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Star Tobbi (Chapter 21)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Something will happen and change the day~~

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                That day, Karina and Rin decide to go to salon or it should be said Karina grad Rin by force. She says, “You should get hair treatment once in awhile. You’re idol deshou?”

                “But we only have morning to rest as our work begins at night.” Say Rin.

                Karina pulls her into the salon that she already makes appointment few days ago. It is hard for them to get off-day since they still have filming for the drama. She says, “Just do the treatment and I won’t disturb you until time to work. It only takes less than an hour for it.”

                Rin surrender as she knows nothing would budge that girl’s decision. While they in that salon, someone get in there that bring surprise to them. It is their senpai, Madoka that really famous with her hate towards Hoshiko and always try to destroy them. Madoka says, “Wow, both of you have huge amount of money to spend time leisurely in this place.”

                Rin lose temper but Karina silently stops her and let the worker continue her task. She calmly says, “We’re not like that. We really busy with many works and finally get free time for something like this.”

                “Yeah, yeah, my group is not like Hoshiko. Always get new works and even collaborate with Johnny’s talent.” Say Madoka.

                Rin can’t hold it anymore, “We work really hard for it! We’re not playing around!”

                It seems ruckus almost happen but thanks to workers intelligent to manage it. Only Rin manage to get treatment in that salon as Karina knows Madoka really want to do treatment there. She says, “I will come again later for my treatment. I hope there will a place for me in future.”

                “We will always ready for it. Thanks for use our services.” Thanks the worker as Karina and Rin leave the salon.

                “I will return home!” say Rin.

                Karina only nods and says, “Careful on the way back. Tell Harada that I will go straight to studio. I’m thinking to go relax myself at anywhere that has calm place to relax today.”


                Karina spends time in book store and happily browses books in the store. She wants to buy books that grab her interest but she has to stand with it. Finally, she decides to buy several manga that surely will help her to kill time during work later.

                Her stomach growling, “Ah, I should eat something by now. Where should I go?”

                Her eyes scan around the place and found a nearby food shop where they sell curry rice. She really happy while enjoying her meal but soon stop when remember back on what happen in that salon. She knows many people in that company really hate Hoshiko as they think that group debut because Mr. Nagase want his daughter to become popular.

                Everyone really hate Mariko when they know about her relationship with their president and it happen few months she join as trainee but for Karina, it doesn’t concern her as she knows Mariko has her own reason for that. She gets inspiration in seconds that make her quickly take out notebook to write it down.

                “Wow, you really focus when come to your work.” greet someone when Karina finish writes it. She looks up to see it is Kento, “Oh! It is you.”

                “Wah! That’s really cold response to your cousin.” Say Kento.

                Karina says, “Are you hope that I will scream happily just to meet you? I already immune to your charm ever since ages.”

                “Your cousin really cool. No wonder she really popular and even get first rank as cool girl.” Say Fuma before both of the guy joins her.

                “Ne, what you shop?” ask Kento to change the topic.

                Karina show to them manga that she buy and says, “I just happen want to read something to refresh my mind and get these.”

                Kento say in angry tone, “Girl like you shouldn’t read manga like this. It is for boys and you should read Shoujo manga.”

                “Stop acting like baka! I already read this type of manga ever since long time ago.” Say Karina.

                Fuma snicker, “He acts like your dad. It seems would be hard when someone want to get married with you. He may say, ‘You’re not suit for my daughter!’ in rude tone that would make anyone run away.”

                “He really works out ever something like that.”’ Karina makes her comment. Three of them spend time for awhile before both of the guys excuse themselves as they has work after that. She also left the café soon after that.

                Karina doesn’t feel like what to do anything after that and keep thinking what she should do at that moment. Her eyes catch sign of happy family that make sudden jealous as she always want to feel that again. She begins thinking what will happen if her parent still alive at that moment. She walks at along the pavement to relax herself.

                “You should focus around you as you’re an idol. Everyone has sight on you.” A voice brings her back to reality. It feels weird when she meets Hikaru on that day.

                She says, “Hikka-teeth bro…”

                “What make you look so down today? Usually, you really happy and even your carefree vibe emit to around you.” Hikaru could see that girl seem lonely on that moment.

                Karina take seat together with Hikaru before says, “I also wonder why I suddenly feel like that… maybe because of work… I wonder if my parent still alive, maybe we will live happily.”

                Hikaru flick her forehead before scold, “If that really happen, you won’t meet Rin-chan and your life right now would be 100% different; you won’t become idol and Nobuhiko won’t open his shop. Don’t you enjoy your current life even it not like what you imagine when you’re still kids.”

                Karina’s tears drop, “Gomenasai for think something like that, Hikka-teeth bro.”

                Hikaru wipe her tears before says, “I know you just curious if something different would happen. Your curiosity way bigger than anyone else that make I understand it really well.”

                When Karina calm down, she asks, “What are you doing here?”

                “Oh, I just on the way for shopping but meet you on the way here.” say Hikaru.

                “Wah, it seems I disturb your journey.” Say Karina.

                Hikaru ruffle her hair, “If you could smile, nothing more worth than it. Since you already okay, I will excuses myself first but promise me that you won’t suddenly cry on streets.”

                “Of course I won’t cry anymore, I still have shooting today. It will only bring ruckus if I appear with swollen eyes.” Say Karina.

                After go to separate way from Hikaru, Karina get mail from Meisa, ‘What to play with Reina before we begin work?’


                Karina begin feel tired after play with Reina for awhile. She cuddles Reina and says, “Let’s relax first before continue play.”

                “Gomen ne, Karina-chan. I just suddenly ask you to join us since I still have to finish read script while Jin has work today.” Say Meisa.

                Karina happily says, “It’s okay since I also has nothing to do and almost died in boredom.”

                When Meisa ask about the script, she replies, “Oh, I haven’t read it yet but I already get imagine how it happen since Rin-chan read it for me.”

                “You really genius…” praise Meisa.

                “That’s what people always say but I don’t think that. It just I read way too much books and know the trick.” Reply Karina as her open-up bottle for Reina before do it for herself.

                Meisa seem already finish read the script, “But it a bit hard to believe that you actually have suekko (last child) vibe behind camera when you always show one-san vibe in front of camera.”

                “I don’t know why. Maybe my one-san switch on when in front of camera.” Say Karina playfully.


                Rin reach at home and could see Reika and Sara in middle of playing Wii Dance. Sara notices her and asks, “Where’s Karina-chan?”

                “Killing time around.” Reply Rin before go straight to her room.

                Reika look at Sara to ask, “You think we could unite?”

                “Depend on ourselves…” Sara actually doesn’t know how to give best response.

                Mariko arrive home with mad face and shout, “What it always her who get more than me? Am I not better than her?” With that, she just gets into her room that leave the other two in dumbstruck.

                Sara asks, “What’s wrong with her?”

                “I also dunno about it.” say Reika.


                That day’s shooting would be hard for them as it involve tiny set that just beside seaside where Karina will disturb Rin and Ryosuke’s date. She will make fuss to destroy the date but one misstep will make one of them drop to the sea.

                While they get ready, Karina walk closer towards the barrier to see and surprise to see how high the place is. She’s okay with the high but feel worry about the sea. Rin appear beside her to ensure her, “You won’t fall in there no matter what happen since place where you stand will be far away from there.”

                “I know but I don’t know I feel uneasy for today’s scene.” Say Karina. Rin could see her best friend really worry over it as if she falls into the sea, she won’t know how to swim. She gently pulls her best friend’s hand to leave the place.

                During the shooting, Karina’s face as she wear cap in order to not let the couple notice her face. Ryosuke has to hit her but she will dodge it and it seems it not her luck as she slip over the place and drop into sea.  Some of staffs scream in horror to see it that makes everyone turn into panic mode.


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