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Star Tobbi (Chapter 24)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Karina begin actiong weird....

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                Karina decide to visit various places to search something. She buys relaxing set, latest invention of keyboard, fingerless gloves and still think what she could buy in music shop. She already walk around the shop for several times but still can’t decide which one she should buy. The shopkeeper, Yutaka notices that and asks her, “You’re here for guitar or bass?”

                Karina know what is mean by that; guitar will give mean she want to search something for Rin and bass if mean she searches something for herself. She smiles before reply, “Maybe for guitar. She already used that guitar ever since we debut even that thing already broke down for several times. She need the new one…” she doesn’t know how to continue it.

                Yutaka seem reads her mind, “I have new collection of guitars but still get times to show it. Maybe you want to check first.”

                “That’s a good idea. Maybe I will buy more than one guitar today.” Say Karina.


                “Where is Karina-chan?” ask Sara.

                Rin who sit at couch in living room, reply, “She have scene to shot today.”

                “But it seem really hard to believe that drama has big changes; her character suddenly run away from the house because she want to search for her calmness.” Comment Sara. Reika serves drinks and snack on coffee table.

                “She only running away from reality and scare to explain to us about her graduation.” Comment Mariko.

                “She won’t graduate from Hoshiko!” glare Rin. They know she want to do more than that but she knows nothing would change anything.

                While they still think on how to deal with their leader, someone ring the bells and it turn as delivery man. The delivery says, “I’m here to send package for Nagase Mariko-sama, Rin Walker-sama, Minami Reika-sama, and Song Sara-sama.” They really surprise to see what they get after the man bring in the things inside.

                “I have been searching for this but it really hard to get since it has limited production.” Say Reika.

                Reika hold out the gloves, “Who know that I want this to get better grip of drum stick?”

                “New guitar? Why I get this? I still happy with my guitar.” ask Rin.

                “Relaxing set? I really need this set but this really hard to get.” Mariko couldn’t hide her surprise.

                “But there is nothing for Karina-chan. It is her who send all of this?” Reika point out the fact but no one could come out with answer.


                Keito really surprise when Karina appear at his house when he thinks she would busy with works. She bring in something and says, “Here! Something for you!”

                “Is this a guitar?” Karina only smiles to say yes and Keito asks, “Why you didn’t tell me about it?”

                “Because I know you won’t agree with it. I just happen shopping for guitar and found this that really suit you.” Say Karina.

                “What make you suddenly buy things other than manga?” ask Keito that really trap Karina.

                It take a while for Karina to reply, “Nothing, just for fun since I can’t found any interesting manga for time being.”

                “I know you hide something but I won’t ask it because the girl that I love really stubborn right now. You even lie to them.” Say Keito.

                “Don’t you think their expression really priceless at that moment?” joke Karina but her expression really unsuits for that.

                Keito say something that seem like read that girl’s mind, “I think I know why you do that. Why I never realize it?”

                “I have no comment for that.” Karina smiles, like she gets praise from Keito.


                When come to the day for mini-live, everyone at backstage surprise to see Karina with her new hairstyle. She always let her hair long but she cut it short and has red-blue highlight. Harada quickly scold her, “Hey! You still in middle of shooting drama! Why suddenly change your hairstyle?”

                “I already discuss with the director and he agree with this as it will show my role really want to change after what happen.” Say Karina happily. She even wear a stud hairdress to complete her style on that day.

                “Does that changes hint everyone about her graduation?” ask Reika. Sara shook her head as she doesn’t know what to reply. They could only act like nothing will happen.

                Even during they exchange greet with JUMP, they can’t figure out anything that happen with Karina. That girl just happily in her own world while begin strum her bass to kill time before the performance.

                Everyone really surprise to watch the performance as they know how Karina never show up for practice for the mini-live as she has to focus on drama shooting but it doesn’t show the difference. They perform is same way like what they did during Okinawa mini-live.

                When come to question time, one of the fans ask the question that none of them want to give reply even they already predict it, “it is true that Karina-chan sad before she will graduate from Hoshiko?”

                They begin panic within them while Karina calmly says, “It is true but I’m not graduate from Hoshiko. I graduate from my college and I can’t use that excuses to escape from practice anymore. Easy to say, I’m graduate from title of student.”

                “She won’t easily leave Hoshiko and make all of you sad.” Say Keito as he pats Karina’s shoulder.

                Hikaru mess up her hair, “Even she really like to make people worry about her!”

                Somehow, the topic quickly died and fans begin ask many questions about their private life. They answer every question carefully as long it doesn’t touch any sensitive issue. It seem the mini-live just held to response on rumours that happen around JUMP and Hoshiko. Mostly the question is about JUMP and Hoshiko really close with each other that make public think some of them in relationship. It seem only Karina and Keito who in love relationship but manage to hide it safely.

                After end of the mini-live, the fans get ‘high-touch’ from the idols as thanks for coming there. They happy to hear ‘thanks’ from their fans after their hard-work.


                “Gomen for make everyone worry as I never make explanation of it. That actually happen because of stupid prank of my friends or I should say drunken friends.” Apologizes Karina to everyone after all audiences left.

                Rin hugs Karina and cry in her arms without want to say anything. Soon, everyone hug Karina that make her says, “Gomen ne for make all of you worry but everything will be okay from now on.”

                “Please don’t make something like this happen again.” Cries Reika.

                “Yabai, it seem there are many things I need to do today.” Say Karina with gentle smile. She comes out an idea, “Let’s go out eat yakiniku at mazakon’s dad’s shop.”

                “Stop calling me that name!” Ryosuke want to smack Karina but Rin’s hand block it that come complete with deathly glare. All of them decide to go to other restaurant to eat since they are huge in number.

                They drink and talk about many things to release their happiness on the day. Karina only eat a little and more to spacing out. Mariko smack her head and says, “You better eat properly since you still have work after this.”

                “Itai yo! I know!” shout Karina. She continue her meal but only few bites before she has to excuse herself for the next job. Even it already midnight, she still has another work.

                “Both of you don’t have any work?” Hikaru ask to Rin and Ryosuke.

                “We only left few scenes if compare to Karina’s scenes. Since she has a lot of solo scene which make her has to work a lot harder.” Say Ryosuke.

                Rin adds, “Her character really hard to bring especially after she run away.”


                ‘Make sure you get enough rest.-Keito.’ Karina get the mail while on the way to shooting place. She smiles to read it as she happy that he notice she actually really tired. She leans on the seat while staring the outside window.

                “Are you sure that you’re okay to shoot today? We could postpone it to tomorrow.” Say Harada.

                Karina shook, “No, I will do it today. Wake me when we reach there.” She dozes off to rest herself.

                Harada couldn’t stop worry if everything would be okay as he knows how that girl force herself to do many things at once for past few days. He already ask her to rest and on-hold some of works but that girl never want to listen to him.


                That time is a day before the mini-live and Karina still in studio, practice her bass. The clock already show the time, 3 AM. She notice Harada still there, “I thought you already go back. It already late.”

                “How about you? You haven’t sleep these past few days.” Say Harada.

                “I already sleep before reach here.” Say Karina.

                “That only for half an hour. I know you worry about the mini-live but your health is priority right now. You just get discharge from hospital last week.” Say Harada.

                “I need to back-up everything. To ensure Hoshiko will always shine.” Reply Karina.

End of flashback.


                Hoshiko begin make their practice without Karina again as they realize that girl only reach home few minutes before they go to studio. Mariko comes out with idea, “Let’s just leave her here. At least, she will get rest.”

                “Wow, you could come out with that idea. You usually will say…” Say Sara. Rin imitate Mariko, “She shouldn’t skip practice. She is the leader so, she should act like a leader.”

                “I didn’t’ say like that.” Scold Mariko.

                Reika sling her hand on Mariko’s shoulder before says, “Sad to say but that’s the truth. You will say something like that.”

                They practice to make sure everything perfect as only left 2 weeks before their tour. That day also the day for their costume fitting where they will wear different clothes especially for their solo corner. Karina who join them in rush, ask with pout, “Why none of you kind enough to wake me up today?”

                “You should sleep as I begin think you as panda with dark circles under your eyes.” Mock Mariko.

                “I’m not like you. My skin is way harder just to get dark circles but I think I’m okay with panda as it really kawaii.” Karina begin skip around and happily pose. She notices a clothes at the rack and says, “Wait a second, why I think I recognize this dress?”

                “That is your dress from Magnet PV. The stylish already change a bit to make you easy to wear.” Say Sara.

                “I don’t want to wear it again!” whine Karina.

                “You don’t have any right to oppose it anymore. It already been decided.” Say Reika. Everyone just smile to see the girls fix their relationship; just like beautiful rainbow after storm. Karina keep her pout that make Reika and Sara pinch her cheek at both side.

                “It seem you won’t need any blusher anymore.” Say Mariko.


                JUMP actually really worry about what happen to Hoshiko and even they ask the girls, none of them say anything. They get tickets for the girls’ concert on the first day. They try to ask Keito since he somehow part of it but the reply they get, “They seem okay and I only join some of their performance only. Maybe I should say that we should look forward for it.”


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