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Star Tobbi (chapter 3)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1/Chapter 2

                On the next day, Hoshiko ride a van to go for meeting to know more and discuss about their mini live at a studio. Sara seem can’t stop thinking about what happen on the previous day when she meets Yuya and make Reika feels weird as both of them always make noise in the vehicle. She says, “Hey! I already told you that I’m sorry because go to that cake house alone without you.”

                “Don’t worry about it because…” Sara tries to find any acceptable excuses as she doesn’t want anyone know about her encounter with Yuya, “…I just worry about our mini live since this will be our first time to perform other group’s song.”

                Harada listen to the conversation and asks, “Are you girls sure to let the other group to sing ‘Fun Life’?” Fun Life is one of song in Hoshiko’s first album, Star, where it tell about the fun life is just about them enjoy their day with their own way.

                “Yeah, since that song is our favourite song and we want our fan to enjoy their life.” Say Karina but her focus doesn’t off from the book. It seems she read book programming and it really thick book but she already read half of it.

                “Harada-san, which group will make mini-live with us?” asks Mariko as she read many idol groups will make mini-live there from SNS. What they only know, their audiences are lucky fans that being draw by their numbers from fan club.


                When arrive at the venue, they walk straight to the meeting room but it seems Karina stop in the half-way because she accidentally drops her necklace. She need to put her bass and handbag aside before could reach the necklace but it seem someone else already pick it up and surprise to see it is HSJ’s Keito.

                Karina’s face begin blush but it’s lucky that she wear make-up on that day and manage to says, “Arigatou for pick it up.”

                “You should careful since this necklace seems really important for you. Let me help you to wear it back.” Say Keito as he wears the necklace back to Karina while she tries her best not to look weird but it seem Rin misunderstand it when see it.

                Rin shouts, “How dare you touch Karina-chan?” She run towards Keito and use back throw on him which make everyone really surprise as she never react like that to anyone.

                “Rin-chan, he just helps me to wear my necklace as I hold my bass and my bag.” Karina grabs her best friend’s hand to grab her attention. She wants Rin to understand that the necklace that drop is the one that really important her because it is her mom’s necklace that also has her parent’s wedding rings.

                “You know I will do that because you really hate being touch by other people.” Say Rin.
Karina release her grab before rush to check on Keito. She asks, “Are you okay, Okamoto-san? I terribly sorry about what happen just now. Rin-chan always too protective over me.”

                 Keito stand up from the fall and says, “I’m okay but she sure to have great strength to do that.”

                 “Rin-chan, apologize to him.” Say Karina and the reaction that she get; Rin already leave the place without want to say anything.

                 It seems both of them go to same meeting room and realize that they will together for mini-live. The staff says, “I hope both of JUMP and Hoshiko already think which song you will give other group to sing.”

                  Yabu says, “JUMP chooses Perfect Life.” Before Karina announce, “Hoshiko decide Fun Life.” Before the meeting end, they being told that they only have 3 days to practice for the mini-live and they can practice at anywhere within the venue as fans begin fill the outside.


                Karina seem still worry about Keito’s condition and decide to ask when finish get briefing, “Are you sure that you really okay?”

                “Yeah, I’m okay but my back still hurt a bit and I just lucky that I didn’t hit to the wall. We also didn’t have dance song for this mini-live as we focus on band songs.” Say Keito. It seems they have little break to let both group to hear songs before begin practice.

                “But there will be a corner where we will do what our fans ask us and I’m sure your fans would request dance song.” Say Karina who already thinks what will happen.

                Keito lightly pats her head and says, “You don’t have to worry and I will check with doctor in case for the worse. Thank you for worry and you should worry about mini-live as it really important for us; JUMP and Hoshiko.” Everyone who watch it, can’t stop themselves to feel amazes as Keito really famous with his shyness while Karina famous with her ice princess attitude.

                Mariko ruin the moment by saying, “Yeah, you should worry about the mini-live, Karina-chan. Who knows that you will play wrong tone during play our song?”

                “Even I play wrong tone, I still can cover it but if you sing wrong lyric, I will not help you to cover it with my bass sound, Mariko-chan.” Say Karina with tease tone that come with smirk.

                Yuya asks Sara about what happen and she replies, “Both of them always fight but that’s what makes Hoshiko strong since they always fight to get the best for performance.”

                Kota need to clap his hands for few times to grab everyone’s attention in the room and says, “It seem all of us already know each other song and I think it’s time for us to learn to play the songs since some of us will play instruments. Kuzuryu-san, it is okay for me to distribute the tasks that include Hoshiko?”

                “Just include us to make it easier since if I do it, there will be unwanted argument that will take more time.” Say Karina as she looks towards Mariko.

                Kota nods and says, “I will distribute you guys into 5 teams; Reika, Yuto and Dai-chan in first team, Sara, Inoo-chan and Yuya in second team, Mariko, Ryosuke and Yuri in third team, Rin, me and Keito in fourth team while Karina and Hikaru in last team.”

                Suddenly, Hikaru get near to Karina and stare her face for awhile before says, “I know it is you! Wah, you already change since you already become idols, Karina-chan!”

                “You know her?” ask Kota.

                “Oh, she is my neighbour but move after that incident happen. No wonder your name seems familiar to me. Your brother name Nobuhiko, deshou?” say Hikaru and Karina tilt her head to the side before remember something. She slightly punches her hand and says, “Ah, Hikka-teeth bro.”

                “Hikka-teeth bro?” ask others and Karina explains, “Yeah, I call him like that because of his fang teeth but never think that you’re one of JUMP since you always said you want to become ramen house owner.”

                “Same goes to me, I never think you will become idol too because you want to become IT person.” Say Hikaru as he ruffles Karina’s hair and that make it messier.

                “I’m taking IT course a university. It’s hard to handle but fun to learn.” Say Karina. Both of them begin take place at a corner before begin chatting and learn each other songs and others take their places.

                Kei decide to make sound check on Sara’s play at keyboard that try to play JUMP’s song. Sara play it based on her memory and Yuya says, “Sugoi! You play it really well even you just heard it.”

                Sara blush a bit before says, “It just… we always play it. All of us are actually JUMP’s fans and we hear JUMP’s songs more than Hoshiko’s songs especially Karina-chan. He’s hard-core Tobikko even a closet one.”

                “We’re happy to hear it as we also always hear Hoshiko’s song.” Say Yuya.

                “It seems there’s nothing for me to change your play and let’s hear mine.” Say Kei as he takes over Sara’s place and begins plays the music on keyboard. Three of them also practice sings but it mix with laughter as Yuya will make silly mistakes.


                Keito teaches Rin play JUMP’s song as she make mistakes as some place and it makes him need to move closer to the girl. Rin notice her best friend watches them and see slight jealous in that girl’s eyes. She says, “I think I already okay and you also the same.”

                “Yeah, that’s good. It seems we’re ready for the mini-live.” Say Keito even he still wants to check about the songs. Kota can’t join them because he needs to discuss something with JUMP and Hoshiko’s manager.

                “If you need help about the melody, you can ask Karina-chan since she’s the one who come out with melody and arrangement. I have something else to do right now.” Say Rin before leave the room as she seem has something to do at that moment. Keito only practice with his guitar alone and found a confuse tune on certain part.

                Hikaru gets near him and asks, “Where are your teammates?”

                “Yabu-kun needs to discuss something with our manager while Walker-san seems leaves here.” Say Keito as he strums his guitar.

                Hikaru seem in problem and says, “Ne, could you help me to check on Karina-chan? I need to help Yabu at outside.”

                “Eh?! I thought it should be Kuzuryu-san that should join you guys?” ask Keito as he thinks leader should do it.

                “I can’t do that because we already make draw who will responsible on this matter since I’m not always free and it is Rin-chan’s turn. It’s normal for us to draw who will manage the event.” Say Karina. Hikaru leaves both of them and they only strum their guitar or bass to kill time.

                “So, you always busy?” ask Keito.

                Karina nods, “Yeah, since we’re in middle of develop system for our faculty and Hoshiko already begin gain name at our fans. Both of it really important to me and I don’t want betray any of it.”

                “Wah, it seems hard to understand since I only take liberal arts at university.” Say Keito.

                “Our faculty just establish and there still many things that we need to do for everyone. Sometimes, it hard to handle since I’m the only girl in our class but it always fun in our days as we learn new things.” Say Karina as she pushes her hair that begins covers her face.


                Mariko really amazes to hear Ryosuke and Yuri’s voice and begin lose confident with her voice. Ryosuke says, “Just confident with what we have since we have our own ability.”

                She tries her best to cover her nervous and begin sing. She nervous because she always get scold by their composer during recording and Karina always critic her singing when get the chances. After finishes singing, Ryosuke says, “You should proud with your voice because it really gives calm feeling to us.”

                “Arigatou…” Mariko happy to hear it.

                Yuri asks, “Why you nervous just now?”

                “It just… our composer and Karina-chan always critic me when I’m singing.” Say Mariko and Ryosuke say, “But maybe because of that, your voice could reach everyone’s soul who hears it.”

                “Could it really reach to those who hear it?” ask Mariko.

                Yuri says, “You don’t have to worry what people say and just focus on singing style that you like because it is your own style.”


                Reika stop the last beat and can see both Yuto and Daiki amaze to see it. Yuto asks, “How long you already play drum?”

                “Hm… I think I begin play it at 5 because I watch my brothers play instruments and I follow them. I always like melody and beat, and I even try to make melody but only manage to do it with Karina-chan.” Say Reika.

                “It seems you girls really depend on Kuzuryu-san. Even in magazines, all of you always mention her name in anything that you do something.” Say Daiki who always know what happen in entertainment world.

                “If not because of her, maybe none of us could survive in this world. Her carefree always safe us from many things.” Say Reika.

                Yuto says, “We’re really lucky because our tempo in each other song and our title also almost same.”

                Daiki confuse, “JUMP’s Perfect Life while Hoshiko’s Fun Life… you’re right. This really great as we never collaborate with any group outside from jimusho in mini-live.”

                “We always collaborate with various artists but it not always since we need to match with everyone’s schedule.” Say Reika. Daiki begin hyper and ask many things about other artists to Reika.


                “It seem all of you already tired especially Karina-chan…” say Harada and receive glare from Karina before continues, “…All of you can return to your hotels and tomorrow will be rehearsal to check everything. Cars already waiting outside.”

                Hoshiko and JUMP get into cars but it seem they randomly sit in the cars as everyone really tired. When it almost arrives at the hotel, it seems fans already surround the hotel and the drivers need to use alternative route to send them.

                JUMP decides to eat before returns to their rooms while Hoshiko want to get rest in their rooms. Karina decides to give the letter after clean herself as Rin always stay in her room to kill time. She wipes her wet hair with towel and gives letter to Rin. Rin asks, “From whom?”

                “Harada-san said it from your mom.” Karina notice Rin’s face turn dark before adds, “None of us know how she could show up but she want you to read the letter.”

                Rin tore up the letter in pieces before throw into bin but Karina says, “The letter said that she really want to meet you to explain everything to you. You can get contact with her when you’re ready.”

                “You already read it?” ask Rin and her best friend nods. She praise her best friend, “It’s amazes when you could remember it after read it once. As expected from top student when we’re high school student.”

                “You should meet her and listen to what she wants to tell you. Maybe you will know who’s actually with your father and why all this could happen?” Karina tries her best to make her best friend agree to meet the supposedly-death-mother.

                “I don’t want to meet or talk to that woman. I will never do that.” Say Rin with angry tone.

                Karina leaves out huge sigh and says, “Okay… if you say like that. Let’s go out to grab something to eat. I’m starving right now.”

                “Me too.” Say Rin before jump off from the bed and go to her room to get ready to go out. Karina pick up her phone and dial someone’s number before talk for awhile but it seem she talk in rush to avoid her best friend hear it from other room.


                Keito and Ryosuke decide to walk around the hotel and notice the girls who just leave the elevator. Ryosuke decides to greet them, “Hi girls. Where are you going?”

                “Oh, we plan to grab a bite since both of us feel really hungry and I can’t let my stomach empty.” Say Karina as she rubs her stomach.

                “How about both of us join you girls? The more people, the merrier and it would be safer for both of you.” Ryosuke come out with an idea. Rin want to avoid it but Karina and Keito just accept it coolly.

                Both of them go to a nearby restaurant and take seat that could give privacy for them. They order what they want and wait for their orders to arrive. Keito begin the conversation, “I heard five of you always join making songs for your group.”

                “Yeah but I always join pre-production to come out with any concept. I’m not that talented in music like you guys.” Say Karina. She order omu-rice with warm tea while Rin only order something simple as she still full after eat bento before go for meeting.

                “Why you friend really quiet?” ask Ryosuke while look towards Rin. He notices that she almost never joins their conversation since the beginning.

                “Oh, she always likes that. She doesn’t want to get hurt anymore after losing her parent. I understand her feeling because we in same boat.” Say Karina. She eats her food and happily says, “Wah, oishii! I should come here again after this.”

                “You always like this. Never get tired to take same things even you already done it for many times.” Say Rin.

                “Can’t be helped since my habit that I get from my late father. We always eat same things and move in same pace; like we in same soul.” Say Karina as she smiles bitterly.

                Rin look to other place and mutter, “At least, you have memory with your family while I’m don’t have any of them. We never get along and accident changes everything in my life.”

                “And that make both of us meet, deshou?” ask Karina as she hugs Rin and totally forget about the guys in front of her.

                “You want to know something; people may misunderstand both of you as lesbian by just looking what happen right now.” Say Ryosuke bluntly.

                Karina choke her food and quickly reach for water while Rin says, “I already vow that I will protect her from those dirty people who try to lay hand on her.” Mariko could see everything from outside the restaurant, feel anxious about what happen and try to find chance to broke them.

                “I want to destroy them; I want to break them, no matter what happen.” Mariko keeps saying that while on the way to a place that she want to go.


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