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Star Tobbi (Chapter 13)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Karina and Rin still fight and it will end with a dangerous bet?

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                It seems everything just too awkward between Karina and Rin but no one would dare to say anything as that guitar girl still stays outside while Hoshiko leader busy with upcoming events. Karina decides to steal some times to watch JUMP’s concert alone to clear up her mind. She’s just lucky that no one realize her as she wear something that totally different from her usual style or it should be said as something that Keito want to see her wear it and sit at VIP seat.

                “We’re really happy to meet all of you today and hope all of you enjoy our show.” Shout Ryosuke. She really surprise when her eyes meet with Keito’s eyes and he winks to her. She knows about he could guess the seat as it was him that prepare for her. no one realize it as he uses reason that she’s there to learn about the concert and also preparation as Johnny already said that she will join those kind of concert to promote Magnet.

                Even the concert full with colors and smiles, she still worries about Rin as she never talks with anyone even during meetings. She doesn’t realize Keito notice it and make some plan with JUMP. They come out for encore and Keito says, “Thank you so much for coming here as we could share our happiness with everyone here. Let’s not forget everyone around and face the day like with your cheerful attitude. Even when you has big fight with your friends; remember that your friend can’t be replacing easily and treasure them with all your might.”

                Karina could think those words is for her as Keito keep looking to her. She knows she could ask about it when she meets him at backstage. She waits for awhile before go to meet him as afraid fans would realize it.  Keito really happy when see her but when remember there are some people around. Karina says, “I think you don’t have any energy to think about Magnet by now, right?”

                “I already get energy back because you’re here. We will make sure our single is the best.” Say Keito in high tension.

                Karina chuckles to cover her blush, “I know but how about you wear your clothes properly?” she quickly look to other direction.

                Keito confuse on what happen until Hikaru appear and he quickly covers Karina’s eyes with his hands, “Your fly is open and I won’t let you to use it to flirt with my sister. She still innocent and I will make sure no one would ruin her innocent.”

                Keito quickly take a look at his pants before cover himself. Hikaru says, “I will make sure Keito won’t take any advantage on you as you’re my lovely sister. Yama-chan, Chinen, bring that pervert Keito away from my imotou-chan.”

                It takes awhile before Karina and Keito could leave the venue as they want to begin practice at a studio. It only left few days before they begin recording for the songs. Both of them ride on cab to leave the place and make sure no one realize it.


                “You’re the one who steal away my dream and don’t ever think you could fix it back!” shout Mariko with anger.

                “Nagase-san, I think you should soft a bit that voice as it also contains pain.” Say the director. Mariko could only nod before say it once more. She knows she can’t throw tantrum at that moment and only listen to what director tells her. It already a week since they begin practice for the stage play and Mariko work really hard for it.

                After the practice end, she changes her clothes in casual outfits and makes stop at a café to fill her stomach. She takes seat to take her sweet time while re-read her script back to make revision. She really want to make her stage play debut is a success as it is chance for her to show everyone that she could do it.

                “Wah, you really focus on that script ne~~!” a voice interrupt her focus on it and surprise to see huge smile with fangs. Mariko really surprise to see it is Hikaru and asks, “Why you’re here?” she tries her best not to sound like too surprise or will attract attention from people around them.

                “I’m also like you who want to relax here. I already hear about that from your members.” Say Hikaru.

                “You really great to know about that.” Say Mariko while take a bite from her meal.

                Hikaru happily says, “I’m sure everyone actually happy as one of them will do something different what they used to do.”

                “I still couldn’t believe that I could do this even after I failed my first audition.” Say Mariko.

                “That show you are really great person.” Say Hikaru.

                Mariko stir her drink using the spoon while mutter, “It really hard to believe that I get this chance because Karina knows about it. I bet it was her who chooses me for the role that I get.”

                “Why don’t you just believe what you have? Even if it is true that brat help you, just remember it happen because of your talent.” Say Hikaru. He knows Karina is not person that choose something because it related to her. He senses awkward atmosphere before make suggestion, “How about I send you back later? It would be safer for you.”


                Reika arrive home after shopping for clothes that she would wear for GoDream’s debut event but end up buy too much. She looks around before realize no one else at home. She notice a note that paste on the refrigerator, ‘I will not be at home for awhile because I need to manage something but for sure, I will attend GoDream’s event.-Karina’

                She begins curious on what happen as she knows that Hoshiko’s leader is not person that will leave with only a note. Usually, she will tell everyone few days before she leaves the house and almost make everyone annoy with it. While she still thinking about what happen, someone greets her, “What are you thinking?”

                She almost fall to the ground when see Sara’s face really close with her. She says, “I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m straight.”

                “What are you talking? I’m just asking you because you didn’t response to my ‘Okaeri’. It feels weird when it happens.” Say Sara.

                Reika clear her throat before says, “Karina-chan left this note that saying she will not be around for awhile. It never happens before.”

                “If like that, I could understand that, she always annoy us before disappear.” Say Sara.

                “Maybe she just need to take breathe for awhile as she work really hard than before. She really need to rest as I heard she also get job as unit of two with Okamoto-san. It must be really hard for her as she never sing like Mariko-chan.” Say Reika.

                “I still remember her when we still trainee. She’s known as girl that always avoid task that being assigned for her.” say Sara.


                “Kuzuryu Karina, I want to hear your singing.” Say the vocal instructor.

                Everyone looks towards the girl who seem will fall asleep anytime but that girl suddenly stand and says, “I’m not in good condition to sing and I would never sing.”

                “If you don’t want to sing, leave this lesson and never think I would accept you again after this even you plead to me.” Say the vocal instructor and Karina just stand up before leave the room with lazy yawn. When the door closes, they hear, “Hey! Let’s hang out as I’m out from here.”

                The vocal instructor complaint, “She won’t suit as idol with that attitude. If any of you behave like her, you guys will face the same fate.”

                Everyone surprise when Karina acts like nothing happen when they meet her after that and never ask anything about the vocal lesson. Even the news that she becomes leader for new idol’s group really gives shock to everyone. Only those in Hoshiko knows the true nature of Karina after been together awhile.

End of flashback~~

                “Let’s confident with her.” say Sara. Reika could only agree with it even she gets bad feeling about it.


                GoDream make their last practice when Mimi notices someone watch them from far and says, “Karina-senpai, you’re here!”

                “Yeah, I just want to check on you girls as tomorrow will be the day. I also bring dinner for all of you as I’m sure none of you don’t remember about dinner right now.” Say Karina as she lift up a big bento box.

                Satomi says, “Wah, you’re totally like a mom.”

                “Maa… It just we also face same things during we were getting ready for our debut event. Better take your dinner before continue practice. I’m sure no one would want any of you collapse a day before debut event.” Say Karina.

                They take their dinner while having a conversation. Fukuyo asks, “Is everything already okay between you and Rin-senpai?”

                “Everything will be fine. I’m just giving time for her to cool down as I know what happen is something that really important for her.” say Karina.

                “You’re really strong as you could handle things like these.”  Say Satomi.

                “Actually…” Karina put down chopsticks, “…I really scared if Rin-chan would hate me forever. We already know each other longer than anyone else. What I should tell her grandmother’s spirit if she ask me why I’m not in good term with Rin-chan anymore?”

                “You worry about that?” ask Eri as it totally out from the topic already before cause laughter for all of them. Suddenly, someone run into the rooms with tense face expression that make everyone wonder what happen.


                Hoshiko’s member gather at a place before go to GoDream’s debut event but Karina doesn’t join them even when they arrive there. They can’t ask anyone as it will reveal their disguise on that time. Mariko focus on the event without want to say anything, Sara and Reika talk to each other while the event and Rin seem worry over something as she keep looking around the venue.

                When the event end, they decide to visit GoDream and surprise to see Karina already there… while wearing vest that write ‘Media’. She even holds a camera with cameraman style and says, “All of you really late!”

                “Eh?! You dress as media?” ask Reika.

                “Yeah… one of cameraman for our jimusho can’t come and I volunteer myself as I always want to do that.” say Karina. She put the camera on the table before flop on the couch to relax herself.

                “That’s why you can’t join us.” Say Sara.

                “Yeah, and it really fun to do it. I even exchange opinion with other media people. I get various information from it.” Say Karina.

                After awhile, Sara excuses herself as she has flight that need to be catch but Karina stops her and give a bag to her, “Give this your family and say it from Hoshiko.”

                “Kamsahamida, Karina-chan.” Say Sara before leave the place. Reika and Sara also excuses themselves as Harada already bring the car and left Rin with Karina in the room.

                Karina asks, “So, when you’re going back to our house?”

                “Why I have to return there when there is possibility of other secrets that you hide from me?” ask Rin back in cold tone.

                Karina leaves out huge sigh, “I know you still mad about what happen and at same time, worry if Yajima-san suddenly make press conference telling that you’re her daughter.”

                Somehow, it hit straight to Rin’s guts as that the only thing she worries at that moment. She look towards Karina’s eyes that has hint of serious before says, “So, you’re saying by going back home will not let that woman reveal that matter? That’s absurd!”

                “It depend on you but I already what I could do. Let’s make bet for it; if Yajima Miwako reveal to everyone that you’re her daughter, I will quit for Hoshiko and Ace Entertainment plus I will retire from this business, and if she doesn’t say anything about reveal who are you, you have to return home.” Say Karina.

                Rin flinches as she knows that Hoshiko leader love and care their group more than anything and that bet will make her lose everything before think it just bluff, “I bet there will be someone that scout you into this business back when you retire.”

                “If that really happens, I will decline those offers. Maybe I will move back to Okinawa and help my grandparent there.” Say Karina. Even it heard like she only make it up, Rin already imagine everything will happen; Karina will have to let go everything and begin her life as normal people.

                Rin thinks for awhile before says, “Okay, I will accept the bet.”

                “Good! Now, I have to leave as I have another discussion for Magnet. We already finish the songs and will go for recording soon.” Say Karina happily before leaves the room with skip. Rin begins worry about it as she notices Karina ‘1-second smirk’ while leaving the room that always lead to something that seem give bad meaning that no one would ever predict.


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