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Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1

                That day, Hoshiko will have recording for ‘P’ File show. It is popular show where audiences could know more about their guests. Hoshiko still getting ready in green room after greet the MC. Reika taps the table to produce beat and it annoy Mariko who in middle of being make-up. She says, “If you want to make noise, make it outside this room. I need calmness before get on stage.”

                Reika hear it and make her taps to fast-mode while smirking. Mariko’s face really mad at that time and want to say something but Karina gets into the room, “Don’t start fight in this place. If you guys really want to have bloodbath, you guys can do it after the show end.”

                “Where have you been, Karina-chan? You should get ready right now.” Say Sara. Hoshiko’s leader actually missing in action after they greet the MC for the show, Becky and only show herself at that moment.

                “Oh, I get phone call from my sensei as he want to tell about upcoming article review that we will make next month.” Say Karina. She takes seat at empty chair to let the person begin make-up and style her hair after takeoff her glasses.

                “Karina-chan, does your brother know that we will go to Okinawa after this?” ask Rin as she remembers that Karina hasn’t mention about telling Nobuhiko.

                “Oh, I already told him when I met him.” Say Karina and she notice Rin’s face that says you-didn’t-tell-me. She giggles before reply, “I just send mail to him as we busy with our work and he’s busy with his bakery.”


                “Today, we really lucky because we have an uprising girl band, Hoshiko as our guest for this week’s show. It seems really hard to get them as each of them busy with many things in their life. What to know more about them? Let’s call them to our set.” Announce Becky and everyone give applause as Hoshiko get into the set before take their seats.

                They introduce themselves to the audiences before Becky ask, “I’m sure many of your fans want to know how you could join the jimusho even none of you ever dream to become idols. Let’s begin with the leader, Kuzuryu-san.”

                “President of Ace Entertainment scouts me and Rin-chan. How he could see us, it a bit weird since he get into a music shop where both of us always go and watch us playing instrument in the shop. He just walks towards us and says, ‘You have talent. You should become my talents. Just like that and we just accept it as we want to try something different.” Say Karina and Rin only nods as she doesn’t want to talk.

                Sara tells about her scout story, “I also same with them after president saw me playing keyboard at my middle school.”

                “While for me, president watch my performance when I still in same group with my siblings and he scout me.” Say Reika.

                When it comes to Mariko’s turn, she says, “I just get into the company because I want to meet my father but it seems the president only interested with my vocal.”

                “It seems five of you different with each other. How you guys could cooperate with your work?” ask Becky.

                “Usually, we will forget our fight when it already come to work and focus on work. Karina-chan always comes out with something when we almost begin to fight. Her mind really works really well at moment like that.” Say Reika.

                Becky read from the paper card in front of her and asks, “Some of your fans curious as they heard Kuzuryu-san and Walker-san had stay at orphanage before. Is that true?”
          “Yeah, both of us lose our parent when we’re still kids and stay orphanage for awhile. Because of we could stay there and learn about many things include music. Both of us always spend time together with my brother.” Say Karina. It seems Rin doesn’t want to comment
anything about Karina’s statement.

                “I’m sorry if this question hurt you but this reason makes Walker-san not talkative with other people?” say Becky.

                Sara decides to answer it, “Yes, Rin-chan only talks with Karina-chan and sometimes with our president and our manager.”

                “I want people to know me with my music without care of my voice.” comment Rin and it make Reika says, “She’s speaking.” It brings laughter to the audiences while other Hoshiko and MC only smile.

                “I want to ask more questions. Can you guys decide which of you girls that is intelligence?” say the Becky and Hoshiko points out to Karina.

                When ask the reason why, Sara answers, “She’s the only member of Hoshiko that pursue higher education. When we get off-day, she never ‘off’, keeps ‘on’ and also has various hobbies.”

                “I never ‘off’. What a weird reason but I admit it really hard to balance everything.” Say Karina.

                “Then, why you still want to pursue it?” ask Becky.

                Karina giggles before reply, “Somehow, I will continue pursue it. I always like to learn something new every day and it feel like magical to me.” The recording end smoothly and Hoshiko changes their clothes.

                Becky gets into Hoshiko’s dressing room and hug each of them before says, “You girls really great and kawaii! I always want to meet you girls but it really hard to get schedule with you girls.”

                “We also happy to meet you, Becky-san. We always watch your programs and dramas.” Say Sara.

                Becky takes out something and says, “Oh, this is presents for all of you from sponsors of this show. I hope all of you will love it.”

                Karina opens the box and see pretty necklace in it, “Wah, it really beautiful necklace. I have been searching for this design for long time.” They take chance to take photos of each other and exchange contact information before leave the place.


                While they on the flight, Sara ask, “Do you think we can meet HSJ again at Okinawa? I heard they also go there.”

                “Hm… I don’t know but maybe we still have chance since we will make mini-live with a popular group.” Say Reika before both of them turns into fangirls mode. Mariko already wears her eye-mask to relax herself while Karina and Rin seem discussing about something.

                Harada remind them as soon they arrive at Okinawa, “You will go straight to your hotel and get rest as tomorrow you will have rehearsal for upcoming mini-live. I hope you guys ready to know which group will make performance together with you.”

                “Hai, hai, can we go to hotel right now? I’m really tired and want to get some sleep.” Say Karina as she yawns and others couldn’t hide their tired face. Harada tells them that they will go straight to hotel to let them to rest.


                “I don’t want to stay other room except I get same room with Karina-chan.” Say Rin after know the room arrangement.

                “I know you will say like that and I make them prepare rooms that could connect with each other. You always like that, Rin-chan and I already manage everything.” Say Harada. Five of them take their key card and walk to their rooms.

                Harada stops Rin when she wants to go to her room and says, “I need to talk about something that concern something of you.”

                “I’m tired and I really need rest. Let’s do it other time since I don’t want anyone know our relationship.” Say Rin with cold tone.

                “I understand why you do that but this really urgent.” Harada seem really want to get his niece to talk with him but Rin just leave the place. Karina already ask someone to send her bags to the room, get near to Harada and says, “She really want to make people think that you only Hoshiko’s manager. She thinks that she already big enough to make you out from her private life.”

                “Could I ask your help about this thing?” ask Harada and Karina come out with idea to go to nearby café.

                Karina takes sip of her hot herb tea and smiles as she really like the taste. Harada pushes a brown envelope towards Rin and says, “This is letter from my sister.”

                Karina’s eyes go wide to hear it and say, “I thought your sister already…” She can’t say the word ‘died’ as she knows it is sensitive word. She covers the word that she wants to say by sipping her tea.

                “I also think like that but she suddenly appears and asks me where Rin-chan but I tell her that I don’t know where she lives. She write something on a paper and ask me to give this to her. I hope you could tell her about this content to her.” Say Harada.

                Karina take the envelope and keep it inside her bag before says, “I will try to tell her but I can’t guarantee anything.”

                Karina finishes her tea and leaves the place as she really tired on that day. She could hear Harada says to her, “Make sure you take enough rest before think about that. Just take your own time since I know you always like to make yourself involve with complicated things.”


                Reika rolling on the bed as soon she gets into the room since there’s no drum in that room. She want to fool around with Sara like what their always do but it seems that girl already in deep sleep after tired of fangirling all the way there. She checks something on her phone and notice there are great cake house not far from the place.

                She gets ready to go out and send mail to Harada to tell him that she’s going out or the manager will angry with it. She walks without worry of anything as she knows fans totally understand when Hoshiko want privacy outside from work. There still people who recognize her but she only smile to them.

                “Wah, Hoshiko’s Minami Reika-san is here! I can’t believe you will come to my shop even it not popular like other shops.” Say the shopkeeper.

                “I’m not person that always has enough money to spend at anywhere and I want to taste your delicious cake but there are too many choices here.” Say Reika as she looks to every cake in the shop with sparkling eyes. The shopkeeper really happy to welcome her and recommend cakes to Reika. She really enjoys the moment in the café and uploads at her SNS at that moment.

                After awhile, she notices a comment that says, ‘Cruel! You didn’t invite me to go there. I also want to eat delicious cake.’ Reika know who is it; Sara but the style that girl reply, it seem she just wake up from sleep as she used different ecomotion from usual.

                “Thanks for delicious cakes. I will come here again next time.” Say Reika before leave the shop. Since the company’s policies don’t limit their talents freedom, Reika left her signature and photo with the shopkeeper in that cake house.


                Sara decides to walk around after she’s wake up from dream as it really bored at that moment. She wants to check the place that will become the place for mini-live but Harada says that they could see it tomorrow. She listens to JUMP and Hoshiko’s songs while walking to kill time.

                Suddenly, she bump into someone and her face turn to red as the person is one of JUMP, Yuya. She always attract to his mature face but childish attitude that always can be seen on screen. She quickly says, “Gomenasai! It’s my fault not to see around while walking.”

                “It’s okay.” Say Yuya before who is it and ask, “Wow, are you here for vacation, Song-san?”

                “No, we’re here for work but it only begins tomorrow and just calls me Sara since it seems weird when you call me with Song.” Say Sara as she smiles shyly. She realize something and asks, “How about you, Takaki-san?”

                “Just call me Yuya. I’m here with my group because of work. Just like you. Somehow, it feels really happy as I always want to see beautiful keyboard player of Hoshiko and work together.” Say Yuya. He want to chat more with Sara but his manager already call for him and he says, “Let’s meet again if we get time, okay. Ja ne!”

                Sara just barely to hide her happiness to meet person that she always admire as inside her already explode with fireworks. She put her hand at her fast-beating heart and mutter, “Why my heart beat really fast? It’s not that I meet him for first time.”


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