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Star Tobbi (Chapter 19)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: JUMP and Hoshiko has combined photo shoot...

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                Their first day of drama shooting end smoothly and Harada arrive to fetch both of them. He says, “Since I come here by taxi, I will drive your car back home but no plan to make any stop. You still have work tomorrow.”

                “Yokatta, you’re here! I can’t drive anymore for tonight.” Whine Karina.

                Rin says, “I’m tired!”

                Harada drives the car while Karina and Rin relax at the back. Harada says, “It seems you girls really nailed it and the director really loves both of you.”

                “That’s good as it is our first time to act but it still early to think like that.” Say Karina. Rin keep reading and sometimes fix some parts in her notebook. Karina really wants to see what is it but her best friend doesn’t allow it happen.

                When reach home, both of them notice Mariko seem like waiting for someone at the living room but her face really dark. Harada already excuse himself as he knows the girls really need rest after send them. Mariko notices both of them and sarcastically says, “I never know you’re such a busybody person! Even you’re Hoshiko leader; there is still limit on things you want to interference.” She already try to meet Karina for several times but it really hard when that girl really hard to meet even they live in same house.

                “I’m doing it for you. I’m thinking that you must really want your mom to watch your stage play and I ask help from my friend as he knew how to make it happen.” Say Karina while place her bag on the floor before get ready to literally ‘fly’ to nearby couch.

                Mariko really annoys with her attitude and raises up her hand to slap Karina but Rin get between them to receive the slap. Karina really surprise to see red mark on Rin’s cheek and asks, “Why you did that, Mariko-chan? Are you already lost your mind?”

                “I don’t want anyone to do anything about my mom. I know what I should do and I never ask for your help, you bitch.” Mariko shouts to Karina.

                Rin really angry when her best friend being call with that rude words. She shoot that Hoshiko vocalist death glares before throw her punch to Mariko. Karina quickly stop the punch using her palm and ready to stand the strength as she really know if anyone get that punch, that person will fly quite a distance. Karina says in strict tone, “Rin-chan, stop it! We don’t want any injuries as we’re idols. You want the fans know that both of you fight this bad?”

                Rin’s angry subside when see Karina’s face expression that really don’t want anything happen at that moment. Karina straight up before says, “Mariko-chan, even you’re really angry, slap someone won’t help either. You better learn how to manage your anger better in future.” Karina pulls Rin by hand to bring that girl to her room and leave Mariko alone in living room.


                Karina take out first-aid box that she always keep in her room to treat Rin’s injuries. She notices Mariko’s slap make Rin bleed a bit in her mouth. She mutters, “She must slap you while wearing that big ring. She always wears that ring.”

                “I’m okay, Karina-chan. I just really hate when someone insult you.” Say Rin while hiss as medicine get into her injury.

                Karina shook her head froth and back, “No, you’re not. We should treat it as soon as possible in order not to let it bruise even worse. We’re in middle of busy days.”

                “This is not problem as I always have to use special make-up to create bruise during the drama shooting.” Say Rin as her character in the drama is someone that always joins in fight.

                “Even it’s true, I never want any bruise appear on your body. If you’re hurt, same goes to me. We’re sister, remember?” say Karina with flash of gentle smile. She really hopes no bloody fight happen within Hoshiko but it a bit hard with Mariko’s attitude. She begin think any solution that could fix Mariko’s attitude.

                Her deep thinking being stop by Rin’s words, “She won’t change unless it involves Hoshiko’s works and are you try to drain out my blood?” It seems she read Karina’s mind at that moment.

                “Ah! Gomen!” Karina quickly put away the cotton that use to clean up the blood. She slowly place plaster on Rin before says, “This could help a bit your wound and will not leave any scar but you need to promise me avoid anything that could cause bruise on you.”

                “I can’t promise that. Anyway, thank you.” Say Rin and she step-out from the room without want to hear any response from Karina.


                That day, Hoshiko and JUMP has combined photo shoot for a magazine that being held in race circuit. The most excited person among them is Karina that really hyper on that day, “Wah, I always want to come here! Speeding without get caught is the best!”

                “You really like drive?” ask Keito.

                “She’s not like drive but she like to speed. Only Rin-chan that dare to ride car that Karina-chan chauffeur.” Say Reika.

                One of workers hears about and he decides to give offer, “Kuzuryu-san, if you want to drive and maybe make some drift if you know? We can car that suit to do that.”

                “Eh?!” Karina’s eyes sparkle, “Am I allow doing that?”

                “Yes, you can but finish with your make-up and change clothes first.” Say Harada after discuss with the staffs. He knows that Hoshiko leader really looking forwards anything about car and speed.

                They finish their make-up and change into outfits that already prepared for the shooting. Since they still have to wait for place being set up, Karina take the chance to get ready in the car that already there and listen advice from instructor that sit beside her. Others decide to watch as they really curious about Karina’s driving skill that only known to Rin.

                When she press the fuel pedal, her smirk appear on her face before speed off to the track. Her speed somehow makes everyone there worry if she would be okay or not. She takes the chance shows her skill in drift. Ryosuke says, “Wow! Where she learn about that? It really hard to do that.”

                “One of her best friends is racer and she learnt from them.” Reply Rin who already know about that.

                Karina even make dangerous drift stunt at the end of it before happily get off from the car. She says, “Wah, it super fun but it seems my skill already rust. I need to polish it back.”

                “Your skill really great. Want to join our team?” ask the instructor but Harada quickly decline for her.

                “Wow, you really knock it off.”  Say Sara. Karina flash her smile before stylish pull her over to fix her make-up before take her place while others begin take their places.

                That day’s shooting is special collaboration between both groups to increases their popularity. It takes long time as they are large in numbers and make some of them begin do random things. Karina also begin tired but she manage to refresh by eating sweets but Reika realize something, “You eat too many sweets, Karina-chan. You can eat your bento first if you want.”

                “I want to eat but afraid I will fall asleep straight after that.” Say Karina.

                Ryosuke finish his turn and take seat not far from them before says, “It not weird when you didn’t get any sleep yesterday. The scene really hard to do when you have to react gracefully while holding such a fragile item and take long time to accomplish it.”

                “I don’t want to hear it from mazakon.” Say Karina.

                Ryosuke smack her head and says, “I’m not mazakon! Stop calling me like that!”

                Keito give plushie to Karina and says, “Use this to rest.”

                Karina happy with it as the plushie has soft texture that really sooth her fatigue but Rin irritated to see it. She says to Keito in cold tone, “You should stop it! It begin fill up her room and no place for me to relax anymore!” She back-throw him with strong force and he lands on Hikaru and Yuya who just join them.

                “Rin-chan, you should not do that. We’re in middle of work.” scold Karina. She pulls Rin to create distance while she scolds in tiny voice on what happen.

                “Does anyone else that could control her?” ask Yuya.

                Sara and Reika exchange look and one of them reply, “We think only Karina-chan could do that.”

                Karina make Rin sit at the end of the room before rush to Keito to check his condition. Hikaru whines while try to shove him off, “Keito, you’re really heavy!”

                “Keito-kun, are you okay?” ask Karina while help Keito to stand up.

                Keito smile a bit while stand the pain before could respond, “I’m okay. I’m strong enough to stand that kind of attack. I’m just happy when hear you get role in drama and can’t stop myself not to send you anything.”

                “Mattaku, Rin-chan, we already agree you won’t use that skill that you have during work unless necessary.” Say Harada.

                Yuya and Hikaru smack Keito’s head before Hikaru says, “It was us that act as your saviour.” That bring laughter to everyone there and tense atmosphere disappear just like that. Keito ensure Karina that there’s nothing


                After the work at circuit end, Karina, Rin and Ryosuke share same ride as they have shooting for drama after that. It seems on that day is shooting for scene for Rin’s and Ryosuke’s role meet each other and Karina’s role will keep get between them.

                “Hisako-chan, why you become really busybody?” ask Rin. She adds, “We’re just going out, not getting married.”

                Karina give pout face before says, “But… that guy look really suspicious. Maybe he is some kind of heir to dangerous organization and only wants to trap you. I don’t want you to get hurt, Hanako-chan.”

                Ryosuke angry with that statement before make comment, “It seems your twin-sister is worrywart. Maybe she’s worse that any old hag.”

                “Watch your words, Koichi. She’s still my sister.” Warn Rin in cold tone.

                Ryosuke put his hand at the back before asks, “Is that the way you treat guy that you like?”

                Director satisfied with it and shouts, “Cut!! It really great!”

                The staffs get near them and assist them to area where they could relax. Karina put towel to cover her eyes before take nap as they get break. Rin take the script and read it without want to talk with anyone. Ryosuke take a look at her and says, “You shouldn’t stay quiet during break.”

                “I need to focus on this.” Say Rin while wave a bit the script in front of Ryosuke’s face.

                Ryosuke leave out sigh before says, “You should talk with other people once in awhile. Maybe they will give more work for you after this.”

                “I only do this because Karina-chan also in it. I can’t let her alone or she will cry in silent place again. She only acts strong from outside and that make me wants to support her always without fail.” say Rin.

                Ryosuke could see gentle expression on Rin’s face and that make him say, “It seem you always has that expression when talk about her. She must be really important for you. I really scared when watch you had big fight with her before this, it almost like everything will break down.”

                “That only happened because I didn’t fully believe her. She is only thinks about me and knows what will happen.” Say Rin.

                Karina seem couldn’t continue her nap and take off the towel before says, “I’m too hungry to sleep.”

                “You just take meal before reach here, right? Still hungry?” ask Rin and Karina nods to answer it that come with childish pout.

                One of staffs gives snacks to her while saying, “You can eat this first and we’re really sorry that there’s nothing else we could prepare for you.”

                “This is more than enough. Wah, this senbei~! Mecha sukiyanen!  (I really love it!)” Karina happily takes the snack and enjoys it.


                Mariko just gets into the room without want to say anything to others. Reika and Sara go to kitchen to prepare tea for relaxation. Sara asks, “Should we prepare some for Mariko-chan too?”

                “Hm… I dunno if she wants it or not. Even we live together for several years; she still didn’t open up to us.” Say Sara.

                Reika look trouble as she also doesn’t know what she should do about that girl. They never understand why Mariko keeps acting like that even they know each other ever since join the jimusho. They bring the drinks and snacks to living room as they want to watch movie. While they get ready for that, Mariko appears at living room and says, “I’m going out and will come back late or just go straight to theatre. I still have many days for it.”

                “Hai…” they watch Mariko leave the house but manage to say, “Have safe trip.” Reika and Sara exchange look before they fight for remote, “I want to hold it!”, “I want to press play!” and “It’s my turn!”


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