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Star Tobbi (chapter 5)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter4

                At the morning, Karina takes breakfast at the hotel’s café and doing her work on laptop. Most of time she uses it to typing something rather than enjoying her breakfast that beside her laptop. She’s alone at that moment since Rin already ask for room service as she too nervous to leave her room on that day.

                Someone put food and drink on table before take seat beside her. Karina looks who is it and says, “I thought you will be with others who only want to take their breakfast in their rooms, Keito-kun.”

                “I like to eat breakfast at place like this as it could give me more choices to eat.” Say Keito. He notice what Karina is doing, “You still have assignments to do at time like this?”

                “Not really assignment but it is for a corner in the magazine. It seem they want me to write short stories and I want to make it different from usual even it a bit difficult.” Say Karina. She stops typing and take bite of toast before continue typing.

                “It seems you’re not nervous for today’s show.” Say Keito before take sips of his drink. He looks at the girl’s action that seems really calm even others seem really nervous especially him who has surprise performance with her.

                “I may look calm but my heart like want to explode right now. I just distract myself with other thing.” Say Karina and she close her laptop. Then, Keito notice her hands a bit shaking while she picks up the juice glass.

                Both of them finish their breakfast and return to their room to make preparation. Their mini-live begin at evening which give time for them to get ready. They arrive at the venue and spend time in their dressing rooms. JUMP seem fooling around in their dressing room while Hoshiko still practice by themselves but only Karina, close her head with jacket to relax herself.

                “Wah, I feel really nervous for today since we will perform with JUMP. They’re too famous to share stage with us.” Say Sara.

                “Yeah, I never think we will perform with them and play their song.” say Reika. Mariko already begins style her hair in front of the mirror while Rin strum her guitar to practice the songs. They really want to know how their leader could fall asleep but they know if they disturb Karina’s sleep, they will get scold.


                The MC appears on stage and shouts from microphone, “Are you ready to have fun?” It receive scream from everyone who specially come there to watch the mini-live. The MC make a bit introduction before call both groups to get on stage.

                “Minna, how are you feeling today?” ask Hikaru and put his mic to the audiences.

                After a little introduction, Karina says, “Wah, we really happy to meet all of you at wonderful place like this.”

                “Yeah and it really honour to perform together with Hoshiko that really popular.” Say Hikaru.

                “But JUMP is more popular and more talented than us.” Say Sara. Both groups fooling around a bit before JUMP excuse themselves to get ready. The show begin with JUMP perform one song, Hoshiko perform one song, and it return back to JUMP.

                Then, after JUMP finish performs Dash, MC announces, “Now, it’s time for surprise that we prepare for you guys.” Everyone include JUMP and Hoshiko but everything answer when Karina and Keito get up on stage with different costumes.

                “I know everyone surprise and ask why but there’s too many question that need to get answer and we could only reply with this performance.” Say Keito.

                “Together, we will perform ‘Panic Cord’.” Announce Karina with smile. Both of them take seat on the chairs and Karina wait Keito to strum his guitar to begin singing.

                Everyone really fascinate to hear it as it is Karina’s first time singing in public. Both of them want to show the result of practice in secret and short time for it by giving best performance. Even, JUMP and Hoshiko surprise to know it. Sara asks to Rin, “Karina-chan could sing?”

                Rin nods, “She used to sing when we at orphanage but it stop after awhile without knowing the reason.”

                “Both of them really great in hiding it from us. No wonder both of them always together.” Say Hikaru.

                “I almost think both of them in relationship.” Reika sound her imagination.

                Sara also wants to give out her imagination but realize familiar silhouette among the audiences. She doesn’t want to ruin everyone’s happiness at that moment and telling herself that she will find it out later.

                Mariko who always spoil the mood, “It was me who should sing that song and not her. She will only ruin the song.”

                “No, I don’t think you could sing that song since your voice not suits it. You may have problem to sing it.” Say Reika. Everyone in Hoshiko giggles with it while Mariko changes the subject by saying other things.

                The mini-live end with the press conference and most of them praise their performance on that day. They thank everyone who comes to see their performance on that day and end it with high-five with everyone.


                After that, they decide to celebrate it at a Japanese restaurant. Everyone happily enjoy their achievement on that day but it seems one person who out of it. Hikaru asks, “Karina-chan, why you seem don’t enjoy right now?”

                “I feel really tired after that mini-live because all of pressure finally lift up which make me feel really sleepy right now.” Say Karina.

                “But you should eat something right now or you will starving later.” Say Kei but that girl already falls asleep without care of anything.

                Reika realize something and quickly asks, “Eh?! Where is Sara-chan?”


                Sara arrive in front of exclusive restaurant after being inform that someone want to meet her there. She being show to the table by the waiter and she greet the person, “It really surprising to see you here, appa.”

                Mr. Song lift up his head and says, “It seem someone give ticket for me with message ‘It would be better to watch what your daughter doing’. Honestly, this hand-writing letter seems really awkward but full with meaning.”

                “Who send the letter?” ask Sara after she takes her seat. Mr. Song shows the letter for her to check and notice something, “This ‘K’ style of writing only Karina-chan write. It must be her who sends this to you.”

                “But thanks to her, I can watch my daughter’s side that I never see it before. I never think you will enjoy the path of life that you choose.” Say Mr. Song while smiling. It is her first time to see her father smiling even since she told him that she want to join Hoshiko.

                “I never regret with path that I choose. It gives me chance to see more about my world and omma’s world.” Say Sara.

                “I understand that and I hope when you get chance, come to visit us at Seoul. I bet everyone there miss you.” Say Mr. Song.

                Sara smiles when remember those faces, “I know, I also miss them especially Yi-Rin ahjuma’s bibimbap. I will ask my manager about my schedule to get leave to go there.” She really happy to meet her father and talk about many things on that night after many years avoiding each other.


                Karina still asleep while others still engross with their food. Hikaru decide to take his jacket to cover her body before re-join them. Kei asks, “You like Karina?”

                “She already likes my little sister since I really close with her brother. She is unique child in her family. As far I know her, she really obedient towards her parent and almost never complain even about things that she hates.” Say Hikaru as remember their old times.

                “It seems Hikka will be protective brother after this. Let’s hope the person who needs to fight with him is not Keito.” joke Daiki. They just lucky not to notice Keito’s reaction on it as they think he’s still eating his food.

                “If that happen, there will be WW3.” Tease Ryosuke.

                Reika remember something and tell them, “That would be a bit hard because Karina’s seem doesn’t believe in love and always distract herself with many things.”

                “That kind of person still exists in this era?” ask Kota and make others say that he’s like old man by saying that. Everyone laugh but it doesn’t stir up Karina’s sleep while Mariko only enjoys her portion.

                “So, you girls have something to do tomorrow?” ask Yuya to Reika.

                Reika tries her best not to look weird while replying to it, “I don’t have anything to do tomorrow but I don’t know about others. Maybe some of us will want to relax in their rooms.”

                “If like that, you want to join me to go beach? It feels weird if I couldn’t go to sea when come to place like this.” Offer Yuya and Reika happily accept it. He tells her on what time she should come to lobby and what things that should bring along.


                “Karina-chan, wake up! We will be going back to hostel.” Rin shake her best friend’s body to wake her up.

                Karina slowly opens her eyes and stretches her body. She never think that she will fall asleep at that kind of moment but it already her habit to fall asleep after show. She asks in half-awake tone, “Where’s others?”

                “Everyone already wait go back to hotel as we know it would take time for you to wake up.” say Harada who arrive there after get phone call from Rin.

                Karina ruffles her own hair before says, “If like that, let’s go home. Even we don’t have anything to do tomorrow, I’m sure everyone want to go out to have fun.”

                Three of them leave the restaurant and get into the car but Karina fall asleep when the car start moving. Harada takes chance to say, “I hope you already read the letter.”

                “I don’t read it but Karina-chan already tells me about the content of the letter and I want you to tell her that I would never want to meet her. For me, my parent already died in the accident. I wouldn’t give a damn on what she wants to say.” Say Rin. Harada tried his best to make Rin change her decision and didn’t notice that Karina actually eavesdrops the conversation.

                When arrive at hotel, they wake up Karina and the girls return to their room. Harada parks the car and see someone already wait for him. He only says, “She doesn’t want to meet you and for her, you already died. I hope you won’t do anything that could hurt her. She already works hard to achieve what she has now.”

                The person reply, “I won’t give up no matter what happen, she is my daughter and I have right on her.”


                Sara decides to meet her leader even it already late since she wants to talk about something. She knocks the door but no reply. When she almost leave the hallway, she meet Karina who seem just come back from convenient shop as she holds plastic bag. She asks her leader, “Where are you from?”

                “Oh, I just go out to buy medicine and some snack for myself.” Say Karina. “What are you doing here? Does your dinner with your father already end?”

                “So, you knew about it?” ask Sara.

                Karina invites her to get into her room and check on Rin who already asleep before close the doors. She says, “Actually, your father had told us about make you quit from Hoshiko but none of us want it happen. I planned to go Seoul to meet your father but I can’t find right time for that and decide to invite him to watch our performance.”

                “Okay… and how you could write Hangul? I never know you had learnt Korean before.” Sara remembers about the letter.

                “I use online translator and write it down. I never think it would be hard to write it since my handwriting really messy. I’m really sorry because do everything without telling you first.” Say Karina as she bows.

                Sara hugs Karina and cries, “Thank you so much for doing this. If not because of you, I may still not be able to talk with my appa.”

                “I plan to invite your oppa along but when I make phone call to him, he told me that he’s busy and hope everything will be okay.” Say Karina. She rubs Sara’s back to calm her down.

                “You have my hyung’s phone number?” ask Sara.

                Karina slowly nods and says, “Un, he always asks me about your condition. I keep telling him that he should contact you but afraid you don’t want to talk with him.”

                “I never know you do work more than as Hoshiko’s leader.” Say Sara.

                “For me, Hoshiko is my treasured family and I don’t want it ruin. I will do anything for us.” Say Karina as she smiles.


                The next day, Keito walks at lobby to find something to do on the last day. They will go back to Tokyo after that and busy with their works. Some of them already leave the hotel to spend time while others decide to relax in their rooms. He mutters, “Ah~!! I feel really bored today.”

                Suddenly, he bumps with Karina and Rin. He asks, “Where are both of you want to go?”

                “Oh, we want to visit my grandparent as we already arrive here. They must be sad if I don’t want to visit them.” Say Karina. She comes out with something, “You want to join us too?”

                “Eh?! It is okay to join you girls?” ask Keito and Hikaru appear from behind with Kota, “Of course it is okay because we also join them.”

                Keito seem hesitate to join them and Kota pulls him to join them. They get on car that already prepare for them and Hikaru become driver while Karina sit beside him and others at the back. Keito ask Hikaru, “You know the place?”

                “I already see the map to go there and it is easy place.” Say Hikaru. Karina doesn’t say anything as she still on phone all along the way.


                “Karina-chan, you’re here!! I really miss you!” shout an old lady as she hugs Karina happily. At first glance, it look like the lady is same age with them but she is Karina’s grandma.

                Karina introduces her, “Minna, this is my oba-chan. Oba-chan; I think you already know Rin-chan and this is Yabu Kota, Yaotome Hikaru and Okamoto Keito.”

                “Konichiwa, Karina-chan’s oba-chan Kuzuryu Mana desu. Oji-chan also wants to meet all of you but he has meeting with his friends and send regards for you.” Say Mana. She pulls Karina’s hand and asks, “So, which one of these young man is your boyfriend?”

                Karina’s face turns red and says, “Oba-chan! I don’t have time to think about it! You know about it, right?”

                Hikaru suddenly take out his hand to hold Mana’s hand in dramatic way and says, “If you want, I can take care of Karina-chan for you.”

                “Hikka-teeth bro, stop it! You will make oba-chan fully believe you.” Whine Karina.

                “Let’s get inside. I already ask them to prepare tea and snack for all of you. I also prepare your favourite mochi for you as you really love it.” Say Mana. The boys really surprise to see the traditional Japanese house really big, just like what they see in the drama and movie.

                “Wow, this house really big!” compliment Kota.

                Karina tells them, “This house has been down to generations from generations for hundreds years. It should be my parent to inherit this house but after their death, my uncle volunteer to take care of this house.”

                “But you uncle still at overseas, right?” ask Rin.

                “He will return next year.” Say Karina.

                They go to living room and get time to rest for awhile but Karina already disappear with Mana to the kitchen. Kota asks Hikaru, “You know her grandma before this?”

                “I dunno. Since we still kids at that moment, we always play together and never talk about our family. Even during she moves out with her brother, I can’t meet them to say goodbye. That’s why I feel really happy to meet her back.” Say Hikaru.

                They talk about many things even Rin doesn’t join their conversation. She has already been there for few times before and already knows why Karina likes to go there; that place always become place where she could find calmness.

                “Karina-chan, I already told you to let the maid to bring it even by trolley.” Scold Mana could be heard from hallway.

                Karina reply, “Oba-chan, it not always I do this and you always say that girls need to know to do house chores.”

                Karina still insists to serve the drinks and snacks for everyone in the living room. Mana says, “I watched the performance yesterday. You look really beautiful in those clothes. I’m sure your parent happy to see you achieve these things.”

                “Yeah, they always wish for me and nii-chan found our happiness.” Say Karina. She eats mochi and says it really delicious. Others use the time to relax themselves at that moment without want to ask anything to her.

                After everything end, everyone seem use the time to relaxing around the living room. That place really gives calmness vibe that different from usual for them but Keito decide to walk around to kill time. He walks around the house and could see people around the place busy with their own works. Then, someone says to him, “You will get lost if you just wonder around here aimlessly. This place too big but too few people work here and it may hard for you to get help.”

                Keito really surprise to see Karina at roof as she relaxing up there. He asks, “What are you doing up there?”

                “I’m doing nothing up here. Just enjoy the view of blue sky.” Say Karina before she jumps down and land softly on the land but it clearly bring surprise to Keito. She asks, “Surprise to see someone like me jump down from this high?”

                “Yeah, you suddenly jump down like nothing happen. If you misstep just now, you could died.” Say Keito.

                Karina chuckles, “Don’t worry; I already use to this since I do it since kids. My nii-chan also does it where get chance. You want to see other places here?”

                “Yeah but when you say it too big, I’m sure I will get lost here.” Say Keito.

                Karina says, “yeah, that’s for sure but if you accompany by someone, that would be impossible to happen. Even I have bad sense of direction, I already use to this place.”

                “Okay.” Say Keito and Karina pull her hand to show the place. She doesn’t realize her action after awhile and quickly apologizes, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it.”

                “Daijoubu… at least, this time, I won’t get throw by Rin again as she doesn’t see it.” Tease Keito.

                Karina’s face already red, “I already warn her for not doing that since on us in this kind of world but her reflexes always faster than I thought.”

                “She has black belt for any martial art?” ask Keito to make sure something.

                “No but she has learn judo before this from my nii-chan as he has black belt in many martial arts. Our uncle and aunt sent us to attend many classes but for him, they focus on martial arts. I also learnt some of it but Rin-chan learnt more than me.” Say Karina. Both of them arrive in front of a room and she says, “This room is really special for me and my nii-chan.”

                Both of them get in and Keito get information that room is her parent’s room while they still alive. Keito could see the family’s history that being stored carefully there. He says, “Wow, you are stronger than I thought.”

                “I have to because I’m Hoshiko’s leader.” Declare Karina but there are tears in her eyes. Keito pull her into hug to let her cries and let out what already inside her. Both of them stay in that condition for awhile.


                Yuya and Reika just come out from diving and take place to relax. Reika says, “Wah, I never know there is great diving spot here even Hoshiko always go here for many times.”

                “I know because of someone’s information.” Say Yuya. Both of them really sacrifice because enjoy seeing the beauty of the sea. He asks, “You like swimming?”

                “I like it very much since I used to grow up at place that really near to sea. My granddad was a diver before retire.” Say Reika.

                Yuya still think what he should do after that but Reika come out with something, “Ne, let’s go eat something after this. I feel really hungry when see fish inside sea just now.”

                “Oh, I know a place that serves delicious sashimi.” Say Yuya.

                Reika stand up and says, “Let’s go there right away.”

                Yuya chuckles with Reika’s attitude and says, “Reika, we should clean ourselves first before go there.”

                “Yeah! You’re right!” Reika giggles. Both of them go to provided place to clean themselves before go to place to take their meal. They talk about many things that make chemistry between them form.

                While they enjoying their meal, Reika says, “Ah~! I really wish I could live like this every day. Near to sea and could enjoy moment like this.”

                “But you’re an idol, deshou? That would be hard.” Say Yuya.

                Reika looks at him, “You also an idol but more popular than I am. I really impress when watch your role in Hamu. I wish I could act like you too but…”

                Yuya repeat her ‘but’ to know what is it and she says, “We’re busy with many things and my acting a bit suck to watch.”

                “Who say that?” ask Yuya.

                “Karina-chan…. But it not because she jealous with us or not. It just she always gets involve with many things in the jimusho and always helps us. She has recommended me to go for acting class but I’m too shy for it.” Say Reika.

                “If you need help in acting, you should tell me and I will teach you.” Yuya make the offer without realize it.

                Reika really happy to hear it and say, “Ah-ha! You already promise that you will teach me and you need to do it when I need it.”

                “Okay, I’m man of promise! I will do what I already promise to you.” Promise Yuya.


                Mariko decides to visit spa at the hotel to relax herself. It already becomes her habit to do it every time after show end as she doesn’t have anything else to do. Every time her parent asks if she has friends or not, she will say, “I don’t need friend to survive. They will only be on the way for me to gain success in my life.”

                She admits sometimes she feels lonely but ego overcomes everything. Since kids, people like to bully her because of her father ‘left’ her and her mother. She always goes home crying to her mom and ask why her father doesn’t want to show himself to everyone but her mom always calmly says, “Your dad is important and famous person. If everyone knows who is him, your life will be in mess and you won’t have normal life like this.”

                “This is not normal, mama. They like to bully me for those reasons.” Say little Mariko while crying.

                “They bully you because they jealous with you. My daughter is a strong girl, right? So, do what you want and just let them jealous with you because you have more than what they have.” Say Amarante while ruffle gently her daughter’s hair.

                Those challenges in her life make her work harder than other people and eventually become vocalist in Hoshiko but her mom get admit into hospital because of chronic diseases. That’s make her become that kind of person but trying hard to smile in front of camera and fans, only for pay that she gets. She never want to admit that she’s jealous with others members in Hoshiko since they have their own special traits.

                She meets Harada while on the way to go back to her room and hear, “Don’t lose confident of yourself even you think that you have nothing. If not because of your singing, Hoshiko won’t be Hoshiko that everyone knows.”

                “How you know?” ask Mariko who surprise and turn to see his reaction.

                Harada smiles and says before move, “It because I’m Hoshiko’s manager. I need to notice each of you or I will only hurt my pride as your manager.”

                Mariko want to say something but Harada already disappear into elevator. She can’t stop thinking about what her manager says even she already get into her hotel room. Her mind keeps remembering about those words.


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