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Star Tobbi (Chapter 22)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Trouble arise

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P:s/ I just realize I post chapter 23 before chapter 22 XD

                Rin jump to rescue her after shout, “She can’t swim!”

                Everyone begin panic with what happen and it takes awhile before Rin come out to surface together with unconscious Karina. They get help of others to get back to land and one of staff that has knowledge in medical field quickly checks her.

                “It seems she can’t continue her work for the day. She has to rest.” Say the staff after finish his examination on Karina.

                “But if she rest, we have to re-schedule to retake this scene.” Say Rin.

                Director comes out and calmly says while they still in chaos, “Her work already finish and everything is okay. I’m surprise when we check the scene; her face doesn’t show any surprise even she almost drop into the sea.”

                “Wow, that’s unexpected.” Comment Ryosuke after they re-watch the scene with others. Everyone really amazes to watch it and hardly believe what actually happen after that.

                Rin seem like know something, “Or it just she already knows what will happen here.”

                Harada appear to tell them, “I will bring her to hospital just to make sure everything okay.”


                Karina opens her eyes to see herself in place that fill with me hospital. She seem can’t remember anything that cause her get admit into hospital. She looks around but no one inside the room, “No one here…”

                The door sling open and show it is Nobuhiko. She knows that she will get scold from her brother and quickly close her eyes but her brother hugs her while saying, “Yokatta that nothing serious happen to you. I almost forget how to breath when get phone call that you get admit into hospital.”

                “Nii-chan, what happen to me?” ask Karina who still confuse on what happen.

                “You slip into the sea during the shooting but everything okay. It just a luck that incident only closed for those who been there plus me and your members. I heard Rin-chan really panic until almost lose control when you didn’t wake up.” Say Nobuhiko. He even explain her that she already unconscious for several days.

                Karina leaves out sigh, “Wah, it seems I had done really bad thing. I even make that scene need to retake again.”

                “You don’t have to worry about that as the director gives an okay for you and he said you can rest for the rest the week before continue work. Rin-chan told me that your scene after this is more individual shots.” Say Nobuhiko as he knows Karina really worry about her works.

                The door opens to show Hoshiko’s members except Mariko visit her. The girls hug her tightly as they really worry about their leader. Reika says, “We begin think negatively when hear the news about what happen.”

                “But Mariko-chan really something when hears what happen about you. Her response is, ‘just how many times she need to admit into hospital?’ that really cruel.” Say Sara.

                “That’s really her. I’m sure she just really tired after her stage play end. That stage play already gains really great fame from everyone who watches it. The producer even wants to make sequel for that.” say Karina.


                That evening, Keito come to visit her together with Ryosuke who really worry after witness it. Karina asks, “Keito-kun also know about this? It must be mazakon who told you, right?”

                Ryosuke want to smack her but Keito quickly stop it before says, “She still sick and if you hit her, she may sue you.”

                “You read my mind, Keito.” Say Karina happily. Keito bring gift for her which is some books for her. Keito says, “I’m thinking to buy sweets for you but you need to relax.”

                “What make both of you in close relationship?” Ryosuke begin suspect something after watch both of them. He admit that he sense something that happen between those two ever since they at combined mini-live.

                Keito begin panic while Karina casually says, “Both of us just happen to have same wavelengths that make our chemistry really good.”

                “Do you really need to that term? Just use best buddies would make it easier.” ask Ryosuke before pout like kids.

                The other two just chuckles with it as they know that term a bit hard to understand. Ryosuke remember something and says, “But it will be hard to believe that you almost drown if you watch back the scene. Your face seems like nothing happen which bring more terror to other people.”

                “It seem that will be interesting extra scene for the DVD later on.” Comment Karina happily.


                As soon Karina get discharge from hospital, she has to begin practice for the concert. Usually, she only need to play her bass that make her join in pre-production but since there will be some part that require her to sing that make her limit to do other jobs. Karina also needs to play guitar for her solo corner where she will perform with Keito.

                “You should remember that we will have to practice our duet after this.” Remind Rin who just finish discuss something with the stage director.

                Karina fixes some notes on paper before reply, “I know but… please give me time.”

                “Why you seem struggle over something?” ask Rin when realize that girl in confuse state.

                “I… don’t know.” Reply Karina. After a while, she dozes off while still listening to various songs. Even in those noisy surroundings, she could sleep comfortably like she’s inside her room.

                Harada get into the place and surprise to see Karina’s state before asks, “What’s wrong with her?”

                No one could say anything as they also curious about her condition. Harada tries to wake Karina up but nothing works. He asks, “Is she takes proper meal?”

                Everyone look towards Sara as she’s the one that responsible for that matter and she reply, “When you say that, I remember something… she doesn’t eat like what she usually eats. Easy to say, she only eats half of her meal.”

                Karina’s weird action spread wide among people. Even during shooting for drama, after the director says ‘cut’, Karina will turn back to one. People offer her food and drink but she keeps decline it. Ryosuke tells Keito about it and reply that he gets, “She will be okay soon.”


                Rin tries to ask Nobuhiko about what happen but no positive response from that guy. Sara makes suggestion, “Want to prepare something for her?”

                “That’s a good idea but we don’t know what to prepare for her.” reply Reika.

                They ask Rin as she would have better idea but Rin says, “We can’t just prepare anything for her and if she didn’t like it, it just a waste.”

                Mariko interrupts them, “Just leave her alone and focus on your own works or everything would be in loss.”

                “Could you worry about her? She’s our leader and if something happen to her, we would be in deep trouble. Even you really hate her, please worry even a bit.” Scold Sara. Everyone surprise because Sara rarely lose her temper.

                The place become awkward before Mr. Nagase happily get in and says, “I know all of you still tired but I want to treat all of you at new restaurant that I just found. It serves really great food there.”

                The girls just agree with it but not for Karina as she says, “I have something to do today. Just enjoy the meal for me.”

                They only watch Karina disappear into taxi that already waits for her without can say anything to her. She seem really worry over something but doesn’t anything to her. She seems alreay drift into her own world and nothing would disturb her.


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