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Star Tobbi (Chapter 14)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Bet, scandal and...

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                Harada already hear about the bet from someone from jimusho and quickly search for Karina as he wants to know more on what actually happen. He knows Karina stays at a hotel that near to studio that Magnet always uses and drive there. He knocks the
door before says, “Karina-chan, this is Harada. We need to talk now and I know you’re free right now.”

                The door being open and Harada surprise to see it is Keito. Keito says, “She’s in deep sleep right now. It seems she work really hard yesterday during our recording and falls asleep even before I finish record.”

                “Thank you so much for taking care of her. She tend to overwork when worry over something.” Say Harada.

                Keito look over his watch and says, “I should leave now as I have other work after this.”

                “Okamoto-san, thank you so much for caring about her. She really changes ever since meet you and it makes me happy to see it. Before this, she always forgets about what she wants.” Say Harada.

                Keito smiles before says, “I would do anything for her as she also the one who show things that I never seen before.” He bows before leave the room and left Harada with Karina in that room.

                Karina wakes up few minutes after Keito left and surprise to see Harada in the room. Before she could ask anything, her manager says, “I’m here to check you and Okamoto-san said you tired… put that aside. Why you make such a ridiculous bet with Rin-chan?”

                “Eh?! Where you hear about it?” ask Karina as she wakes up and ruffles her hair. She still half-awake at that moment and already hear nags from her manager.

                “When you and Rin-chan make the bet at public place, many people hear it but luckily it just people from our jimusho. You think Mr. Nagase will approve that idea? He will be super mad when he knows about it.” Say Harada.

                Karina yawn before says, “Of course he already approve it and I already manage everything just for the bet… Maa, only Yajima-san doesn’t know about it.”

                “Why you make that bet? It will cause many things around you and some of it will be the worse in your life.” scold Harada.

                “Relax, Harada-san~!” Karina sings while saying it, “…you don’t have to worry about it. If I really left Hoshiko, I already found someone to take over my place and Mariko-chan will become leader, like what she always wants.” Say Karina. She walks into bathroom to wash her face before want to discuss anything.

                Harada leaves out huge sigh, “There are limits to behave careless. You know your action will create more problem, right?”

                Karina returns back to the room, “I only want Rin-chan back to that house. It’s not time for her to continue act like that since there will be long way for Hoshiko. She can’t act cold towards the members anymore. She should at least talk easily with them as there is still long way for her to be together with them.” Say Karina. She prepares coffee for Harada and makes room service order as she feel really hungry.

                “Tell me what cause of that bet.” Demand Harada. He knows if that girl will continue acting carefree if he doesn’t stress the issue.

                “Few days ago, Yajima-san make phone call to me in order to say that she will make announcement about Rin-chan is her daughter. The bet come out because I don’t know how to tell Rin-chan nicely.” Say Karina.

                Harada really don’t know what he should say and remember something, “Okay, we will put that aside for awhile. You have meeting with Yajima Miwako tomorrow as she want to explain briefly and someone will JUMP join the meeting tomorrow.”

                “Okay, just send me the address and I will go there by myself.” Say Karina.

                “I will send you there. So, the rumor about you buy sports car is true.” Say Harada.

                Karina chuckles before says, “Actually, I bought family car as I’m more comfortable for it. It really good to drive it around.”

                “It seems only you who already get license and car while others never think any of that.” say Harada.

                “I only think about future.” Say Karina. She takes out something like an envelope, “This is what she gave me and it look like a plan about her press conference where she will announce to everyone. I will only let you to see it as you involved with this matter.”

                “So, what are you planning today? Since you have off-day today.” Harada really need to know what that girl want to do on that day. The answer he gets, “Relaxing at oni-chan’s shop as I heard he just finish his new creation.”


                Rin can’t stay calm after hear about the bet but her ego doesn’t want her to surrender. She begin imagine what will happen. She takes her handbag and goes to Nobuhiko’s cake shop. She knows she could ask him about what happen.

                “Oh, you’re here too.” Greet Nobuhiko when Rin step into the shop. Rin looks around as she knows from that guy’s words tell that Karina has been there too but then she hears, “Karina-chan just left as she suddenly feel uneasy and decide to go clinic to take examination.”

                “She must overwork herself again.” Rin makes comment as she browse over the display racks to choose which one she wants. She knows her best friend tend to overwork when her body not that strong.

                Nobuhiko pulls her to take seat and a waiter serve cake with drink for her. He says, “This is both of you favorite’s cake, strawberry cake.”

                “Yeah but Karina-chan will take mint after eat the cake. She really addicted to mint ever since kids.” Say Rin as she remembers back memories.

                “Let me tell you something about why she always adds mint or eat mint-flavored candy after eating. She always feels nausea every time she consumes something and only mint could stop it. We already go to see many doctors but we haven’t found why it happens. One day, she told me that she will be okay as long mint at her side. She doesn’t want to destroy any dream anymore.” Say Nobuhiko.

                “That’s why she always has mint in her pocket.” Say Rin. She never knows about that as she only think it is her best friend’s obsession towards mint candy.

                Nobuhiko snap her back to reality before says, “I hope you don’t mention this matter to her or she will know it is me who tell you about it.” After Nobuhiko leaves her alone, she keeps thinking about Karina even she doesn’t want to do it.


                Sara arrives at her family house and feels really happy when everyone welcomes her back with huge celebration at home. She notices something on the table and happily says, “Yi-Rin ahjuma’s bibimbap! I really miss this.”

                “When I heard that you will come back, I quickly go to market to find the ingredients for your favorite dish. How long you will stay here?” say Yi-Rin. She is Mr. Song’s younger sister that stays together with them.

                Sara replies, “I get a week-break since one of my members busy make preparation for her temporary unit’s debut.”

                “How about you? Do you get any new works?” ask Mr. Song.

                “Apart from work with Hoshiko, I don’t have other work. I’m more enjoying working with Hoshiko.” Reply Sara.

                “Your skill will be waste if you just do that.” say her cousin, Min-Ho.

                “It will never happen as we’re give freedom to pour-out our ideas for our group.” Say Sara. She begins talk about how everything starts as everyone really wants to know. No one could ever think she will manage become artist since she never think of it. She only play piano because her late mom also great pianist.

                That night, Sara decides to relax at rooftop as she suddenly gets idea for new songs. She smiles when look around her as she can’t stop herself not to nostalgic towards it. She still remember she had live there when she still little kids before her mom get offer to Japan and always watch her mom make concert with huge orchestra.

                While she still in deep thought, Mr. Song join her and asks, “What are you thinking?”

                “Appa… I just thinking about new song. I suddenly get idea while staying here.” Say Sara.

                “Do you want to know why I don’t want to let you become idol before this?” ask Mr. Song that get attention from Sara before he continues, “I always worry that I will lose you like I lose your omma. She really loves music until it leads her to death.”

                “Don’t worry about me, appa because I will stay alive for you and everyone.” Say Sara. Both of them begin talk between father and daughter for few hours.


                Reika walk around the house before realize there is no one else there. She whine, “Eh?! Why it only me in this house? They really cruel leave me alone~~!”

                She decides to do some shopping alone and make stop at a book store. She takes a gossip magazine and notice article about Yuya’s gossip. She put the magazine back to rack before choose other magazine. Somehow, her heart can’t accept what the article said but she seem confuse with her own feeling. Her mouth mutter, “What am I thinking right now?”

                She pay the price before quickly leave the store. She really surprise to bump into someone when she turn to a corner. She almost shrieks in surprise but that guy really fast cover her mouth and pull her away from that place. She hit the hand that covers her mouth to let it go. When her mouth free to talk, “What are you doing, Yuya-kun?”

                “I don’t want other people know I’m around.” Say Yuya.

                Reika neat herself a bit, “Are you avoiding paparazzi? Because of that scandal?”

                “Yeah as jimusho ask me to careful… wait a second, how you could know about that?” Yuya surprise as he know Reika rarely read gossip magazine as she’s too lazy for that.

                “I just accidentally read it while choosing magazine.” Say Reika.

                “You believe that article?” ask Yuya.

                Reika replies, “If it true, I must already hear it from you.” Yuya silent for few seconds before come out with an idea to go other place before tell everything to her. It seems he doesn’t want to hide anything from her, no matter what it is.


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