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Star Tobbi (Chapter 18)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

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                Rin wonder what happen but Karina stay silent while finishing their shopping. On the way return, her best friend opens her mouth, “We will drop our things before we go for meeting.”

                “What meeting? New work for Hoshiko?” ask Rin but Karina doesn’t say anything and only smile.

                They drop their shopping before Harada send them to the meeting place which at a TV station building. It seem only Karina knows what happen but that girl already fall asleep while on the way. Harada says, “It seem this time of work only for both of you. Make sure to do it right.”

                “Even you didn’t tell me, I know what I should do.” Say Rin bluntly.


                “What?! Both of us will act in new drama?” Rin really surprise to hear it from the procedure.

                “Yes, I will introduce the roles in the drama. Suzuki Kyoka-san will become the mother, Akiyama Junko.” The person that name call being, stand up and greet everyone. “Kuroki Meisa-san will become Junko’s first daughter, Akiyama Riko. Kuzuryu Karina-san and Rin Walker-san will become twin in Akiyama Family; Akiyama Hisoka and Akiyama Hanako. Yamada Ryosuke will act as Domoto Koichi.” The procedure introduces everyone that involve in the drama.

                “I want to ask, why Karina-chan and me get role in this drama?” ask Rin as she really curious about it when she never think to act except for band and model.

                The procedure explains how he really attracts towards Rin, Ryosuke and Karina during press conference for Hope Fashion latest line. Rin want to object something but Karina holds her hand before says, “Let’s enjoy and learn something new, ne! But I really think Ryosuke will become mazakon again when see Suzuki-san also here.”

                Ryosuke smack her on head that make she asks, “What are you doing? Itai yo!”

                “I only want to erase that image from your mind before you use it to tease me again.” Scold Ryosuke that bring laughter to everyone.

                “Both of you really close ne.” comment Meisa when notice the closeness.

                “Maa… we only friend and he is not my type of guy.” Say Karina while Rin throw dagger glare to him as he hurt her best friend. Karina quickly send message from sight that ask her not to do anything on it. She quickly change topic, “Let’s discuss about the roles.”


                When the discussion end, Karina return back to sleep as soon she get into the car together with Rin and Harada to go back home. Harada also offer to send Ryosuke back and he just accept it as he also tired. Ryosuke says, “Wow, she is fast-asleep.”

                “It seems she really tired after the discussion. Maa… she always falls asleep after we finish any discussion.” Say Harada.

                Rin remember something, “Oh, I notice she finishes up her report until this morning before both of us go out for shopping. I never think she could do that in just one night and her speed of typing the report really makes people scared.”

                Harada drop Ryosuke at his house as it actually on same way with Hoshiko’s house. Ryosuke says, “Arigatou for the ride. I really appreciate it.”

                “Since it is same way, it’s not the problem. It also a way to avoid the fans.” Say Harada before he drives to leave the place. He drives straight to the girls’ house as he could see both of them really tired.


                Sara and Reika already in the kitchen since early in the morning to prepare bento box. Sara asks, “Do you think this will be enough for her?”
                “Let’s hope it’s enough.” Say Reika.

                “Ohayou~~!” Karina greets them while yawning.

                “How long you sleep last night?” ask Sara.

                When Karina replies ‘4 hours’, Reika says, “Dame desu! You should sleep at least 8 hours or it will give effect to your skin.”

                “I sleep late because make some changes on my presentation slides that will be used today.” Say Karina.

                “It’s mean you have to eat a lot today.” Reika place big bento box in front of her before says, “This is bento for you and we already put your favourites inside it.”

                Karina’s eyes sparkle to hear it and quickly hug Reika and Sara while saying, “Yatta! Arigatou! Both of you really safe me! I just plan to bully one of the guys to buy meal for me.”

                “We just prepare it because you will have important today and same goes to Mariko-chan. She has first day of the stage play and also press conference for that. This bento box is good luck for her.” say Sara. Karina smiles to hear it as it becomes habit for those two Hoshiko members to prepare bento box before big day for anyone.

                “Oh yeah! How you’re going to campus today? You seem too sleepy to drive there and you never ask Harada to send you.” Say Rin as she joins them.

                “Hazuki-nyan will fetch me today as we want to make stop at shop to take our report. I will try to attend Mariko-chan’s play with the guys.” Say Karina.

                “Ne, I realize something… you never have female friends except Hoshiko, right?” Sara really curious about it as she always hears Karina hang-out with guys. She’s just lucky that no scandal come out from that as every paparazzi that stalk her will get information that she’s only friends with them.

                Karina finishes her breakfast before says, “Maa… I just want run away from drama… maybe. Easy to say, my class fill with boys.”

                Mariko appear in angry face before says, “Woi! Your boyfriend already arrives with sports car.”

                “That playboy… I’m ready to go. I’m leaving.” Say Karina as she takes her bag and leave. She step out from the house and says, “You really love your sports car, Haruki-nyan.”

                “Are you drunk?” ask Hazuki as Karina only calls her like that when she’s drunk.

                “No, I’m not. I’m really nervous right now.” Reply Karina. Hazuki only smile before drive the car to their destination.


                “Mariko-chan, this is bento for you. Good luck for your first day.” Say Reika.

                Mariko knows about their habit and only says, “Arigatou.”

                “We will watch your play today and thanks for the tickets.” Say Sara.

                Mariko wonder when she prepare the tickets before think it must be Karina who did it as she the only person who fusses about tickets. She doesn’t know how to respond it and only says, “You’re welcome.”

                “Rin-chan will join us to watch the play?” ask Reika and Rin nods before says, “I plan to go with Karina-chan but she told me that better I join both of you once in a while.”

                Sara happily says, “If like that, we should choose what we want to wear together.” But that idea being opposed by both of them as they already prepare their own clothes. Sara says, “Hai, hai, I will prepare my own clothes.”

                Reika and Rin say in one voice, “Douzo!”

                Sara shouts like little kids that didn’t get candy, “Both of you!” she pout but that only bring laughter to the other two members. Rin couldn’t hold her laughter when see Sara’s pout but she quickly stop and leave to get ready.


                Mariko a bit sad while get ready in dressing room as she really want her mom, Amarante, come to watch her. She does her make-up while her mind thinks how to bring her mom to watch her first play. Enima who also act along with her notice her sad face and says, “You should enjoy your work. I’m sure your fans really looking forward for it.”

                “I want to enjoy but… I really hope my mom would be here to watch my performance. If she could get permission to leave hospital.” Say Mariko.

                “You’re really lucky that your mom support you even she’s not here. I also hope my parent would watch me but they never let me to join this world.” Say Enima.
Mariko really surprise to hear it as Enima is happy-go-lucky girl that always make everyone smile. She mumble, “It seem happy-go-lucky person always has misfortune in their life.”

                “Do you say something?” ask Enima.

                Mariko shake her hair to both sides, “Nothing, I just thinking about something.” She continues her make-up and styles her hair for the stage play.

                When the stage play begin, she manage to focus on it even her heart still hoping for her mom to come but she seem sense her mom’s presence in middle of performing. She feels really calm and manages to perform it smoothly. She changes her clothes and gets mail from someone that asks her to go a restaurant to celebrate her debut in stage play.


                Mariko really surprise to see it is Mr. Nagase and Amarante who waiting there. She asks, “Mama, how you could be here?”

                “Oh, I get permission from sensei just to watch your performance today. It really great, Mariko.” Say Amarante as she hugs her daughter to congrate her.

                “Arigatou, mama.” Say Mariko while try to hold herself not to cry.

                Mr. Nagase says when they broke the hug, “I also surprise to see Amarante here. It seem someone bring her to the theatre and also the one that manage the permission to go out for a day.”

                Amarante know something and tell them, “Oh! About that, it is someone name Ichirou who did that.”

                “Ichirou? That is script writer for my stage play and also Karina-chan’s friend… doesn’t say it was her idea.” Say Mariko.

                “You have really great friend that ready to help you. You’re so lucky.” Say Amarante.


                Karina arrive home by Ichirou send her back. She says, “Arigatou for send me back, Ichirou-kun. It really helps me as I almost become insane when sit beside Haruki-kun. His driving style way more dangerous than me.”

                “Maa… we already finish everything and only wait for result. You also could focus on your work by now, deshou?” say Ichirou.

                Karina smiles, “Yeah, you too. Don’t forget we agree to meet again on the last day of that stage play.”

                “Of course I won’t forget that as we already agree for that.” Say Ichirou. He bid bye to her before leave the place and Karina get into the house. She notice a package on the table that address to her.

                She takes the package to open it and notice it is plushie from Keito that also come with message, ‘Omedettou for your first drama. I heard it from Yama-chan but I couldn’t help feel jealous as I also want to act in drama with you. As long you promise that you won’t flirt with other guy, I’m okay with it. Love you. - Okei.’

                She smiles with it as it has shape of cat but black in colour as it is her favourite colour. She brings it to her room and snuggle
it happily. She surprise when Rin suddenly get into the room while saying, “Hey, we bought takoyaki… what are you doing?”

                “Nothing…” Karina hides the plushie under the blanket. She pushes Rin out from the room and joins others who already waiting at living room.


                Karina and Rin go to studio as it will become their first day of shooting. Harada can’t send them as he has to help GoDream’s manager on something. Rin says, “Wah, I feel really nervous.”

                “Just relax and enjoy the day.” Say Karina.

                They walk into their dressing room that they share together. Rin begin read her script while Karina receives someone that sends something to her. Rin says, “Plushie again? Don’t tell me that he send it again?”

                “Okay, I won’t tell you about he gives it to me.” Say Karina. Rin can’t stand when Keito keep sending any plushie that he notice to Karina with reason to congrate her for her first drama but it begin fill up Karina’s room where she always use to relax.

                Kyoka get into the room to check them and says, “Wow, both of you already here but the shooting will begin in three hours.”

                “Oh, we just want to get enough time to get ready as we always like this. Rin-chan needs to read script and also remember it for me.” Say Karina happily.

                Kyoka surprise to hear it and Rin explain, “She always can only remember it just before the shooting. Even during work that involve band, she always join the last minute.”

                “If I read it too early, I won’t remember it. It feel like wind blow to me, come and leave, just like that.” Say Karina. Kyoka spend time in that room, helping them to practice lines along with Meisa who join them  later as their first scene involve they get ready for dinner but Meisa’s character and Rin’s character eat little while Karina’s character keep filling their plate and Kyoka’s character try to stop her daughters’.  It will show how the mom tries to handle her daughters but it sling with weird things as it really hard to stop them.


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