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Star Tobbi (Chapter 9)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter4/Chapter5/Chapter 6/Chapter 7/Chapter 8

                Rin together with Nobuhiko in same car goes to Nakajima Household. They want to fetch Karina as a-month period for her to rest already end. Reika and Sara want to join them too but something happens that make only Rin free to follow Nobuhiko. She says, “I wonder how she’s doing since your aunt never let me to see her at all.”

                “That’s typical of her when you say that someone needs rest that give means no phone or any gadget.” Say Nobuhiko.

                They arrive there and notice no one at the front garden that makes both of them wonder where others are. They bump with Kento goes to the front to take something from the car and notice them, “Ah, both of you already here. Mama decides to make BBQ at back garden as she heard Karina-chan will be super busy after this.”

                “Yatta! Rin-chan and Oni-chan already here.  Hurry up since aunt alredy prepare many things for us.” Karina notices both of them and pulls their hands. Rin seem surprise to see some of JUMP also there with members of Sexy Zone.

                “Nobu-chan, Rin-chan, take your food before everything gone. We have several gluttons here today.” Say Karina.

                Ryosuke suddenly appear, “Who did you call glutton?”

                “I don’t think I mention any name but it seem you admit it by yourself.” Say Karina with smirk.

                Rin grabs Karina’s hand and says, “You know we can’t be here too long. We still have practice for upcoming TV show.”

                “I know because I already know our schedule for the whole month yesterday and I promise you that we will go there as soon we finish eat here. Aunt already work hard just for this day.” Plead Karina. Rin could only surrender as she knows her best friend only want to spend last moment of relax before they get busy.


                “EH?! I thought you would stay here until night.” Whine her aunt when Karina needs to excuse herself.

                “Gomen, I really want to do that but we have work tomorrow and need to practice by tonight. I already behind others.” Say Karina. She pats Nobuhiko’s shoulder, “Oni-chan will be here until night and ready to help you with whatever you want.”

                “Where are both of you want to go?” ask Keito.

                “We need to return our house first before go to studio. Harada-san will waiting for us at home. So, we will take taxi to home.” Reply Karina while Rin only focus on her phone.

                Keito take deep breath before give offer, “How about I send both of you? It would be safer than waiting for taxi.”

                Rin want to decline it but when think both of them need to arrive safe and fast, she only wait for Karina’s response. Karina take a look at her best friend before says, “That’s a good idea.”

                Keito helps the girls to bring the luggage into the car before take his seat and drive. Karina says, “Wah, I also want to drive by myself like you but no one ever allow me to drive.”

                “You almost get involve with accident before this and we only want the best for you. Your driving style is same with car racer at circuit.” Scold Rin before she drift into her own world with the phone.

                “Wah, I never think you would drive like that but you better don’t drive as I don’t want anything ruin your beauty.” Say Keito that makes Rin says, “Euww!! Gross!” those words make Karina’s face turn to red and she cough before change her attention towards the window.

                When arrive at home, Keito whisper something to Karina while Rin helps her to bring in her things with help of Harada. Karina gives her phone to Keito and let him do something on it before kiss her cheek and leave the place. Harada come out from the house with others and says, “We should get moving right now or you won’t have enough time to practice, Karina-chan.”


                Karina decides to stay for awhile at studio while other people already leave to get enough rest. She knows it dangerous for her to stay alone but she really needs to practice and maybe make some changes for upcoming work. She put her bass aside and plays a song from her phone. It is Keito who give her that song and it compose by Rin; the song really gives calmness for her and it give spirit to finish everything fast.

                “Yes! It done.” Karina check time at clock, “Ah, it already late.”

                She makes sure everything lock before step out from the building. She notices familiar lady in idle of arguing with the guard to let her meet someone. She tries to hear the conversation, “Please, just let me see my daughter. Rin Walker is my daughter.”

                “Everyone would say the same things just meet idols but that won’t let me to allow you as everyone know Rin Walker is orphan.”

                “No, she is my daughter!”

                Karina gets near to them and signals the guard to let her to handle it. She politely says, “Hi, I’m Hoshiko’s Kuzuryu Karina. Can I know what kind of business that you have with my member?”

                “I only want to meet my daughter. I already ask Mitsu-chan (Harada) but he never allows me to meet her.” say the lady. Karina come out with an idea for both of them go to nearby café as she doesn’t want to attract any attention from public.

                Karina makes order for herself and the lady and only talk when order arrives, “I hope you already know that Rin-chan would never want to meet you.”

                “I only want to tell her that I’m sorry to make her think that I’m dead.” Say the lady.

                Karina try her best to hold up her anger at that moment, “You know how hurt Rin-chan when know you still alive? She begin think who actually with her dad during that accident.”

                “I only want to tell her that the woman who with her dad during that accident is wife of her dad. Both of us had affair that make her born but I can’t take care of her. I have my own life and reputation that I need to take care.” Say the lady.
It take a while before Karina notice who is it, Yajima Miwako who known as genius fashion designer that really famous with unique design. She really mysterious as she only shows her works without want to show her face but Karina knows about it when she read indie magazine about it. She asks, “You rather think of your reputation than your relationship with your own blood and flesh? If you think like that, it is better you just forget about her. She works really hard to overcome everything to get what she has today.”

                “Karina-chan, you’re Rin’s best friend?” ask Miwako but no answer from Karina that make her continue, “I hope you would pursue her to meet me again.”

                “I won’t let you meet her again. We already grown up together at orphanage and it make me know that she won’t meet you. Since I already met you and know a bit about you, I give this piece of advice to you; leave her alone and never disturb any of us if not because of business anymore.” Say Karina as she stands up to bow before leave the place.

                She surprise to see familiar car waiting there and Harada get off from the car to open the door for her. While on the way, he asks what happen and Karina replies, “I asked her not to disturb Rin-chan unless it about business with Hoshiko.”

                “Where you could get those confident to say it?” ask Harada that impress with the girl’s attitude.

                Karina leans on the seat and says, “I only want to protect Hoshiko. Who know if Rin-chan may do weird things and I want to avoid it happen.”

                Harada focus on road, “You always think about Hoshiko and I hope you ready to return to TV show as tomorrow Hoshiko will join segment that will show about theme park. Are you ready for it?”

                “As long it involve thrill, I’m always ready to rock on.” Say Karina.


                MC Hana happily announces, “Today, we have uprising girl’s band with us to promote this newly-open theme park. It also returns for one of them who rest for a month. Welcome, Hoshiko.”

                Hoshiko present themselves in front of the camera and greet everyone. MC Hana says, “It’s happy to meet all of you and welcome back for Kuzuryu Karina.”

                Karina bows happily, “Hello, everyone. I’m return after long rest and I hope everyone will take care of your health after this.”

                “So, we get some tips that saying Hoshiko will release new single. Is that true?” say MC Hana.

                Mariko confidently says, “Yeah, it will be announce later on since we have final arrangement for it as it comeback for Karina-chan who just recover. Even she just plays bass in the songs.”

                The atmosphere a bit tense and AD show card, ‘Ask about the park’. MC Hana asks, “So, any of you scared with anything here?”

                Reika quickly says, “We love to be at place like this but Karina-chan a bit weird. She’s coward when come to haunted house and willing to do anything just for not get there but totally hyper up when come to jet-coaster or flying carpet.”

                “It seems she really scared of anything that involves ghosts. People will scream when ride jet-coaster but she will laugh like watch comedy show.” Say Sara.

                MC Hana ask Karina why, “I don’t know why I laugh while ride it but I always enjoy it.” They begin ride many attractions and Mariko hesitate to ride some of them as she worries her hair would ruin while others just have fun like no camera around them.

                When it end, everyone exchange greeting before leave the place and Harada says, “Okay, since you girls finish one work, I will send all of you to home before take your back at evening for late-night talk show.”

                “That’s a great choice, Harada-san. I really need to get ready as think to make different hairstyle.” Say Reika.

                “If like that, I will go back by myself as I want to make stop at spa.” Say Mariko.

                Karina says, “You should take rest rather than go to place like that. If it take longer time, it would be hard to catch-up with other.”

                “It was you who need to make preparation since you already left everything for a month. I only want some times to prepare for my beauty.”  Say Mariko before leave them. Karina shook her head and says just to let her to do whatever she wants before leave with everyone else.


                Mariko buys a bouquet of flowers before take taxi to a hospital. She walks into the room and greets, “Hi, mama. I come here again.”

                “Ma-chan… why you come here when you have work today?” ask Amarante. Her daughter how she could know and she reply, “I watch you on TV today and you should smile more. I like your beautiful smile.”

                “I try my best to smile, mama.” Say Mariko. She changes the flower and put it at bedside before take sit near to Amarante, “You know how hard to smile over something that I don’t like.”

                “It’s not over something that you don’t like but you should smile because the experience of it will make you different from other people.” Say Amarante as she strokes Mariko’s head. She adds, “Just forget about your revenge towards your father. I know the other reason why you choose that jimusho… you just want to see him without worry of anything, right? By acting rebel, he could pay more attention to you.”

                Mariko speechless with Amarante’s words as it contains truth inside it; she always want to meet her father but afraid people will bad-mouth her mother. She doesn’t realize someone listen the conversation from outside and walk to leave the place. She makes stop at receptionist to ask favor from the staff to deliver something to the room and says, “Please don’t mention my name. If they ask, just say some delivery man send it here. Thank you.”

                “Why you do that, Karina-chan?” ask Rin who wait for her outside the hospital.

                Karina only smile before says, “Just for fun… literally.” She pulls Rin’s hand to leave the place as she doesn’t want anyone notice they are around that place. Both of them jump into taxi that already wait not far from that hospital and speed off.


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