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Star Tobbi (Chapter 12)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Karina and Rin still in big fight but will things get better soon?

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                Rin leave the inn early today without taking breakfast as they have to monitor rehearsal of GoDream as those girls under her group. She takes taxi as Harada couldn’t come to get her or it should be said she doesn’t tell anyone where she’s stay. She still thinks about Adam’s words during her visit to the pet shop few days ago but it seem nothing come to her mind.

                “Miss, we already arrive.” Say the taxi driver. She just pays the money and step-out without want to say anything. GoDream’s debut event will be held at same hall where Hoshiko debut few years ago.

                She walks inside and sees the girls practice on stage while Hoshiko watch them from audience seat… well; except for Karina as she in deep sleep with jacket cover her head. She gets near them and those girls bow to her. She bluntly says, “Just continue your rehearsal without care of me.”

                “Oh… okay.” Say Eri before continue. Rin take seat a bit far from others and watch it blankly. It seem no one ever care to greet her or it just they still scared after what happen. Everyone try really hard not to get nerve on Rin.

                Karina only wakes up when the rehearsal finishes and asks, “It already end?”

                “Yeah, you should watch it.” Say Reika.

                Satomi quickly interrupt them, “Karina-senpai already watches us yesterday.”

                “But you told us that you’re busy with work for Magnet.” Say Sara.

                Karina says while yawning, “It seems Keito-kun finish work late and I decide to make stop to watch them before we meet. Never think it will end at 6am as we think it still 11pm.”

                “Eh?! 6am? It’s that mean both of you don’t get any sleep?” Sara surprise to hear it. They never think Karina is coming back home late since they move to that hall together from the house. They never know their leader actually not at home last night.

                “I think only me since Keito have free time right now.” Say Karina.

                “You better get rest after this.” Say Sara but Harada cuts them, “I’m sorry girls but she still has other work after this.”

                “Yeah and I still have another work. We need to discuss with composer for our song. We don’t have much time for it.” Say Karina with tired tone. She think she need coffee but when remember how she fall back to sleep, she decide to put that idea behind.

                Rin want to give idea about how to overcome to sleep as she always the one who helps Karina but her ego somehow doesn’t let her to do it. She only watches them without saying anything. She could see Hoshiko’s leader begin make weird action just to make herself awake.

                Mr. Nagase claps his hands when the rehearsal end before make comment, “Just keep up that confident and everything would be fine for your debut event. Hoshiko, remember that you girls also need to be here but not for performing, okay?”

                “We know and we even plan to wear disguise just make sure no one come here because of us.” Say Mariko. She returns back to reading her script as she already being choose as lead actress but it seem she gets harsh critic from two important people that require her to make more practice for it.

                “But don’t you think is they know Hoshiko come here, it would make the hall full with people?” say Fukuyo as they worry if no one come.

                Karina caught that worried feeling from GoDream’s member and suddenly straight up herself, “I know this may sound cruel but never use other people to get what you dream. It’s okay if there only us and media without anyone else in this hall but if you leave great impression, media will sure tell everyone else that make them curious to know who are you. It better like that because it will last longer.”

                Everyone surprise to hear those words as it doesn’t sound that she’s half-awake but then, everyone practically fall as Karina return back to her sleep and mumble something audible. They decide to discuss about where they could make improvement for the event. Rin just leave the place when everything end but could hear Karina says something to her, “I hope you didn’t forget that we have one more discussion with Yajima Miwako before begin our real shoot soon.”

                Rin doesn’t say anything and just leave the place. They really hope Karina could do something to bring back Rin to the house but it seems that girl carefree only ignore her best friend. They could only see her stands up and makes some stretching to avoid tiredness attack her back.


                Reika really worry about what happen within Hoshiko and decide to ask Mr. Nagase something, “Is this okay just to ignore what happen?”

                “I know something like this would be happening to you girls but just believed with your leader. I’m sure she actually already has her own plan. Just believe her and maybe get ready if she asks help on anything. She still the same even already become Hoshiko.” Say Mr. Nagase.

                “None of us know what we should do as this is first time Karina-chan fights with Rin-chan. I feel really worry as this happen when we almost release new songs. I afraid fans will know about us and begin hate us.” Say Reika.

                “True fans will support you girls no matter what you girls want to do.” Reply Mr. Nagase. He leaves everyone at that hall and decides to check Karina with her progress with Keito. He happily greet, “How’s both of you are doing?”

                “We’re just fine but we can’t finalize what kind of theme for our debut single. Both of us come out with different theme.” Say Karina while fix her ponytail.

                “At least, we already okay with the songs.” Say Keito. Karina want to make simple PV from their debut single but Keito seem want to use something like what they did on Okinawa’s live which will require for Karina to wear feminine clothes that she rarely wear for performance.

                “Karina-chan, this is the time for you to do something different for your fans.” Say Mr. Nagase as he pats gently Karina’s head and it look like a father try to conform his daughter.

                The composer says, “It totally looks like family in my eyes. No wonder Hoshiko really popular.”

                “I care each of them like my own children since my real children ignore me. This is the only way to make sure my feeling as daddy still there.” Say Mr. Nagase.

                Karina slightly blush before says, “I never feel that I don’t have family because he always there to support everyone.”

                “If you think I’m like your own papa, how about you left the concept to the management as they will come out with something.” Say Mr. Nagase that make Karina defeat with it and just surrender.

                “That’s only for today. We will inform both of you when the songs ready for recording.” Say the composer before leave the room and Karina put her head on the table. It seem she already reach her limit after tired month.

                Mr. Nagase sigh, “Make sure you take full-rest tomorrow since you don’t have any job. We don’t want you to get into the hospital again after this.”

                “Listen to your papa’s words.” Mock Keito with sly smirk on his face. Karina puffs her cheeks before stands up.

                Mr. Nagase looks at his watch, “Ah! I have something to do after and make sure you return home after this. Okamoto-san, could you help me to send this sly girl back to her house?”

                “Sly girl?” Karina surprise with that statement but can’t response as Mr. Nagase already leave the room. Both of them just get ready to leave the place and walk to the train station. No one recognize Karina with Keito as she wears something like a boy as she hides her long hair with her hat.

                “Eh?! Is that HSJ’s Okamoto Keito? Who is he walking with?”

                “Maybe his friend as he mentions that he always goes out with them when he gets free time.”

                “But it seems his friend kind of feminine guy. It makes you think he is a girl.”

                Karina smiles to hear it as no one would think she is a girl as she always talk using boys term when go out with Keito or other guys. Keito notice her smile and asks, “Why you’re smiling?”

                “Nothing, I just listening to interesting conversation and people recognize who you are.” Say Karina.

                “Of course since I don’t disguise myself like you. Are you afraid public will know about our relationship?” ask Keito even he already know the answer. It not about want to protect their reputation but to make sure they could focus on their works without interference from their private life.


                Sara really happy as she will go to visit her family soon and keep making countdown the day. She plans to be there after GoDream’s debut event as they will have 3 days off. She knows it not time to celebrate it while they in big crisis but Hoshiko’s leader already says not to worry about it that make her off-guard about it.

                Mr. Song make phone call to her, “Are you sure that you really off on those days? I don’t want you to skip work just to return here.”

                “Appa, everything already had been taken care. I actually plan to go only for a day but they make me go there for 3 days. I really happy as we rarely get off-day like that.” say Sara.

                “It’s okay if you say like that since everyone really miss and want to meet you again. They never think that crybaby would grow up to become popular idol.” Say Mr. Song.

                “I’m not popular, it is Hoshiko that popular.” Say Sara as she really flutters to accept the compliment.

                Mr. Song chuckles before says, “But it won’t be same if you’re not there. I’m sure your mom will proud to see you happy.”

                Sara gasps to hear that but manage to says, “Of course since I inherit her strong will. I want to show everyone who is me.”

                “It’s good to know it. Take care of yourself as I’m sure you don’t want you vacation need to be cancel because feel sick.” Say Mr. Song before end the call as he has meeting to attend after that.


                Rin makes stop at her old orphanage house and remember about her old memories when she was little girl.


                “Minna, this is Nobuhiko and Karina. Hope all of you will be good friend with them.” It become the first day for Rin to meet that siblings. The brother gives gentle smile to everyone while the sister doesn’t give any expression and only hold tight a book to her chest.

                Nobuhiko quickly become friendly with everyone there but not for his sister. Karina only stays at a corner to finish her reading. Rin could see that girl’s face light up with just words in the book. She grab her teddy bear before greet, “Konichiwa, Karina-chan. It seems you really like to read book.”

                “This book was owned by my dad before he died. He always loves to read book no matter where we go. I want to bring more of it but my grandparent told me that they will send another book when I finish read this.” say Karina without change her focus.

                Rin doesn’t know why but she feels really curious about that new girl. She always stays beside her and gradually become best friend. One day, Karina search for something around the building while Rin only follow her as she doesn’t say anything. Karina happily says, “Found it!”

                Rin notice that girl holds a necklace that seems familiar to her. She hears Karina says, “This is Ame-san’s necklace. She seems unfocused ever since she lost this necklace.”

                “How you could know Ame-san lost her necklace? So far, I rarely see she wear any necklace.” Say Rin. Ame is one of caretaker that works at orphanage that they stay.

                Karina says, “I notice her eyes always wander around the place while taking care of us. Then, I remember she always keeps her necklace inside her apron pocket and sometimes touch it.”

                Both of them go to meet Ame and Karina gives the necklace, “This is your necklace right?”

                “Arigatou, I have been looking for this. How you could found it?” Ame really surprise with it.

                “I always see a glimpse of your necklace from your apron but not for past few days. I remember you fall on ground and found it as I think it drop there.” Say Karina.

                Ame surprise before says, “Wah, I never think you will think like that. Thank you so much.” That day is become the first day where Rin could see Karina’s smile and promise to do whatever to make sure that stay on her best friend’s face.

End of flashback~~

                She only stops for awhile before quickly leave the place as people begin recognize her. She walks but suddenly bumps into someone and it is Ryosuke. He casually says, “Ah, you’re here! You really fast to move from that hall to this place.”

                “How you could know about it?” ask Rin coldly but Ryosuke only reply, “I have my own source and I even know you in bad term with Karina.”

                “Don’t say her name like she is your best friend.” Warn Rin.

                Ryosuke cross his arms, “At least, I’m not pulling any face with her, we just in normal. Hey, everyone will fight with their friends including us in JUMP. Don’t you know I had big fight with Keito before this?”

                “That’s in different matter. Mine is big issue and it cause by her.” Say Rin.

                “Big or small, serious or casual, she’s still your best friend. Your friendship longer than us and you should understand why she causes it. I have idea, how about you think in her shoes for awhile? That’s would be interesting.” Say Ryosuke while both of them walk.

                “I will do it with my own way.” Say Rin before walk ahead from him while Ryosuke’s mouth form smile. It show he somehow amuse with that girl without fully understand why. Even she doesn’t say anything, Ryosuke still send her until they arrive at train station before that girl disappear in crowds of people.

Hi, Thanks for read even you're silent reader ^^

I know this sound weird but I need some ideas.

I want to make poster but I don't have idea which girl to use. If you guys have any idea, tell me but please not girls from Scandal as they will come as cameo soon. Jane~~!!


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