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Star Tobbi (Chapter 27)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Rumours on who with who?

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                Karina suddenly being called to meet Mr. Nagase at jimusho as soon they finish concert on that day. She manage to create lie to her members as they seem want to follow her. It already too late for someone to be outside but her just casually park her car before walk into a famous café that open 24-hour and also give privacy to their customers.

                Karina take seat in front of Mr. Nagase and surprise to see a magazine that already on the table. She manage to hide it when a waiter come to take their order. Mr. Nagase make order, “Coffee for me, Black tea with plain cake for her.”

                After the waiter leaves, Mr. Nagase leaves out sigh before could say, “Honestly, I really surprise when this rise-up. I thought you and him already cover-up everything.”

                Karina notice that pictures was taken when she and Keito on the way to studio few months ago. She says, “This was from the moment where both of us did work for Magnet.”

                “Now, the problem right now… Johnny Kitagawa already know about this matter but don’t know what will happen to you. I don’t want him ruin your life.” Say Mr. Nagase.

                Karina feel anxious for the first time after hear about it, she tries to search for right words before says, “I don’t want him ruin Hoshiko… We need to search for bass player replacement for now. I will go to talk with Johnny-san by myself.”

                “You better don’t do that or your life would be ruin. Those girls still depend on you in things that they do.” Mr. Nagase clearly oppose her decision.

                “They could do whatever they want by themselves right now.” Reply Karina. She manage to calm down after take sip of her tea. She tells Mr. Nagase that everything would be okay and she’s okay to face anything that would happen to her.


                “Karina-chan, where are you going today?” ask Reika when see Karina getting ready to go out while she and Sara preparing breakfast for everyone.

                Karina place her handbag on stool before walk to refrigerator to take out mineral water. She take off the cap to take few sips before reply, “Oh, I have breakfast plan with Ichirou today. We want to discuss something for his new story. I wonder why he really need my help today.”

                “And what make you agree with it?” ask Rin who just join them.

                Karina smiles before says, “He’s going to treat me breakfast at super expensive place. I really want to dry-out his wallet as he always escape to pay bills when all of us go out for meal.” She remember something, “Ah, I will return late today and eat outside.”

                It seem everyone realize something wrong with Karina as her outfits look formal for just a breakfast meet. They could only watch their leader leave the house. Mariko read some magazines at living room and suddenly scream when stop at a page. She show it to everyone and surprise with headlines, ‘Hoshiko’s Kuzuryu date with JUMP’s Okamoto?!’

                “Is this true?” ask Reika.

                They look towards Rin who must has clue about it and she says, “Yes, both of them together but they are not that lovey-dovey couple that we think. Both of them only meet for work and mostly communicate through phone.”

                “Wow, I never think that online couple actually happen among us.” Comment Sara.

                Mariko seem worry over something, “Their Johnny-san would in rage by now. Karina’s life would be danger by now.”

                “It really rare for you to worry about her.” Say Rin.

                Mariko cough a bit before says, “If anything happen to her, it would affect all of us.”

                Rin shakes her head, “I don’t think so… she would make everything would affect only her.”


                Keito really surprise when meet Karina when he on the way to meet Johnny after get phone call. That girl casually says, “I think he want to meet both of us to discuss something.”

                They get into a practice room where Johnny’s talents rehearsal for upcoming Shokura. Kento really surprise to notice Karina there but he can’t greet her as he still in middle of dancing. He really worry that catch Karina’s attention before she smiles to show everything’s okay.

                Johnny just ask both of them to take seats beside him and says, “Watch them!”

                Karina amazes to watch those boys dancing and singing just to make sure audiences enjoy it. She cries when hear one of Jr. sings Ai Nande as she really love that song where the guy wish the girl that he love would happy in her life without him. Keito asks, “Why you’re crying?”

                “That song really touch my heart. The lyrics really beautiful and the melody really make you cry. You can feel that guy really want to be with the girl that he love but fate say otherwise and he could wish for happiness. Mengo for suddenly cry here.” Say Karina. She wipes her tears with handkerchief that Keito gives.

                Keito admits he really surprise, “I never know you could think like that.” Karina only smiles.

                After the rehearsal end and Johnny finishes make his comment, both of them nervously wait for his words that only happen after everyone leave the room, “I want both of you to be honest with me. Are both of you just together to create scandal that would bring more job for you?”

                Karina confidently says, “I would wish my members get more works than me as I already busy with works behind the scene.”

                “We really sorry about what happen even after both of us really careful not to reveal it to anyone.” Say Keito.

                “I already know about your relationship for a while but didn’t do anything as both of you never show any suspicious movement at public.” Say Johnny but the next words surprise both of them, “We will have press conference to announce your relationship. I will approve this relationship but I want both of you take responsibilities on anything in future.”

                Karina become speechless while Keito asks, “What make you accept us?”

                “I know if I ask her jimusho to make her out from that group but she will continue work behind the scene and I’m sure both of you still continue the relationship, right? Make her stop being an idol will only give more chance for both of you stay in silent.” Say Johnny. He stands up and tell them before leave, “I will inform your manager about the press conference.”

                They feel really relieve about what happen and Keito pull her into hug of happiness. He says, “I know it really hard to believe but he’s approve us.”

                “Yeah, but I think new problem will arise by now…” Karina can’t finish her words when Kento get in there and asks, “Why you’re crying just now? Keito-kun make you cry, right? What else Johnny-san tell you?”

                “One question at one time.” Say Karina while broke the hug. She take breathe before says, “I’m crying because how good that guy sing that song and Keito-kun didn’t do anything wrong and we will announce our relationship to public soon.”

                Kento seem a bit confuse on what happen until Keito hugs Karina from behind, “Your cousin is mine by now.”

                He almost scream but Karina quickly over his mouth while say, “Please tell your mom that we’re going to visit her and hoping your dad would be there too. I want to explain everything before either you or me get ‘crush’ from your mom because hide about this matter for long time.”

                “Okay, I will arrange that and for sure, I would be around.” Say Kento. He remember something, “Does Hikaru-kun know about this?”

                “I think I will be dead meat.” Comment Keito.


                “That’s good to see both of you come to my shop together. Well, Hikaru is here too and I think you’re dead meat.” Say Nobuhiko. Their plan to go there as Keito want to explain everything even Karina says everything is okay.

                Karina slap him at his arm, “Nii-chan, don’t scared him! Even you already know and fully accept it…”

                “He knows about us?” ask Keito.

                “Of course since she is my sister. As long she’s happy, I will okay with it but right now,  that fang guy… his over-protective over Karina-chan worse than me.” Say Nobuhiko. Keito already scared but that guy says, “Just take your seats and I will serve drinks and cakes later.”

                “Okay.” Reply Karina happily as she really need something sweet at that moment. She gently tug Keito’s hand that already frozen towards Hikaru’s favourite table that also happen to be the most hidden place.

                They being welcome by Hikaru’s back that already emit dark aura. Karina could sense Keito’s soul already leave his body that make she’s the one that greet him, “Hikka-teeth-bro, it really surprising to see you here.”

                “Karina-chan, stop acting and just explain things to me on what actually happen.” Say Hikaru in tense tone. Karina pulls Keito to take seat before tell everything.

                Nobuhiko serve cakes and drinks before get ask by Hikaru, “Are you okay to let your sister with him?”

                “Of course I’m okay because I could get information if he hurt Karina-chan from you. Since you always strict with him, my sister would be fine.” Reply Nobuhiko in carefree manner.                                                                                                  

                Karina really surprise to hear that and says, “That’s why you easily accept him!”

                “Same goes to you. You easily accept Bara-chan because you could get best product from her shop, right?” Nobuhiko reveal about that and Karina pout.

                “Both of you really same.” Comment Hikaru, forget about his anger towards the couple. Keito could feel relieve with the mood changes.


                Even Keito feel relieve after facing Hikaru and Nobuhiko, he forget there are another hurdle that he has to face. It just lucky that press conference will be held after 4 days. It seem he will face them during dinner at a Nakajima Household.

                Keito feel a bit worry wearing suits just for dinner but he smiles to see Karina in proper dress. He says, “You look really pretty in it.”

                “I just happen to wear this because my aunt bought this dress especial for tonight’s dinner. I wonder why she ask me to wear this.” Say Karina. Both of them walk together into house and it seem Nakajima family already wait for them. Mrs Nakajima really happy to see them while serving food on the table.

                Keito shutter while saying, “Nice to meet all of you today. I’m Okamoto Keito.”

                “Don’t be such too formal. We just want to meet you, not to judge you. We only want to see what kind of guy manage to melt her hard ice.” Say Mr. Nakajima.

                “Hard ice? Since when I get that name?” ask Karina while giggle. It is her first time to hear someone call her with that name.

                Kento pat Keito’s shoulder before says, “Papa actually happy when know Karina-chan finally found her happiness. He always really worry if Karina will become old maid especially after she become idol.”

                Somehow, the atmosphere become soften and they begin their dinner. Keito could see happiness on Karina’s face that make her really shine.


                “Both of you only couple. Why have to meet everyone like you will get married soon?” ask Sara while the girls has night girls’ out to famous restaurant, a day before the press conference. They really surprise to hear about what happen from Karina.

                Karina take sip of her drink before says, “If all of you want to say about our dinner with my aunt’s family, my brother and I already agree to introduce special person to them as they just like our own parent.”

                “What you will do for tomorrow?” ask Rin who seem really worry about what will happen next. All of them still hardly believe how easy that president approve them.

                “President of both jimusho will appear on that press conference to explain everything.” Say Karina.

                Mariko asks, “You don’t feel scared about it?” She couldn’t hide curious to know what will happen during the press conference. On that day, only Keito and Karina will be there.

                “We will never know what will happen until tomorrow.” Reply Karina. She also curious to know will both president do for her relationship with Keito.


                Both of them still inside the dressing to wait for the press conference that will happen soon. A stylish styles Karina’s hair while says, “You look pale right now.”

                “I’m scared if anything would happen to others because of me. After all those work hard may go to drain in seconds. I’m okay if only I get the damage but not for others.” Say Karina.

                Keito who watch her from the couch only smiles as he knows that girl would say something like that. The stylish says, “It’s okay to be self-centre once in a while.”

                “She only scared she will keep being self-centre if she begins it.” Keito read his girlfriend’s mind. He put down magazine that he read before take seat beside Karina to take a good look of her. The stylish already leave the room in order to give moment for the couple. He holds her hand to tell her, “Everything will be okay.”


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