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Star Tobbi (Chapter 10)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

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                It just normal day for Hoshiko to relax at home; Reika and Sara at kitchen to prepare something, Rin watching show on TV, Mariko read fashion magazine, and Karina lay on stomach on the floor while sleep face as the wind blow gently to her. Harada already ask them to gather as he wants to announce something to them.

                “We prepare cookies for everyone. Enjoy yourself.” Say Sara as she serves on the coffee table. They surprise to see Karina still asleep as they know she will wake up when smell something delicious but right now, she still in slumber.

                “What she did last few days? I notice she seem restless.” Say Sara to Rin but that girl doesn’t respond anything. No one figure out what their leader did for few days ago and what they know, Karina seem really tired and keep yawning when they have meeting for works.

                Harada happily appear and says, “Morning to all of you! It seems all of you look fine! It’s good to see all of you in good spirit today!”

                “It only you who in good spirit right now.” Mock Mariko without change her focus from the magazine.

                Harada trip over Karina’s body that makes her awake and scold, “Why make you so happy today? I want to sleep more.”

                “Wake up as I want to tell something to all of you.” Harada waits until Karina awake and take her seat that more to leans at the couch, “All of you will join the latest collection of Hope Fashion with Hey! Say! JUMP. Tomorrow will be meeting and take measurement for all of you. The car will arrive at 7.”

                After Harada finishes talk, Karina lay back and return to her sleep like nothing happen. Harada jaw-drop to see Karina’s attitude that brings laughter to others except Mariko who only smirk. He accidentally says, “Ah, she shouldn’t work too hard for that.”

                “What do you mean by that?” ask Rin who curious but Harada only ignore and quickly leave the house. They begin create many imagination about what Karina do behind their knowledge.

                Mariko really happy to hear it and says, “Wah, I always dream to model clothes that design by Yajima Miwako. Her designs really suit for people at our age.”

                “Mariko-chan, you really sound like old people.” Joke Reika. They surprise when Karina suddenly wake up and run out from the house but then Rin make guess that girl maybe want to meet Harada to re-confirm the schedule.


                Karina almost loses sight of Harada but luckily manage to catch him. She asks, “Why that company suddenly want to use Hoshiko and JUMP as model? She already has her own models.”

                “I don’t know as it so sudden. All of you will have meeting them her soon.” Say Harada. Before he continue his journey, he says, “You don’t work too hard as you just recover from sickness. I know you want to make sure that new group is a success but don’t torture your body.”


                That night, like usual, Rin decide to spend her in Karina’s room. She gets into the room without knock and notices her best friend already get into world of book. Several books open around that girl while Karina seems busy note down something. She decides to take one of plushie inside the room and want to surprise her but Karina says, “If you want to surprise me with that thing, just forget it as I already you get into my room, Rin-chan.”

                “Mou~!! How you could know it is me?” whine Rin.

                Karina doesn’t change her focus, “I know it is you as only you will get into my room without knock. Others will knock and asks if I’m busy or not before I let them in.”

                “Okay, okay, you’re really great. What are you doing, Karina-chan? You seem really busy with those books.” Rin actually really hope that girl get rest but it seem impossible to ask her to do that.

                Karina looks to her notebook and says, “It’s nothing. I just find some ideas to give training for those new girls. I just get phone call from Mr. Nagase that ask me to create any suitable name for them but my head totally out of idea right now. Hey! You should get rest as tomorrow there will be meeting. Why you still up?”

                “I can’t sleep and you should go to sleep too.” Say Rin.

                “I will go to sleep as soon I finish this.” Say Karina. She wants to tell Rin about her meeting with Miwako but afraid if weird things would happen and decide to keep it as secret.

                Rin spend time in that room for several hours and give help to choose suitable name. Even after Rin leaves the room, Karina couldn’t go to sleep as she worries about what happen and get bad dream from that. She mutters, “Ah, this will go in bad way for sure.”


                They go for the meeting but for some reason, Karina keeps yawning while on the way. Harada asks, “Do you get sleep last night? Your eyes look really tired.”

                “I can’t sleep last night because of nightmare. I wonder why it keep chasing me and make me reading books all night. It seems I will have to cover it with makeup again today.” Say Karina. She can’t tell them that she worries what will happen when Miwako meet Rin that makes lack of sleep.

                As soon they arrive, Karina excuses herself to bathroom to do some makeup as it won’t be covered by her glasses. After that, she gets into meeting room and could see JUMP and Hoshiko take seats with random arrangement. Karina takes seat beside Keito and says, “Ohayou~! And thanks for the great song. I really love it.”

                “You should thank your best friend and it seems you look really sleepy. Want to get some sleep?” say Keito as he could see tiredness in Karina’s eyes.

                “But the meeting will start soon. I can’t get asleep.” Say Karina.

                A worker get into the room and says, “I’m sorry for informing this but president will meet all of you a bit late today as she has meeting with worker in material department.”

                Keito whisper, “Ha, that’s good since you could get some sleep.” Karina can’t say anything as she too sleepy to give respond and slowly fall asleep where no one ever cares about it.

                That meeting end peacefully as Miwako can’t join them and only her assistance come to explain everything. 14 of them will join the runaway and also photo shooting for Hope Fashion new fashion line that will concern about attire that will suit anyone who want to be themselves and challenge themselves.


                After that, Keito and Karina being called to Johnny’s Jimusho that make them ride other car from everyone else. Karina asks, “Why I have to go there? I’m under Ace Entertainment not your jimusho.”

                “Stop whining like little girl. We have to go there because Johnny-san suddenly want to meet us.” Say Keito.

                Karina remembers something and whisper, “Does he knows about our relationship?”

                “I don’t think so as no one else knows about it except us and we never go out for date. That day drive is not count as date because Walker-san also there with us.” Say Keito. Karina really worries if anything will happen to their relationship as it is her first love.

                As they arrive there, they go straight to meet Johnny and he informs the couple, “I want You-tachi to debut as temporary unit!”

                They surprise and Keito says, “Why so sudden? But she belongs under different jimusho.”

                “I already discuss with her boss and agree to debut under JE. I already deal with composer for your songs.” Say Johnny. A guy gets into the room, “This is Ryuji, your manager and your unit name is ‘Magnet’.”

                Karina and Keito don’t get chance to ask more about it as Johnny already excuse himself to see other practices. Ryuji seems could understand question from them and says, “It seem your performance together during at Okinawa get huge support and many ask if there any further activity.”

                “Wah, I will get bash from your fans after this.” Complaint Karina as she leans to the chair, like tries to sink herself deeper.

                “Same goes to me. I heard your fans super protective over you.” Say Keito. Karina pouts her face that makes Keito chuckles before pinch lightly her face.

                Ryuji realize something when watch both of them, “It seem both of you more than as friends…” the couple’s faces turn dark, “…I won’t interference your private matter but please careful with it as both of you are famous idols.”

                “We will be careful but you don’t have to worry as we don’t have time to meet and only exchange mail.” Say Keito.


                “Magnet… why that should be our unit name? It may hint to other people about us… or he actually already knows about it.” Say Karina while she rest on her bed. She arrives home but no sign of other girls there and makes she thinks they just tired for the day.

                She rolls on the bed but forget to notice the end of the bed and fall of from it. She feel really tired on that day and fall asleep few minutes after that. it’s been a long time she doesn’t get enough rest when she return back to work that make her sleep soundly without care of anything.

                When she wakes up, the clock show that it already midnight but her stomach growling that makes her wake up from bed. She walks to kitchen to prepare meal for herself. She mumbles, “Ah~!! I need to fix back my biology clock or it will cause problem again.”

                “Oh! You’re awake! We really worry when you didn’t join us for dinner but then, Rin-chan said that you’re still sleeping.” Say Reika.

                “Yeah, it seems my body really tired. I never think I will sleep this long.” Say Karina. She seems prepare sandwich with hot tea for herself. She offer to prepare meal for Reika but that girl said she already full.

                Karina take a bit from her sandwich before asks, “Reika-chan, if I suddenly get offer to form unit with other people, do you think I should accept it?”

                “Just accept it and think this as your opportunity to try something new…” Reika seem know what happen ad says, “…We already know about you join new unit with Okamoto-san. Satomi-chan accidentally hears it when she wants to knock your door and she asks Mr. Nagase where he tells everything. We know you will worry about our reaction, right?”

                “Yeah, especially Mariko-chan as this unit will require me to sing. I’m sure she will go insane when know it.” Say Karina. She doesn’t mad because she knows Mr. Nagase already know that she will have problem to explain it to them.

                “Maa… she a bit lose control but we manage to calm her down. Harada-san told us that he will do his best to find any job for Mariko-chan to distract her.” say Reika. She chuckles before says, “You always worry about us even it is your chance to shine.”

                “If I get chance, I don’t want to shine. I want to make all of you shine before my eyes.” Say Karina as she finishes her meal and washes everything at sink.

                “That’s make why you always busy behind the scene. It really popular among trainees and staff that you always work in the dark.” Say Reika. She decide to use the chance to ask, “But why you choose to debut with Hoshiko?”

                Karina dries her hands using towel and says, “At the beginning, I don’t want to debut as Hoshiko since I already happy to do work behind the scene but Mr. Nagase insists me to try it that make me said that I will only stay a year. After I begin work with all of you, I feel happy as I learn new things and decide to stay as Hoshiko’s member. I may accept it as I worry about Rin-chan but gradually, I worry about all of you and my aim to make each of Hoshiko shine.”

                Reika really amazes to hear it and says, “Wah, I never know you would think like that.”

                “Ne… what kind of work that you want to do? I could find any opportunity for you. Just tell me what kind of work you want.” Say Karina.

                Reika want to ask how she could do that but a phone call distracts them. Karina answer the phone call, “Yes, Karina de-su… I know it is you, that’s why I greet like that… really?!... Sankyu na. Never think you could do it… of course I believe you but I just don’t want you to use your power as script writer to make place for it... okay, okay, I will tell you when it already decide… ja… let’s meet at campus’s café next week… eh?! Why it have to be my treat? I already pay for you previous meet… Yatta, you’re the best.”

                Karina keeps her phone inside her pocket and asks back the question to Reika. She says, “I don’t know what I want as I only want to play drum. What with that phone call?”

                “Oh, it is my friend from college. He told me about new audition for new stage play and manages to get a place for me.” Say Karina.

                “EH?! You will join stage play?” ask Reika.

                Karina shakes her head, “Of course not for me. I will choose anyone that I think suitable from our jimusho to go to the audition but it can’t sure that person will pass. I only ask them to prepare place as I want to give chance for them.”

                “How you could get chance like that?” ask Reika but Karina only smiles.


                The day where that Karina really scared is here; the day for them to fit the clothes for photo shoot. She tries to distract herself by talking to Mariko. She hands-in a file and says, “I get place for you for upcoming stage play. If you interested, tell me or I will find other person to fill the space.”

                “Of course I will join it. This is my chance.” Say Mariko. She takes the file and read it at a corner.

                Since both male and female being separate from each other, they can’t really interact. Suddenly, Miwako get into the room and notice Rin already wear one of her design. That makes her happy until pull Rin into hug, “Wah! It looks really suitable for you! As expected from my daughter!”

                “Your daughter?” everyone surprise to hear it except Harada and Karina. Rin clutches her fist tightly, it happen when she found something that she really hate and can’t run away from it. She shoves Miwako away and punch nearby mirror, “Shut up!”


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