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Star Tobbi (Chapter 7)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter4/Chapter5/Chapter 6

              Since Karina has to stay at hospital until she fully recovers, she gives task of Hoshiko and the new girl to Rin. She says, “You just need to make sure they learn sing and dance. Sara-chan can teach them in dance and they only need to learn basic. They will learn about everything at jimusho and Hoshiko’s task only helps them to practice.”

                “Since you need to admit here for a month, don’t ever think about work or any study. Just focus on recovery before we will begin discuss about tour when you get discharge.” Say Harada before leave the room to manage everything.

                “Wah, you seem really like to move around non-stop.” Say Hikaru. Keito also there while them on the way to meet their members for practice.

                “It can’t be helped when I’m leader of Hoshiko and a student.” Say Karina. She wants to do something but she doesn’t know what she should do.

                Rin disrupt them by saying, “I’m leaving for today. I don’t want late for practice.”

                “I also want to go practice and not staying here.” whine Karina and that make Keito pat her head, “You should recover yourself first before everything.”

                Karina blush with that action and he receive evil glare from Rin. He quickly withdraws his hand from her and covers by saying, “Just don’t overwork yourself since your fans are waiting for you.”


                When Keito leave the hospital building with Hikaru, he decides to ask, “Do you know what kind of things that she likes? How about things that she dislike? She like English books? If I send flower there, it is okay for her?”

                Hikaru put hand on Keito’s mouth before says, “One question at one time but I can’t answer it here. This place too open for that and how about you check on net about it first? She also idol like us which mean she has appear in magazines.” Hikaru gives suggestion to him as he too lazy to reply to him.

                Keito want to begin his research but Hikaru quickly stop him and says, “Just do it when practice end or other member will scold you.”


                Keito decide to visit Karina back when practice finish and bring things that he think could kill time for Karina. When he arrive there, it show Karina’s face show that she really bored even it just second day she’s there. He greets her by saying, “It seems you already bored to be here.”

                “Keito-kun…” Karina really surprise to see him there. He lifts the plastic bag, “I bought something for you as I could think you will be really bored here.”

                “Arigatou~~!!” Karina really happy with what he bought for her. She take out a jelly and open before begin eat it happily.

                The door being open and it show it is Rin. She says, “Karina-chan, I bought your favourite bento as I think you will don’t want to eat hospital food.”

                Keito really surprise to see Rin that really different from what he knows and says, “Wah, I never know you could say something like that in that kind of mood.”

                “Urusai! Karina-chan, gomen ne that I can’t be here too long as I need to watch over the new girls’ training.” Say Rin as she put the plastic bag on the table. She want to stay longer at Karina’s side but Sara and Reika already remind her that she need to watch over the girls.

                “It’s okay. Just focus on them and I will be okay.” Say Karina in gentle tone. It almost likes a mother talking with her child.

                Rin glare to Keito, “I hope you didn’t do anything weird on her or I will throw you again. I keep my words, Okamoto Keito.” She stress on his name to show that she will do anything if Karina get hurt. She leave the room when she hugs Karina and it make Keito smile to see it.

                He takes seat at Karina’s bed, beside her and says, “If you want to eat bento, I could help you to feed you.” Karina only nods as she actually really hungry but she has difficulty to hold chopstick with her arm that injured after fall on that day.

                Keito gently help Karina to eat her food and fulfil whatever Karina want on that day. When she ask if he has work on the next day, he always say, “You better worry about yourself right now as you are more deserve to rest rather than me.”

                “Ne, don’t you afraid if your fans know that you’re here?” ask Karina as she worry if people begin make bad rumour and maybe will disturb people that involve.

                “I don’t afraid of that but I’m more afraid if you don’t recover.” Say Keito. He make Karina lay on the bed as it already late and she need more rest. He says, “I will only leave you when you’re asleep.” Karina really surprise as she just want to ask about it but he already read her mind.


                “How’s Karina-chan?” ask Sara when they notice Rin arrive. They want to visit her but they really busy on that day.

                Satomi really curious about what happen and ask, “What happen to Kuzuryu-senpai? Why she’s not here today?”

                “She’s in hospital right now and will stay there for awhile. So, three of us will be the one who train you and I will become the leader.” Say Rin and no one oppose it as they know she says like that because they know it is from their leader as she is not person who want to take responsibility as leader.

                “Can’t we go to visit her?” ask Eri.

                Rin quickly says, “We need to focus on practice first and we also need to avoid her to think anything that related to job. If any of you need anything from her, I will tell her.”


                Rin wake up early to prepare bento for Karina as she knows her best friend always love to eat. She makes sure everything done before leave the house. Mariko asks, “Where are you going? We still have practice today. That girl in the hospital but we still need to practice.”

                Rin glares to her, “I still will go to practice. I would never skip it or Karina-chan will angry with me. Just hope it is not you who arrive late there.”

                She leaves the house and walk until she arrive hospital. She could hail for taxi but she want enjoy the panorama and try to calm herself after talk with Mariko. She keeps thinking why Mariko act like that when they already together for long time and then come out, “Ah, I also still cold with them even long time together.”

                She feels a bit irritated when see Keito already in that room when she arrives. It seems he also bring bento for her. Karina happily says, “Rin-chan, you need to taste this. His cooking is better than mine. It really impressive.”

                 Rin put bento box on the table and says, “I make this bento for you but it seem you will not eat it. I will eat it by myself.”

                 Karina quickly hides the bento box that Rin bring and says, “No, I will eat it too. I really happy to get so much food from both of you today. My appetite since become bigger after that surgery since I’m not allows eating for 4 days.”

                Rin only stay on couch in the room as it still early for her to go jimusho. She listens to songs from her phones even her original plan to play song from her flute but she doesn’t want Keito to listen it. She could see how close Keito with Karina as that guy sit on her best friend’s bed and she feels really jealous without know the reason.

                Karina falls asleep after taking medicine and it give chance for Keito to ask, “Why you seem really cold?”

                “I don’t think I have to answer to your question.” Say Rin. She fixes blanket for Karina before clean up the bento boxes that already empty.

                “You should open up with people more. I want to ask you about Karina like. I already try asking Hikaru-kun but I think your perspective better since you always with her.” say Keito but the response that he get only sharp glare from her. He doesn’t give-up as he wants to prepare something special for Karina and make mind memo to ask Hikaru again.

                He leaves the room to make phone call to his manager to make sure about schedule. He returns to the room to see Rin will leaving the room. He asks, “Already want to leave?”

                “Yeah since I still have practice and other things to do. I’m not free like you, Okamoto Keito.” Say Rin. She leave memo at the bed side before push Keito who stand in middle of door and walk away. She almost late to leave the hospital as she folds some origami for Karina as wish for recovers.


                Harada meets Rin at lobby when he need to make phone call to a producer to arrange things for upcoming shooting as they need to make changes that re-arrange the clothes for 4 of them except Karina who need to rest until everything okay. He asks, “Where have you been today, Rin? I fetch you girls at home but you’re not there.”

                “Of course I’m at hospital, taking care Karina since you know…” Rin doesn’t want to continue what she wants to say after look at the watch that tells her that she already late. She runs to the practice room to see Hoshiko already begin their practice.

                Sara sees her, “Rin-chan, how’s Karina-chan? You must get there before reach here.”

                Rin place her bag on the table before take her place and replies, “She’s doing well but her appetite become bigger and she may need to diet and exercise as soon she get discharge from hospital.”

                “She doesn’t ask anything about us or the new girls?” ask Reika.

                Mariko scoff before says, “Of course she never care. She could rest leisurely while we need to do many works to cover for her.”

                “It is just your thinking, baka.” Scold Rin, “Since the doctor ask her to take full rest, she doesn’t ask anything related work. I know she really worry about Hoshiko but she need to think about herself before anything right now.”

                “We understand that since she work too hard until forget what her body need.” Say Reika. She begin strum the drum for their new song, Mirage Dream. They already plan to make single of it but with Karina’s condition in hospital, they decide to practice first to make it perfect.

                Rin make sound check on her guitar and remember something, “Ne, does any of you know where I could get music score? I think I need it for something.”

                “I have it but it in my room right now. I don’t have any right now.” Say Reika. Rin tells that she need it later since she’s not in rush of anything. They begin the practice with using temporary bass player as Karina not around.

                When the practice end, Harada get into the room and says, “Good job, girls. Now, we need to move for shooting for Ace Magazine and then….” Harada explain the schedule for the day but only Rin spacing out as she still worries about Karina.

                Reika put her hand on Rin’s shoulder to get her attention, “Karina-chan will be alright. She surrounds with people that could give the best care.” She knows that girl always worry about their leader since Karina the only person she opens with.


                Rin begin lose her patient when keep meeting Keito in Karina’s room. She need to hide her flute as she doesn’t he knows that she could play flute. She already plan to play some songs for Karina as she keep saying that she can’t sleep but Keito keep ruining her plan. She sits on the couch and watches the scene that she never wants to see; Keito take care of Karina and do everything for her.

                She writes something on her notebook while watching her best friend with that guy. She seem doesn’t want to say anything to them even there’s a lot of things that she want to say. Karina looks at her and asks, “Why you seem moody today?”

                “I’m not moody but thinking how much free time of Okamoto-san has as he always comes here and leave late. I thought idols like him will busy with many things.” Rin straight forward with her thinking.

                Keito says, “It not that I don’t have work but I know how to balance it.”

                Karina remember something, “Ne, how about the new girls? They make any progress?”

                “Of course they are and you don’t have to worry about it. Just focus on your treatment and think about work when you get discharge.” Say Rin. She doesn’t want Karina to think any of her work or studies.


                Rin spacing out in her room after she finishes writing on the music score. She seem doesn’t confident it as it is her first time to compose the music without Karina’s help. Usually, she the one who will give comment about the song but she’s in hospital at that moment.  She grabs her guitar and strums the new song as she wants to make sound check at it.

                Eri hears it from outside when she want to tell something to Rin and says, “Wah, that song really calming but don’t think it suit Hoshiko.”

                Rin hear it and say, “I don’t care if it suit with Hoshiko or not but eavesdrop it really unforgiving. What do you want right now?”

                Eri become panic as get lecture by her senpai in harsh tone and try to say, “I-I… n-need to tell you that… w-we will have m-meeting with president t-tomorrow.”

                “If you want to tell that, I already know but I don’t think it only that. What more you want to say?” Rin use her usual cold tone.

                Eri really panic and couldn’t say what she should say. It just lucky Sara reach there while saying, “Why it took too long to tell Rin-chan that we need some dance song to practice?”

                “So, that’s why you come here?” ask Rin back to Eri.

                Sara couldn’t understand and ask, “What happen here?”

                “She eavesdrop me and I really hate that kind of people. She doesn’t have right to critic my song whether it suit Hoshiko or not.” Say Rin. She seems ready to kill Eri at that moment.

                “Forgive her and this is last warning for her. She’s just not used to your behaviour yet. It also y fault to let her get here since this floor is specially for you and Karina-chan.” Sara tries to avoid Rin lose her temper before add, “So, can we ask for the dance song? My choice music not really suit for dance and think you may have it.”

                Rin get into her room to take CD and give it to Sara, “I already burn song that suitable to use for dance in this CD. Don’t mind to return it back since I already have others.”

                “Thanks. Eri-chan, make sure after this be careful.” Say Sara. Eri apologizes to Rin before leave with Sara.

                Rin close the door and keep her music score at place the no one would know. She doesn’t want anyone else to know about the song. She also practices for flute version before rest on her bed with excited feeling.


                On the next day, she comes to hospital room with thinking that Keito already there but when she get into the room, notice Karina alone. She asks, “You’re alone today?”

                “Yeah… Do you think Keito-kun also stay in this room?” ask Karina as she put down magazine on the table.

               “It’s not that I think like that but it just… used to see you with him since the day you get admit here.” say Rin as she place bento box on the table. She’s happy to see her friend’s condition become better.

                “Unfortunately, today he has work and will come here later.” Say Karina and she ask about Hoshiko’s schedule, “How’s about Hoshiko?”

                “We’re supposedly free today but the Sara-chan and Reika-chan need to send those new girls to meet Mr. Nagase today.” Say Rin. For the first time, she feel something not enough in that room even she always hope he’s not there anymore.

                In Rin’s mind, “Ah! If I know he’s not here, I should bring along my flute. I’m really baka not to bring it this time.”

                “Ne, Rin-chan…” Karina grabs her attention, “…do you think I could return to Hoshiko? I must already miss many things by now. Not only Hoshiko but also my studies as I don’t think I can’t reach it anymore since I may use not to do anything right now.”

                “I don’t know about your studies but we’re waiting at Hoshiko. You’re our leader and no one could replace you.” Say Rin. She surprise to see her best friend like that as it is first time to witness when Karina always hide her thinking.


                JUMP arrive at the hospital and bump into Sara and Reika who also on the way to visit Karina. Sara says, “I thought you guys have work today and it may end up late.”

                “How you could know about it?” ask Kota and Sara only smile towards Yuya.

                Yuya quickly says, “We’re always texting each other when get free time. That’s why she knows about our work today.”

                “Our work end rather fast today. So, we plan to visit Karina as Hikaru and Keito also plan that. We just tag along.” Say Kei.  They walk to the room where Karina being admits and see Rin in middle of folding origami for her best friend.

                “I thought you girls have to send them to meet Mr. Nagase.” Karina surprise to see Sara and Reika together with JUMP.

                “Everything already done and they have their own training that we don’t want to disturb them. So, we decide to visit you. We had invite Mariko-chan but… you know it, right?” Say Sara.

                “She always like that but I’m happy to see many people here today.” Say Karina.

                Keito realize it and quickly ask, “Does it not fun to have me around?”

                Everyone except Rin wolf-whistle to him that but it seem he take awhile before know what he said. He says, “Hey, I didn’t mean anything but don’t you feel hurt to hear it when you always come here?”

                “It just you who think like that.” Say Rin coldly.

                Sara and Reika hug Rin while saying, “Don’t you say that you jealous with him as you keep complaining about you can’t spend time alone with Karina-chan.”

                “That’s absurd!” say Rin in angry tone. She stands up and says, “I’m going to buy juice. You okay with anything, Karina-chan?”

                “Yeah.” Reply Karina and Daiki ask, “How about us?” The reply she give, “Buy it by yourself.”

                She leaves the room without care to say anything else. Sara says, “Please forgive her for her attitude. She only opens with Karina-chan and we still wonder why.”

                JUMP looks towards Karina and she only smiles while saying, “I know the reason but I already promise to her that I won’t tell anyone and she has rights for it.”


                Rin still think what kind of juice she should buy for Karina since her best friend’s favourite juice, white grape juice already out. She stare the vending machine while think what should she buy. Suddenly, a voice gives suggestion to her, “You can buy yogurt juice for her.”

                She really surprise it is Keito and asks, “Why you’re here?”

                “Just follow you to buy juices for others. You should be a bit friendly since you’re an idol.” Say Keito.

                “I don’t care if people hate me or what since I’m doing for Karina-chan.” Say Rin. She curious over something and decide to say, “I want to know if you like Karina-chan or not.”

                Keito really surprise to hear it and try to give the best answer, “I like her personality and her spirit.”

                “Just admit you like her and it would make everything easier.” Say Rin before say something in slow voice, “If you admit, I could ask you to play a song for her. That song would give back her spirit as she begins worry if she can’t return.”

                Keito hear it clearly and become interested, “What kind of song you want me to play for her? I can play it for her.”

                “I will give the score later but don’t tell anyone as it special for Karina-chan.” Say Rin and Keito just agree with it as he curious what kind of song that girl composes for her best friend.


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