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Star Tobbi (Chapter 6)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter4/Chapter5

                As soon they arrive Tokyo, JUMP and Hoshiko get into different cars as they will return to their homes to get rest after tired. Karina get near Rin, “Rin-chan, could you help to bring my bags to my room? I have something to do after this and can’t go back home yet.”

                “Okay…” reply Rin.

                Hikaru says, “It seem what people said is true; you never off.”

                Karina chuckles, “I need to make sure everything okay and can’t afford for off. Hikka-teeth bro, if you want to meet nii-chan, you can go to his bakery and I already give address to you. I’m sure he will be really happy to see you again.”

                “I think I will go there very soon.” Say Hikaru. Karina waves everyone before get into taxi that already waits for her. She needs to go to jimusho to manage something there like what she already agrees before.


                Karina arrives in audition room and takes her seat while saying, “Am I late?”

                “Don’t worry because the participants just arrive and it begins in 30 minutes. These are profiles about them.” Say the staff as hand-in files to Karina and she quickly browse too see profiles of people that come for audition.

                Karina always join-in matter like that since she wants to help them to choose best among the best. Everyone always impress as she could detect everyone’s potential that people always overlook and give courage for them to confident with what you have.

                The managing director, Touyama asks, “Kuzuryu-san, what make you really perfect? Usually, we know people weakness but not for you. You seem really perfect no matter what kind of time.”

                “I’m not perfect and I only know how to handle with it or I just run away from it.” Say Karina without change her focus. She finishes read everything and put the file aside in order to get ready. She also wear mask to cover her face and wig to cover her long hair. It also put in front of her tag as someone who responsible on talent’s image as only upper people know about her task there.

                Mr. Nagase takes seat beside her and the audition begins. Both of them talk once in awhile to make comment on what they see in low voice. Mr. Nagase says, “It seems not everyone who auditions today has what I want.”

                “I know why you say like that but if we polish some of them like what you do for us, we will get same or maybe better group than us.” Karina tried to convince Mr. Nagase to make choice as the staffs already told her that they only have this audition to create new group.

                “Okay, I will leave the decision for you.” Say Mr. Nagase and Karina take out some of profiles to let him make final decision. Then, he says, “I want you to announce it and the one who will conduct their practices are Hoshiko.”

                “Don’t worry since Sara and I will teach about dance while others will focus on music.” Say Karina. She walks into the room where everyone waits for the result and she announce those who pass the audition. When the only selected left, she says, “President would want to meet you next 2 days for dance lesson and we will tell you about your practice.”

                She rest at chair at the lobby after takeoff her wig and mask. She takes out her phone to check her friends already arrive or not to their house. She thinks what she should do after that and gets idea to visit her brother.


                “You should relax at home right now as you just arrive Tokyo.” Say Nobuhiko when see her get into her bakery.

                Karina pout, “This place also could give moment for me to relax.”

                “Both of you are the same. Time that you should use to relax, you choose to get here.” Say Nobuhiko that make Karina wonders what is mean by that and when look around, she notice someone, “Oh?! Hikka-teeth bro also here?”

                “I want to taste Nobu’s creation and his pastry really delicious. No wonder it really popular.” Say Hikaru happily while enjoying another serve.

                “Hikka-teeth bro, you really know how to enjoy it. I really want to eat a lot but I need to watch over my weight if I eat too much.” Say Karina. She’s actually a glutton but when become idol, she learn to eat healthy in better way.

                “No wonder you look really different as when you’re little girl, you really cute at that moment like a hamster. Your cheeks really great to pinch but now you already turn into idol.” Say Hikaru.

                Nobuhiko say, “I also can’t believe when she told me that she’s going to become idol. At beginning, I really worry since she become thinner than before as she keep forgetting to take her meal and sometimes, I personally sent delicious breads or pastries for her.”

                “Oh… that’s how you practice making it even you didn’t go to pastry school.” Say Hikaru when know the secret.


                Mariko make phone call to Mr. Nagase and tell her desire, “I want to act in a drama to challenge myself.”

                “Are you sure with it?” mock Mr. Nagase. “It’s not that easy to get role. You may get minor role that only appear for one or two scene.”

                “No, I want big role since I deserve it!” say Mariko. She’s lucky that no one realize it as she in her own room that far from others. She always wants to act but somehow, Mr. Nagase never let her to do it and she really bored to stay home as their schedule needs to match with Karina.

                She could hear Mr. Nagase sigh in the phone before says, “Okay, I will let you to join audition for upcoming new drama but don’t cry if you didn’t get the role that you want.”


                Reika and Sara decide to prepare something in kitchen since both of them really hungry. They only prepare simple food that enough for everyone in the house. Reika says, “I heard that your father come to watch our mini-live.”

                “Yeah, I never think he will want to watch as he really objects my decision to become idol. It all Karina’s doing behind us.” Say Sara. She chops the vegetable and washes it while Reika cook.

                Reika says, “It really great to become someone like her, ne…”

                “Yeah, she always knows how to deal with us and many things.” Say Sara.

                Rin who just arrive at the kitchen to take mineral water, hear the conversation and says, “If you want to become like her, you will have to sacrifice many things in your life.”

                “I always curious about something, how she could easily talk with you who really silent with us?” Reika always want to know why that could happen but never get chance to do.

                Rin take seat at stool before says, “Her eyes could easily see despair in other people’s eyes and really strong. She arrive at the orphanage later than me but she almost never cry. Usually, kids that arrive there always cry for awhile but not for her. The first day she arrived there, she only sit at a corner and read book that totally complicated for people like us. She always observes people that make her could lead other people easily.”

                “That’s why she has ability to become out leader.” Say Sara.


                Mariko really work out when know she will join an audition that involve large popular casts around the nationwide. She seem really relax even other people really struggle to remember the scripts in their hands. The audition begin and same beginning of her as she could feel tense air in the room.

                When she finish recite her script, the producer says, “You lack of feeling when say it. It feels like you only read it from the paper. You should learn to know that you need learn more about it.”

                “You should practice to express more your feeling.” say the producer.

                Mariko leaves the room with thousands of feelings. She gets into the taxi and asks the driver to send her to the jimusho. She walks straight to Mr. Nagase room without talking with anyone at the lobby. Mr. Nagase only says, “I heard your audition failed.”

                “That kind of audition is no suitable for me.” Bluff Mariko without want to admit her loss.

                Mr. Nagase says, “You should focus on training new girls as we don’t have much time for it. Kuzuryu will tell everything when you arrive home.”

                “I don’t want to get involve with what you plan.” Say Mariko before storm out from the room.


                “Start from today until your debut, four of you will need to stay here and I hope that none of you oppose our rules. I hope you’re okay to stay room of two. We will train you until you’re ready.” Say Karina to new four girls; Satomi, Mimi, Fukuyo and Eri. She bring them to stay together with Hoshiko after arrange everything for the new girls.

                “What can we call all of you?” ask Eri.

                “Just call us with our name but… for Mariko-chan, you better ask her first before anything since she’s a bit temper.” Say Sara.

                Reika and Sara show room for the new girls while Karina checks Rin in her room to find her still in deep sleep. She shakes the girl’s body, “Wake up, Rin-chan. You shouldn’t sleep right now or you will only stay up late.”

                “Where have you been? You told me that you don’t have class today.” ask Rin.

                “Yeah but I need to manage things for the new girls. Let’s get down since I bought pastries from my brother’s shop. Others already eat their share and only left for you.” Say Karina.

                Both of them go to kitchen and Karina serves snacks for Rin. They notice Mariko arrive home with angry face. Karina asks, “What with that ugly face? Want enjoys snacks?”

                Mariko glares to her and shout, “Mind your own business!”

                “Okay...” say Karina and take bite from her cake, “Oishii!!” That action only makes Mariko angrier than before. She bangs the door to her room that make everyone in the house surprise but most of them only ignore it.

                “Something happen to her?” ask Karina while try to think what happen to her member. She decides to ignore it as too tired to come out with any ideas. She suddenly feels hurt at the stomach and suddenly fall from the chair that cause Rin scream in terror.


                Keito watch television in his room as he doesn’t have any work on that day and surprise when hear news, ‘One of popular female group idols, Hoshiko’s Kuzuryu Karina has been admit into hospital because health problem and her activities will be on-hold until she recover.’

                He unconsciously grabs his things and leaves the house. He knows that Hoshiko’s leader always overwork herself without care of anything. He only realize what he’s doing when arrive at station, “Where should I go?”

                He decides to make phone call towards someone to ask something. He walks to a hospital and take alternative door to get inside. He opens the door to see Karina in the room with her brother, Hikaru and Rin. Hikaru see him, “Oh! You already here.”

                “You tell him, Hikka-teeth bro?” Karina asks in surprise.

                “He suddenly make phone call and ask me about you. I just tell him but never think he will come here by tonight.” Say Hikaru. Rin seem relax herself at couch like nothing happen and make like they arrive there for hang-out.

                “I’m okay, Keito-kun. It is normal things for me to get stomachache and this is not the first time.” Say Karina.

                Nobuhiko slaps her head, “That’s because you didn’t eat but this time, you being suspect have appendix. I already told you many times to careful with your health.”

                “Don’t worry, I will get discharge tomorrow and return to work and class. I can afford to get rest as we; Hoshiko has important work right now.” Say Karina.

                Rin says, “Leave those new girls to us since you already plan everything for them, right?”

                “For now, just focus on your recovery. I heard your jimusho already said that your entertainment activity will suspend until you fully recover.” Say Keito. Karina really surprise to hear it as she hasn’t hear about it yet.

                The doctor get into the room and says, “Kuzuryu Karina-sama, I afraid you will have to stay here a month to make sure you fully recover since it is order from your president that ask us to do it.”

                “EH?! I don’t want to stay here!” whine Karina. For her, one month-leave too long for her to rest as there too many things that she need to do.


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