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Star Tobbi (Chapter 25)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

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                 “I want to sleep more~!” whine Karina while they on the way for photo shoot together with Rin and Ryosuke. It just three of them in the vehicle, together with Harada and JUMP’s manager, Yutaka.

                Harada who control the steering, says, “I already remind you to sleep early last night but you’re the one that really hyper until continue partying with Reika-chan and Sara-chan.”

                “She’s just really work out because gulp down the canned drink in one-shot. None of us could stop her as she finish it really fast.” Say Rin.

                Ryosuke asks to Rin, “How about you?”

                “As soon we reach home, I go straight to my room to rest since I know about today’s work. Ne… are you sure there will be only three of us?” Rin curious about that matter.

                “Yes, three of you will have several magazine shooting and interviews today. We have to make sure everything to be done by today as all of you will have other works and the schedule really busy.” Say Yutaka. Karina already fall asleep like nothing happen while listening to music from her music player as she knows there’s still long journey.

                Ryosuke also fall asleep soon after that and he leans towards Rin who couldn’t sleep because of the position; she sit together with Ryosuke at second row while Karina sit behind them as she want to lay down. Rin really want to move him but somehow she can’t move due to awkward position.

                Ryosuke only awake after they reach at the destination and surprise with his position before he quickly apologizes, “Gomen.”

                “It’s okay since you seem really tired.” Say Rin. She tries to cover her embarrassment by turn to back and make Karina wake up, “Karina-chan, wake up! We already here.”

                “I want more meat! That really delicious!” Karina mumble without show any sign to wake up. She only wake up when Ryosuke hit her, “We’re not at food shop, baka!”

                Karina wake up and her hand in seconds raise-up that hit Ryosuke in his face before return to her slumber. Rin says, “Her hand really quick when suddenly being awake.”

                Ryosuke rub his forehead that being hit, “No wonder you and other girls always wake her up gently.”


                Ryosuke seem still annoy with the hit, Rin who seem try to cover something, and Karina who doesn’t realize what happen as she still half-awake. They walk together into the dressing room and greet everyone happily. The cameraman come to the room and says, “Ohayou, everyone. Today, we will begin shooting with Kuzuryu-san and then, combination of Yamada-san and Walker-san.”

                “Hai~!” reply Karina before take seat at the chair to let stylish begin their works.

                One of the staffs touch Karina’s hair and says, “Wow, it really surprise when we see your image makeover since we had read somewhere you really love your black long hair.”

                Karina giggles, “I used to have hair like this when I was kids since my hair really thick but when I grow up, I just tied it or use cap to hold it.”

                Rin says, “Sometimes, she just go to school with her bed hair but that aspect make her really popular because she will know on how to hide it.”

                “I’m not that popular. If I get chance to choose between popular and sleep, I will choose sleep.” Say Karina that bring laughter to everyone.

                Ryosuke seem in deep thinking while they are talking about that matter. He really want to see if he could make Rin smile, just like how he watch Karina make her smile happily. He admit he attract with that cold girl’s earnest smile and want her to smile again, even without effort of that Hoshiko leader.


                Ryosuke and Rin get ready on the set and stylists fixes a bit their make-up and outfits. Rin couldn’t hide her worries as she watches how Karina return back to dressing room and sleep like hibernate bear. Ryosuke notices that and try to speak with her by using another voice that sound like Stich, “That girl would be alright since she has life just like cat.”

                Rin couldn’t hold her laughter and burst out, “Your voice really weird just now. You should be comedian.”

                “Hey! I’m idol!” says Ryosuke.

                Rin still laugh while saying, “Even you say like that, your charac in School Kakumei really… normal~~!”

                Ryosuke keep imitate that make Rin couldn’t stop laughing. They don’t realize that everyone in that studio are watching them, including Karina who awake because of the noise. Cameraman says, “Wow, both of you really look like couple.”

                Either Ryosuke or Rin realize it and just continue in their own world and just make casual pose towards the cameraman. Ryosuke even hug her shoulder that make cameraman push button more excitedly. Only Karina who sometimes yawn while keep watching them but really fresh when join other to check the pictures and sly smirk appear on her face.

                Rin asks, “Why you smirk? Don’t you suppose still sleeping in dressing room?”

                “I just realize I already get enough sleep and get ‘attract’ by something here.” Reply Karina that seem lie to anyone who hear it.

                After finish the shooting, Rin return back to her cold attitude and leave the set without waiting for Ryosuke. They begin their interview like nothing happen before that. Karina keep surprising people with her answer, “My latest obsession is eating meal while watch horror anime.”

                “It really creepy because she could happily eat while watch the scene where would make anyone vomit to see it.” Say Rin. Karina begin say that actually increase her appetite when doing it. They keep surprise with Karina’s answer on that interview as her answer never show how people always think about her; carefree leader.


                After their work end, three of them drop-off at city as they has other plan after that. Ryosuke plans to make stop at a shop to buy something while Karina and Rin want to go to book store. Karina says, “I need to search for new horror manga since tomorrow is shooting that involve my room.”

                “That’s only excuse. You only want to read more manga.” Grumble Rin.

                They wave goodbye before go to separate way. While Karina browsing manga in that bookstore, Rin decide to check idol magazines and could see Ryosuke’s pictures on every magazine at the racks. She check on Karina who still engross with manga around her before buy each of the magazines before hide it inside her bag.

                “Gomen ne, Rin-chan. There are too many manga to choose that make me take more time than usual.” Say Karina while show several manga in her hands. She pay for it and both of them return home as it already night.

                “Ne… what make you suddenly smile happily today?” Karina try to trap her.

                Rin manage to keep her cool composure, “I only smile when needed as that what cameraman want. You also need to careful with your answer or people will see you as freak and you will lose your fans.”

                “I’m okay for that as I want them to accept me just who I am.” Say Karina. She seem really happy to get new manga that seem too many to buy at once.

                Both of them decide to take dinner at a place before return home. Karina says, “You look really different today. I never think you could smile like that before. It totally different from what you usually do and I even ask them to give the picture to me.”

                Rin tries to snatch out Karina’s phone but that girl quickly hide it before says, “Even you plan to take this later to delete it, I already make several back-up since this picture really great. I really jealous since I can’t create pictures like this with Keito-kun.”

                “We are different from both of you.” Say Rin.


                Rin just go straight to her room while Karina surprise to see the other three seem busy over something at the living room. She get near them to ask, “What happen here?”

                “We just get new music score for new song. It seem they choose your song again.” Say Mariko.

                “Don’t tell me the title of the song…” Karina couldn’t continue that make Reika happily announce, “…00 Love!”

                Karina really surprise as that song is something that she write just for fun and it about various love that she experience after she meet Keito. She decides to send the music score for Rin and begin humming the new song. It just lucky that the song will only begin record after they finish their tour which give more time for it.

                Rin in the room, keep staring the magazines that she bought. She wonder why she suddenly attract with Ryosuke even before this she never care about him. Every pose that he make in magazines make her mind almost blow out. She mutter, “Why this could happen to me?”

                She quickly hide the magazines when hear someone bang the door that come complete with cries from Karina, “Why you suddenly lock the door? You never done it before.”

                It take few seconds for her to open the door and asks, “What do you want?”

                “This is music score for new song.” Say Karina while pass the paper to her best friend.

                “Thank you… I guess.” Reply Rin awkwardly. She asks, “Are you okay?”

                Karina rub her forehead while saying, “Maybe this is punishment because I hit someone while sleeping but I’m okay.” She excuses herself to return back to her room.

                Rin lock back the door and feel relieve that girl doesn’t suspect anything. She’s lucky that girl really carefree and always miss something that could consider important. She continue read the magazines or it should continue staring at Ryosuke’s pictures.


                Rin’s mind couldn’t stop thinking about that guy until punch to cover her shy. She doesn’t realize the one that she punches is Karina. They in middle of get ready to appear in a morning show to promote their drama. Karina manage to avoid the punch and ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

                “Gomen, gomen, I suddenly want to punch thing.” Say Rin.

                Ryosuke join them, “Wow, you know martial arts?”

                “A bit. That because Karina-chan’s brother taught me.” Say Rin. Karina just continue eating her meal as she really hungry at the moment and they left the house without eat anything first. Rin already take her breakfast while Karina keep saying that she want to sleep more.

                “Three of you really close ne~~!” comment Yutaka when he get into the dressing room.

                Karina quickly make statement, “Please don’t put me in same place with mazo-kun.”

                She get hit before Ryosuke says, “Could you stop calling me with that name?”

                “I will stop calling that when I found another suit nickname for you.” Say Karina. Ryosuke want to hit her again but she quickly run away while take along her bento. She take other seat before continue eating it, like nothing happen.

                They appear on stage and greet everyone before take their seats. MC of that show, Oki, says, “It really great to have three of you here despite really busy. What kind of story is this?”

                “It is comedy romance drama where I fall in love with Rin’s character but it really hard to get near her because of Karina’s character that is worrywart.” Explain Ryosuke.

                Karina adds, “It just my character only worry of her twin-sister grow up.”

                They begin talk about the drama before Oki asks, “It is hard to act the role?”

                “Maybe hard for Rin-chan since she has to talk a lot in this drama. She’s not type that talkative but manage to bring the role really good. Even I surprise with it.” Say Karina.

                “You sound like a director.” Say Oki that bring giggles.

                Rin says, “She always dream for that. She always with director but not to talk about her role, it about how to become a director.”

                When being ask about what they like, Ryosuke reply with strawberry, Karina reply her manga, and Rin reply, “Maybe moment that spend with Karina-chan.”

                “Wow, you reply with something different.” Say Oki.

                Rin tugs Karina to ask her to give explanation, “We’re both grow up together, come from same orphanage which make we are hardly separate. Maybe because of this, we get roles as twins.”

                Oki read something from cue card, “I get information from staff that there are a painting that being made when you were kids and it show current you.”

                “Where you get such an information? I thought that painting doesn’t have any hint of me.” Karina speak the truth that make her honest, “That painted by my dad when he still alive.”

                “Don’t you think that really great?” ask Oki and she nods.

                “Since three of you are same age which mean all of you have similar taste and like sweets, we already prepare something special just for today. We prepare Strawberry Shortcake.” Say Oki and the staff bring in the cake.

                Karina happily react to it, “Wow! It look really oishi!”

                 She suddenly notice something that Oki says, “As expected, you know it’s from your brother’s shop.”

                “Eh?! Really?” Karina surprise her un-told guess is correct.

                Oki explain how the shop really popular among public with their delicious taste and best service. They taste the cake and compliment the cake especially Karina. She says, “My brother never allow me to eat this shortcake before because he said it will only destroy my diet.”

                “Eh?! You in diet?” ask Oki but Rin quickly says, “She never diet as it will only double up her appetite.”

                That statement bring laughter to everyone in the studio while Karina only show her childish smile. The show end smoothly and Oki says, “Wow, all of you really great. Even each of you have different personalities but it don’t show any difference.”

                “It just we share same passion.” Reply Ryosuke but Karina cut-in, “I don’t have passion like mazo-kun. Rin-chan think like that, right?”

                Rin surprise when she being ask with that question as she still look at Ryosuke’s face and Ryosuke begin ask to be on his side. Rin shook her head to show she’s not at anyone’s side before just walk away, leaving the set. Ryosuke and Karina just dumbstruck with Rin’s reaction. Yutaka quickly interrupt, “Either of you should stop fighting or people will think Yamada-san two-timing you and Walker-san.”

                “On what basis? He’s totally not my type.” Say Karina.

                Ryosuke want to hit Karina but that girl already dodge his attack while stuck out her tongue. He says, “I prefer girl that is feminine and reserved.”

                “Oh~~! Someone like Rin-chan?” Karina tries to trap him but no answer she get because Harada pull her ear, “Could you try to behave like Hoshiko leader or at least, proper girl?”

                “The answer will be always no~!” say Karina.

                Oki smiles, “It must be really hard to handle them.”

                Yutaka says on Harada’s behalf as that Hoshiko manager already drag Karina after say thank you to everyone, “It may hard but it always fun as the possibilities of them is endless.”


                Rin return back to dressing to change clothes and relax. She really surprise when only Ryosuke return back there without Karina. That guy know what kind of question in her mind and says, “It seem your best friend is running away from your manager and they in middle of run-and-chase game.”

                “She won’t stop acting like kids.” Comment Rin. She rummage something from her bag and really surprise when realize Ryosuke’s face only inches from hers. She can’t run away as Ryosuke already put his hands at her sides. She want to punch him but that distance really make her face become red and her heart pounding really hard.

                Ryosuke amuse with her reaction and says, “Wow, your face like strawberry. It make me want to eat you.”

                Both of them silent for a while as Ryosuke want to see what she will do but Rin can’t move her body. Even they has many scenes together, that situation really make her speechless. She really want to run away to avoid his seductive stare but she nowhere to move.

                That moment stop when a voice says, “I think this is not the correct place to be lovey-dovey. Both of you really want to make me jealous.”

                They surprise to see it is Karina and quickly distance themselves. Harada smack her head and says, “It not only you who want to have someone like Okamoto-san.”

                Yutaka adds, “They are also free to love.”

                Ryosuke surprise to hear it, “Eh?! It is true that you with Keito? No wonder Keito’s affection towards you different from others.”

                “Mou~! He’s now know about me and Keito.” Pout Karina.

                Rin put hand on that girl’s shoulder before says, “I also know about that matter. If not because he didn’t stop give you those plushies, I won’t know about that.” They just laugh when hear Karina’s cries that only fake cry.

                “Stop the act, Karina-chan. We should move on to another place.” Say Harada. Karina quickly run into the space to change clothes and says, “Mazo-kun need to wait for change clothes and I’m thinking to sleep here for a while.”

                “Don’t joke around!” Ryosuke a bit angry with that but that just normal things on that day.


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