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Star Tobbi (Chapter 1)

Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?


                After their work end, Hoshiko changes their clothes and get into the car because they have to join lunch with their president at usual restaurant. Sara says, “Wah, I feel really hungry right now!”

                “Don’t worry because we’re on the way to our favourite western restaurant.” Say Reika and both of them skip together to get into the car. Mariko walks while crossing her arms while Karina and Rin walk slowly as they need to make sure they don’t leave anything in dressing room.

                Mariko seem reluctant to get into the restaurant as she always want to avoid Mr. Nagase but Harada already push her to get into the place. They take their seat and order what they want. Mr. Nagase asks, “How’s your life in Hoshiko, Mariko-chan?”

                “Nothing interesting happens and stop acting like you care about me.” Say Mariko as she takes sip from her drink. Others decide to ignore as it only make it worse.

                “Of course I care of you. Not as one of my talents but also my daughter.” Say Mr. Nagase.

                “You never care until I get into your jimusho. You even let mama suffer alone to raise me alone. You always busy with your mistresses.” Say Mariko.

                Karina who couldn’t stand with the atmosphere, ‘accidentally’ drop her folk to the floor and grab attention of the waiter to come and change it. She says, “Ah, gomen ne. It seems it the food too delicious and I almost throw my folk.”

                Rin leans on her chair and whisper to Karina, “You do that to avoid they argue again, right? You always do that.”

                Mr. Nagase remembers something and says, “Ah, I remember something. I will make a debut for a group of 4 girls soon and you guys will be responsible to help them. Are you girls ready for it?”

                “I’m always ready.” Reply Karina. Mr. Nagase looks at Rin, “I will follow whatever Karina-chan’s decision.” Karina smiles because she knows how to make Rin to say yes; ichigo. Reika and Sara also agree but Mariko, “I don’t agree with it. Even Hoshiko work by ourselves to get what we have today. Your new group also need to do that.”

                “That’s the reason why I don’t choose you as leader of Hoshiko even you’re oldest among them.” Say Mr. Nagase. Mariko stands up from her seat and storm out from the restaurant but no one do anything to chase her and continue their meal.


                Four of them arrive home and change their clothes in their rooms. Rin walks to Karina’s room as she feels really bored and notice Karina doing something in front of computer. She doesn’t understand anything on the screen before asks, “What are you doing?”

                “Oh, I’m in middle of creating application for my final assignment. I need to finish it by today or it will be hard to keep it up.” say Karina without change her focus. Her fingers typing easy but complicated to understand.

                “Could you hear my flute? I kinda miss to play it.” Say Rin but Karina ignores her. She gets near the girl to whisper, “If you don’t want to hear it, I can hide all your sweets and manga.”

                Sweat appears from Karina’s forehead and she quickly says, “Just give me another 15 minutes. I almost finish with this.”

                Rin hugs her best friend’s neck and says, “I will come back with my flute.” She only acts like that when with Karina as she believes that girl more than everything.


                Sara gets phone call from her father that asking her to return to Seoul but she reply, “I can’t do that because we’re getting busy with works and president just told us about we’re going to help a new group to debut.”

                “You should think about your life seriously. You’re not kids anymore.” Say Mr. Song. He really surprise to know Sara want to become idol even never dream to become that.

                “Appa, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I already an adult and know what I can do. You need to make sure hyung doesn’t ruin your company.” Say Sara as she checks music score that she just receives for new songs.

                “You don’t have reason to stay there anymore.” Say Mr. Song.

                “Of course I have because omma being buried here. We already agree that I will stay here and do whatever I want.” Say Sara. Mr. Song can’t say anything when his daughter brings out that agreement. He feel regret to agree with it but everything too late to return it back. Sara continue, “You don’t have to worry about me and I will go there when I get time.”


                Reika relax on the rooftop while staring the cloudless night sky. She want to go out when think it already late, she just stay at rooftop. Her mouth humming her favourite song that always brings light when she feels down in her day; Ultra Music Power. She still remembers how she watches them perform during the volleyball with her family; feel like power come out from them.

                “Why Hoshiko can’t be like JUMP? It gives feeling like family.” Say Reika as her eyes looks towards to the moon. Suddenly, she hears lovely melody of flute from Karina’s room. She always want to know who play the flute as she knows Rin always goes to Hoshiko’s leader’s room to kill time and always curious about their relationship.

                When she feels the coldness can’t be standing by her body, she get into the house and plan to make warm drink for herself. She surprise to see Karina and Rin also at kitchen, Karina asks, “You want hot chocolate?”

                “Um… I think I need warm drink right now. I feel really cold.” Say Reika.

                Karina serves hot chocolate in front of Reika while saying, “Of course you will feel cold since you spend time at rooftop… I think more than 3 hours.”

                “How you know I’m there?” Reika surprise to hear it and listen to Karina’s talk, “I saw you going upstairs and just now, you get down from that stairs. You really like to spend time at rooftop.”

                “Karina-chan, you really like mama just now.” Say Rin with her usual tone.

                Karina hugs Rin and says, “It’s mean I already a cute daughter; Reika-chan, a cold daughter; you, pretty daughter Sara-chan, and rebellious daughter; Mariko-chan. I only need perfect husband to complete my life.”

                “Stop thinking like that because you’re an idol.” Say Rin as she broke off the hug. She finishes her drink and leaves the kitchen. Reika watches how Karina just giggles to see Rin go upstairs, collect the mug and wash it without scold her or anything.

                “How you could stand with our attitude that totally different from each other without even lose temper?” ask Reika as she remember Karina almost never scold anyone.

                Karina dries her hands after washing and says, “No one being born perfect in everything. I can’t make you guys change your attitude and always think you guys as my family. Even I scold you guys, nothing would happen because we know that we want to stay as who we are.”

                “No wonder president believes on you to become our leader.” Say Reika. She hears Karina mutters, “I may not compatible to become great leader but I have to do what I should do.”


                The next morning, Harada come to Hoshiko’s house and make noise by hitting the metal with stick that really makes everyone mad to hear it. Mariko comes to living room and asks in angry tone, “What the heck that you’re doing at time like this? I still want to sleep.”

                “It’s still early.” Say Sara as she yawns.

                “I will tell you guys something when everyone’s here.” Say Harada but Karina doesn’t appear even everyone already at living room. He goes to Karina’s room and sees the girl is in middle of reading book while listening to loud songs from headphone.

                He pulls off the headphone and says, “Everyone already at living room right now.” Karina just nods and join others without saying anything while bring along the book that she’s reading.

                Harada take the book from Karina’s hand before announce, “I want all of you to pack your things since we will spend time at Okinawa for a week for fan meeting and mini-live.”

                Karina find chance to get backs her book and says, “If you want to say about that, I already finish packing. We already had been told for this since last week.”

                “We will go there after finish recording for ‘P’ File show. About your class, Karina-chan, we already told the college and they seem like allow it.” Say Harada.

                “Yabai, I forget to pack my luggage.” Say Sara and Reika also say the same.

                “You guys still have 2 days to pack your things. That’s all.” Say Harada. He just leaves the house while others try to get more sleep at the living room.

                Karina stands up from her seat and says, “I will come back late today because I decide to visit someone. I need to tell them that we will go to Okinawa or they will be real worry of me.”

                “I want to follow you.” Say Rin. Karina says, “Just get ready as we will get move when I finish read this book.” Rin quickly run to her room to clean herself and get ready.

                Mariko asks, “Meeting your boyfriend again?”

                Karina bluff, “Yeah, I’m going to meet him and spend the whole time with him… on bed and become one together.” When see everyone’s reaction, she says, “Like hell I would do that. I’m going to meet my foster parent since I haven’t met them for few months.”


                Karina parks her car in front of a house and both of them get off from the car. A lady comes out from the door and run to hug Karina tightly while saying, “Oh, I really miss you and you have grown up into beautiful lady.”

                “Mama, stop it! You can kill her if like that.” Say Kento who also just arrive home.

                “Gomen, I just happy to know you’re coming back home. Rin-chan too.” Say Mrs. Nakajima before welcome them into the house. Karina ask why Kento also there because she know he already leave outside where a house that nearer to his campus and he reply, “Mama called me to come back home because her daughter is coming back home today.”

                Kento notice Rin and asks, “She is my friend and also one of Hoshiko. She plays guitar in Hoshiko but really cold towards everyone.”

                “It really a waste because she has cute face.” Say Kento. He wants to get near to Rin but Karina quickly says, “I think I need to warn you not to get too close with her. She will use judo when she feel harm.”


                Mariko gets off from the taxi that stops in front of hospital. She brings along a bouquet of flower and walks until arrive at a room. No one recognize her as she wears clothes that different that the one that she always wear.

                She gets into the room and asks, “How are you feeling today… mama?”

                “I’m okay, Ma-chan. I thought you still busy today.” Say her mom, Amarante.

                “Word ‘busy’ not in my dictionary when come to you. If it not because of you, I will not see the world. I’m here because I will not able to see you for a week.” Say Mariko.

                “I know. He came here yesterday and tells everything to me. It seem you still fight with them even you guys already with them more than 5 years.” Say Amarante while smile weakly.

                Mariko leaves out huge sigh and says, “He comes here without telling me but you know that I won’t be good with them. They are totally different from me.”

                Amarante stroke her daughter’s head while saying, “I know you never think about becoming idol but you should learn to cope with them as you already together with them and will always with them. I know you join the jimusho just to get attention from your father but you need to get together with them.”

                “I try but I can’t, mama. It just too hard to do it.” Say Mariko as her tears flowing out. Amarante just smile to see it as she knows her daughter already suffer too much to get what she have nowadays.

Hahaha!! I'm update again but still not show who pair with who. I will tell who with who next time... maybe. XD


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