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Star Tobbi (Chapter 16)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: The bet will end soon~~

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                Karina wakes up on the next day with massive off headaches and feeling that like want to vomit out. She holds her head, “Oh, I do it again!”

                “Ohayou, Karina-chan. You have great sleep?” greet Seiji happily as walk into the room.

                Karina looks to herself and notice she’s wearing pyjama. Seiji draw the curtain before says, “Nana-chan is the one that change your clothes as your clothes stink with alcohol.”

                “Thanks for it and sorry because I did it again.” Say Karina.

                Seiji pats her head gently, “I understand you’re just need some personal space sometimes when there are way too much for you to handle alone.”

                “I only want my members to have happy life.” Say Karina.

                Suddenly, Nana gets into the room and says, “Karina-chan, this is clothes for you to wear after you clean yourself. Can we go out for shopping after this?”

                “Nana-chan, she’s not free like you and you still have school today. Same goes to us.” Say Seiji. Karina remember about her class for the day and think what she did yesterday really stupid. Seiji put towel over her head before says, “You better take shower and join us for breakfast. My ofukuro prepare your favourite breakfast.”


                “No one could contact Karina-chan?” ask Harada. The girls don’t know how to respond it as their leader doesn’t pick up the phone. They have plenty of work soon but it seem Karina doesn’t say ask them or Harada and Mr. Nagase doesn’t say anything about what happen as he also has no clue about it.

                “We will have promotion for our upcoming single in just 2 weeks and she’s now missing.” Say Reika.

                “I think this time is the worse than anything that happen before this.” Say Sara.

                Mariko make wild guess, “Is she actually thinking to quit from Hoshiko?”
Rin suddenly stand up and slap her face, “You can’t say like that. She loves Hoshiko more than anyone else. She’s not like you who only think yourself and your stupid revenge to your father. Be grateful that he still alive and same goes to your mom. They support you with all their might.”

                “No one ever slap me before. Same goes to you as your mom still alive.” Say Mariko.

                “She’s not my mom!” shout Rin. Both of them begin glare each other that show any fight will begin and no one know what they should do. Suddenly something fly pass between them to see it is paper plane.

                “Where it comes?” ask Reika. She takes the paper plane and notice short message, ‘Make sure no one lose her live right now.-K’

                “It is from Karina-chan.” Say Sara.

                Harada goes outside to search for Karina but no sign of her. Rin run to Karina’s room with hope she’s there but the room is empty. She notices a memo on the door that says she will return soon. She even asks them to practice for Hoshiko new song as their skill will rust.


                “Eh?! Why I have to let him lift me up?” ask Karina when hear the instruction where Keito will cuddle her during their shooting for single jacket.

                “It is to create sweet moment between us since the song about us.” Say Keito. Without wait for Karina’s response, he lifts her up in bridal style that cause slight shriek from her before some giggle from everyone there.

                “Wah, your face really red right now.” Say the cameraman before take the moment without want to waste one second from it. The stylish get near them to fix Karina’s clothes as not to make it look weird while being cuddle.

                The shooting continue until both of them change into all 3 costumes. Karina returns to dressing room and lay on the couch as she really tired. She never has that intense shooting when with Hoshiko. Keito get into the room before chuckles to see her condition. He asks, “Want me to send you straight home after this?”

                “Ryuji-san will send me back today. We come here with him, right?” Say Karina. She lazily stands up to a corner to change her clothes but soon, fall asleep at same couch.

                Keito only smiles to see it before he changes into casual clothes. He could understand why she really tired as they have to work for several days non-stop as they don’t have enough time until the release of their single; it will be launch a day after Hoshiko release their new single, Mirage Dream. Ryuji get into the room and says, “Finally, tired days for both of you end. Want to stop for dinner anywhere or just return to your house?”

                “Maybe return to her place. I will stay there overnight as I’m thinking that I need to take care of her or she will work again as soon her wake up.” say Keito. He gently cuddles Karina in his arms before leave the place together with Ryuji.

                Somehow, Ryuji already know about their relationship after several meetings but respect it with condition that they focus on their work. He never says anything to Johnny or Mr. Nagase to avoid any problem. When arrive at hotel that Karina’s stay, he helps Keito to get into the room and remind them, “You guys still has photo shoot for Yajima’s fashion line tomorrow.”

                “Yeah! We almost forget about it.” Say Keito.

                Ryuji understand it after hard days for them especially Karina who also take part in production. Keito also join but not much like Karina who give big help as she used to those kinds of things. Keito fixes blanket on Karina’s body before watch Ryuji leave the place. Karina currently stays at apartment that she always used when she want to be alone to focus on studies.

                Karina wakes up after awhile and asks, “When I arrive home?”

                “Just few minutes ago.” Reply Keito. It seem he already change into normal clothes while waiting for Karina to awake from sleep.

                She stand up from the bed and says, “It seem I will clean up myself a bit before I begin make dinner.”

                “Do you have ingredient to cook?” ask Keito as he never remember that girl go out for grocery.

                Karina smiles, “I already ask the housekeeper to buy it for me as I know I won’t have time for that.”

                “Wow, ice princess could ask help from someone for that?” Keito somehow impress with it.

                “I know her for ages and when I know she owns place like this, I quickly rent as I always want to help her in finance. She almost like my family.” say Karina. She gets into bathroom to clean herself and change into clean clothes.

                “We have shooting tomorrow.” Say Keito. He wants to help Karina at kitchen but his lover make him sit without want to help her.

                “I know. Someone already remind me about it before I fall asleep.” Reply Karina. She just prepares fast and simple as her stomach already demand for food.

                She serves the food before take her seat. She says, “I really need to ready for tomorrow as it is big day for many people.”

                “That’s for sure since you already avoiding them for quite long time. They will demand explanation from you.” Say Keito. Karina only pouts as she want to escape if there is chance but there’s no way that chance would appear.


                Karina and Keito reach together at the studio but it seem they arrive way too early as others haven’t arrived yet. Ryuji appear from nowhere and says, “Both of you should take breakfast first as I get information that someone wake up late.”

                “Hey! It’s not me who tell him.” Say Keito when Karina glares to him.

                Ryuji chuckles before bring mirror to her, “Your eyes look like still in dreamland. Anyone could guess that.”

                “I thought I already cover it with makeup.” Whine Karina. She check herself on mirror before take out makeup to fix it but don’t know how where to fix it.

                “Just eat your breakfast while wait for others to arrive. Maybe that could help a bit for that.” Say Ryuji. Both of them take place before enjoy their breakfast that already serves on the table. After eating, Karina decides to take a nap while Keito need to finish his works.

                “Ohayou… Wah, both of you are early today.” Say Hikaru when notice both of them while he get into the place.

                “Yeah, our Magnet’s manager sends us today.” Reply Keito.

                “You guys still have other work after this?” ask Kota.

                Keito nods but can’t say anything as Karina suddenly shriek as Hikaru hug her that stir her sleep. Karina says, “Hikka-teeth bro, I want more sleep.”

                “No, you should wake up by now! Get ready for the day!” shout Hikaru at her ears.

                Hoshiko also arrive few minutes after that and that make Karina quickly shove him off. She greets them, “Oh, I really miss all of you!”

                Mariko show paper plane to her and asks, “It is you who send this to us?”

                “It made by me but someone else fly it to you as I have other work by that time.” Reply Karina casually.

                Harada pulls Karina to somewhere before asks, “Where have you been without inform any of us?”

                “Oh, you already forget that I’m busy with Magnet? Ryuji already try many times to contact you but it keeps engage.” Say Karina.

                Someone come towards them before says, “Kuzuryu-san, you have to get ready. You will be the first one to do make up as your clothes is the most complicated to wear.”

                “Okay.” Reply Karina before tell Harada, “I will return home today as I really miss my bed.”

                Harada sound out his worries, “Today, she will announce Rin-chan as her daughter during the press conference.”

                “Oh, that thing, I almost forget about it. Being too busy to cover when someone notice Sara with Daiki few weeks ago.” Say Karina. They want to talk more but she already needs to get ready for the shooting.


                “Good!”, “Nice!” and many good compliments flow from the cameraman’s mouth. They keep changing pose and it really great as they create atmosphere like what everyone want it.

                After everything end, they move to other venue and get ready for press conference to announce upcoming fashion show and also moment when Miwako tell anyone about her relationship with Rin. Rin can’t stay calm as she know that will happen but it seem Karina really relax and even talk about what she want to eat after work for the day end. Reika asks, “You will return home after this?”

                “Hm… I don’t know yet but I will make sure to come for our practice.” Say Karina.

                Sara asks, “How you could be so calm at time like this?”

                “I only enjoy my work.” say Karina.

                During the press conference, Miwako make speech during about her new collection and they show some of collection by walking on the runaway. After Q&A session, Miwako take mic, “I have one more thing to announce to everyone.”

                Rin, Karina and Harada know it will come the moment where Miwako announce her blood relationship with Rin and also the end of the bet. Miwako take deep breath before says, “I already make decision after deep thinking…  Hoshiko and JUMP will become permanent model for my upcoming fashion line. They will promote my company’s clothes nationwide.” That totally makes three people there almost breathless.

                Karina smirks and mumbles that only Rin hears it, “Wow, never think it will become like this! Uhu hu hu!”


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