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Star Tobbi (Chapter 17)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Karina return back home but what happen next?

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                After the press conference, Miwako get near to Rin to says, “I already decide not to tell anyone about it. I don’t want to destroy your dream that come together with your best friend. I only hope we could spend time as mother-daughter once in awhile.”

                “I haven’t agreed with you yet.” Reply Rin before get into dressing to change her clothes. Miwako watches everything without say anything and surprise to see Karina happily skips around the venue as she’s the first one that finishes change. She notice girl hold something in her hand and seem drunk at the moment.

                She decides to ask, “Are you drink alcohol in this venue?”

                “Daijoubu~~ this is ~~ not alcohol~~!” sing Karina while skip and dancing around.

                Keito quickly leave the room and snatch can from Karina’s hand. He says, “You shouldn’t drink this carbonated drink. It always makes you drunk.”

                Miwako gasps to hear it, “Carbonated drink?!  Only that could make her drunk?”

                “Easy to say, she only drunk with this when she really tired and we always make sure she doesn’t drink it. She really careful when choose drink.” Say Keito.

                “What make she really tired? I see her really hyper.” Say Miwako.

                “If it with help of sugary drink, that will happen.” Say Rin. She also finish change her clothes when Sara inform her about Karina open a canned drink. Karina happily skip towards them to greet them but she trip with her own steps and almost fall to ground if Keito doesn’t catch her on time.

                Keito lift her in bridal style in his arms, “She already works really hard for these few days, together with me. She never wants to show her tired side to anyone.”

                Harada appear and tell them, “If you want to go back, the car ready to go home and Ryuji already leave first as he has something else to do.”

                “We know about that as he already informs us beforehand. I will return with the boys but I will put her in the girls’ car first.” Say Keito.


                “Are you relieve when know she doesn’t announce you as her daughter?” ask Keito after put Karina inside the car. Rin surprise to hear it and Keito says, “She has been in this condition before and spill out everything. Weird ne, people drunk and spill everything because of alcohol but she’s different.”

                “She’s always like this.” Say Rin.

                Keito smiles, “You really care about her ne~~!”

                “Of course, she is my best friend. If I lose her, it equal to me lose everything in my life. We promise that we will gain achievement together.” Say Rin with gentle smile.

                Keito leaves them to join his friends while others from Hoshiko get into the car before return home. Karina doesn’t awake all the way back home as she really tired. When they reach home, Rin shakes her body to wake her but nothing work until Mariko says, “Hey, wake up! We already reach home and no one would treat you like a princess.”

                Karina mumble, “Urusai! You’re just lucky when no one realize you had been date with Hikka-teeth bro.”

                Everyone surprise to hear it but that girl just gets off from the car before run to her room. She really tired that make her want to stay at her bed. She also wants to avoid any question about her missing until she fully recovered.

                Reika surprise to see how fast Karina run to her room and says, “Wow, that’s fast for someone that is tired.”

                Sara look towards Mariko to ask, “Is that true that you go out date with Hikaru?”

                “My type of guy is not him. I’m going to bed.” Say Mariko before retreat to her room before others does the same as everyone is tired.


                On the day that they join music program show, Keito knock Hoshiko’s dressing room as he want to give something to Karina. She opens the door and he could see that girl wear simple demin, t-shirt and sneakers. He know it is costume that girl choose by herself for that show since she has to wear feminine clothes for Magnet’s song. Keito says, “I think it is great choice for you wear skirt during Magnet.”

                “Hai, hai, is there anything you need?” ask Karina.

                Keito wear necklace on Karina’s neck before says, “You forget that we’re going to use these necklaces to promote it.”

                “You’re right. Even it was me who ask your favour to keep it for me.” Say Karina.

                Sara calls Karina, “Hey! You still have to do your make-up and hair.”

                “No! I only want to do ponytail this time and I do my own make-up.” whine Karina while being pull by Sara and Reika.

                Keito stops them to says, “Do whatever you want as long she could look like proper girl.”

                “You didn’t help a bit.” Cries Karina.

                The show begins with performance by Hoshiko’s Mirage Dream as opening act. Everyone enjoy the performance and give good comment about it. MC says, “Wow, it really impressive to see you girls perform live on stage. No wonder you girls really famous.”

                “Not really, we only work hard for everyone to see us.” Say Mariko. Karina already leaves the set to change into another costume.

                They make small talk while Karina and Keito take place on stage. MC announces, “Today, we really are honour as it is their first appearance as new unit and also their debut, Magnet. It consists of two people, HSJ’s Okamoto Keito and Hoshiko’s Kuzuryu Karina.”

                Second MC interviews them, “Is there any occasion that this unit happen to debut? I heard it begin from your special collaboration from an event.”

                “Yeah but it is our presidents’ idea about it.” say Keito.

                “Don’t you afraid if any scandals come out?” ask the MC that actually want them to expose their relationship but Karina confidently says, “We’re not afraid of it and if it really happen, his member who also really protective about me will lose his temper.”

                “We really want everyone could hear and enjoy our song even how many times they hear without feel tired.” say Keito.

                MC says, “I will support both of you and please stand by for the song.”

                Keito check his guitar before begin strum it and along with Karina sing the song, ‘Anything for you’, that capture everyone’s attention and immerse in world that both of them create. Everyone surprise to hear Karina’s singing. They enjoy their moment together on stage that totally shows during their performance.

                 When the song ends, everyone give loud applause to them as they bow to everyone. Karina almost trip when get off from stage but Keito in time to catch her and bring her down from stage. Everyone really amazes to watch it and chuckle to see Karina’s reaction, “Don’t hold me like that~!”


                “Wah!! Finally long wait free weekend is here~~!!” Sara happily shouts it but it happens every weekend.

                Karina silently get into Rin’s room to check on her best friend when realize that girl hasn’t come to her room. She already used to get disturb by that girl but when she get into the room, Rin seem focus on writing something while keep scratching her head. Karina surprises her by asking, “What are you doing?”

                “What are you doing, Karina-chan?” ask Rin as she really surprise to notice her and attempt to hide what she’s doing. She knows Karina want to take a peek from her notebook, “Don’t you ever dare.”

                Karina puffs her cheeks and pout, “Mou… we’re finally back as best friend but you already become mean in seconds.”

                “I’m sorry…” Rin apologizes while hugging her Pikachu before says, “…it just I want to finish this song and quickly record it.”

                “Tell me what song it is.” Karina keep saying that to Rin but when her hand touch Rin’s hair, she realizes something, “Hey, why your hair so dry and oily? Have you shampoo your hair lately?”

                That question make Rin deathly glare to Karina but that girl seem doesn’t care about it and even browse over Pokémon album that she keep at book rack. She keep repeats her question as she really wants the answer until Rin reply, “Of course I shampoo my hair… every day.”

                “Hontouni?” snicker Karina as she found dandruff on Rin’s shoulder before continue her words, “Then, why you have this white thingy here?”

                “I dunno…” reply Rin. Karina get into the bathroom and bring out shampoo before asks, “How long you already used this?”

                “Long enough.” Rin keep her book in locked drawer, she check herself on mirror before surprise to see it.

                She hears Karina leave sigh before says, “You should change your shampoo sometimes to balance it. Wait here for awhile.”

                Karina runs out from the room and return with something in her hand. She gives to Rin, “Use this shampoo right now before we go out to buy new shampoo and make some shopping.”

                Rin take it and walk into bathroom but manage to threat her best friend, “Don’t you ever dare to open or touch the book in that drawer.”

                “How could I do that when you already lock it? I’m going to change my clothes and tidy up a bit. I look like a mess right now.” Say Karina before step out from the room but she want to try it again. She knows Rin always ask for her opinion when come to songs.


                “Eh?! Are you sure you want to drive?” ask Reika.

                Karina nods, “Yeah, it really convenient like this.” Others just worry about it because she will have to buy large amount of things that needed for the house.

                “Maybe we should fewer things that we want a bit…” Sara words being cut by Karina’s hand before she hears, “I need to work out a bit and this is the only way to do it.”

                “You will only overwork yourself. You just finally get rest after long week.” Say Mariko but Karina knows she only don’t want Hoshiko’s jobs being postpone again.

                Rin and Karina leave the house to begin their shopping journey. They buy everything before make stop at place that sell toiletries. Rin asks, “Why here?”

                “Oh, I just love to buy their products but usually I buy online. Today, we will browse everything in this shop and choose the best for you.” Announce Karina happily. She already makes sure she parks her car at safe park site before both of them get into the shop.

                “Karina-chan, you’re here. I already heard the song that you sing and it really great. I never know you could sing like that. Ah! I should say, welcome to our shop.” Say one of the shop’s workers that piss-off a bit Rin who know Karina really hate to be treat like that by stranger and their fans also understand that.

                Karina notices it and says, “Rin-chan, this is Bara-nee and she is Nobuhiko nii-chan’s fiancée. I always order products from her when I can’t get here. I already meet her few times without you knowledge as it is nii-chan’s wish. He want to make sure everything settle before tell you.”

                “But you already tell me.” Say Rin.

                Karina shock when remember it, “Just act nothing happen when meet him. Bara-nee, we need shampoo that suit for Rin-chan today. We really need something that delicate as this is her first time to use this shop’s product. We will change to other when she’s okay with this shop’s product.”

                “You should just begin work here.” mock Rin.

                Bara smiles before says, “That is usual procedure of all shops like us but only small number that actually practice it. This also to avoid any sudden complications that may happen to users of the shop’s products and Karina-chan is our small number of users that practice that.”

                “Your picky attitude really helps in this matter.” Comment Rin while Karina only smiles happily. While Rin listens to Bara’s explanation about hair products that she will use, Karina gets a phone call from Harada that make Karina suddenly scream after a while and make everyone suspicious on her.


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