “It turn out this house already being inherit to Nobu-nii if anything happen to our parent.”

                “I really want to see the painting that show the current you.” Say Keito when remember about it. He watches it on TV and always curious to see it in front of his eyes.

                “We can do it soon but for sure, camera will follow us.” Say Karina.

                “It seem our official first date will be show to everyone. Should we plan anything for that?” Keito begin worry about it.

                Karina know he will say that, “Maybe we just enjoy our date. I can’t wait to show you that painting. It really special for me and I want it to be same to you.”

                Both of them enjoy the meal and make comment on what they notice at there while laughing. It seem everyone really engross with meals and the atmosphere around them. After a while, Keito jump off the wall before help Karina to get down that bring attention to everyone, “How long both of you have stay there?”

                “Long enough and only you guys too slow to notice it or should I say didn’t notice at all.” Say Karina.

                Bara suddenly shout and tell Karina, “Ah! You have to accompany me for choosing dress tomorrow.”

                Karina surprise to hear it, “Eh?! Why me?”

                “I really need someone to accompany me and Nobuhiko said you’re the best for it since you always appear in fashion magazine. I want his opinion but he say he’s not suit for it.” Say Bara.

                “He says like that because he…” Karina seem realize something that make her turn to Nobuhiko who seem drinking with HSB, “Nobu-nii, you finally admit you have no sense in fashion.”

                “You’re only better than me because you’re model.” Say Nobuhiko before ignore her.

                Karina turn back to Bara to tell her, “I will accompany you tomorrow. No wonder Nobu-nii ask me to bring changes of clothes.”

                It seem everyone has too much fun and almost everyone drunk that make all of them stay overnight at the house. The girls stay in Bara’s room and a room that Nobuhiko prepare for Karina while the guys sleep at living room. It’s lucky that Nobuhiko has many extra futons that enough for everyone.

                Bara follows Nobuhiko to go out to buy ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast while Karina and Keito fix futons for those who already asleep. Karina says, “It feel really fun today. It’s like huge family gathering and it is first time for me.”

                “Me too.” Say Keito.

                “Somehow, I feel really lucky that you are sober.” Say Karina.

                “There is no way I would be drunk in front of others as I want to help you and maybe protect you a bit.” Say Keito.
After they finish the task, Karina decide to prepare tea for them and says, “We need to notify jimusho about our plan.”

                “Yeah but no date yet since you still in middle of tour and we need plan it thoroughly for it.” Say Karina. Both of them decide to discuss about their date since it will involve camera record everything on that day while waiting for Nobuhiko and Bara return home.


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