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Star Tobbi (Teaser)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Hoshiko is popular girl’s band that under famous company, Ace Entertainment. They famous with their debut song that tells about being themselves, Just us. They also popular with particular reason; talented but never think to become idols. They consist of 5 girls; Nagase Mariko as vocalist, Rin Walker as guitarist, Kuzuryu Karina as bass player, Minami Reika as drummer, and Song Sara play keyboard.

                Karina parks her bicycle at its place before run into the building. It show she that she already late for her practice after accidentally fall asleep in library. She rushes into the room and says, “Gomen, I admit late because I fall asleep.”

                “You always fall asleep even I already remind you not to fall asleep.” Say Rin while she tuning her guitar. Both of them are best friend since kids and Karina is the only person that could talk easily with Rin without using horrific.

                “Men-go, men-go (Reverse from gomen. It can be saying her style when apologizing). I feel ease after I finish my research for my final mark and become sleepy.” Say Karina as she put her bag on the table and get ready for practice. It is their last practice before perform their new single on TV show on that night.

                “You work really hard. I never think I could work and attend class like you at same time. You really deabak.” Say Sara as she checks her keyboard.

                “You’re late and just get ready for practice. We can only have 30 minutes to practice and get move to TV station.” Say Mariko in mad tone. She always serious when come to work and totally different from Karina who carefree about everything even she is the leader.

                “Relax, Mariko-chan. You may get wrinkle on your face.” Say Reika. She begin tap the drum while waiting others getting ready. They begin their final practice and check everything to ensure it perfect for TV show.

                Hoshiko’s manager, Harada get in the room after they finish practice and says, “Okay, girls. It’s already time to get move. You guys will make performance at Music Station with popular people.”


                They change their clothes and get ready for the show when arrive at the TV station. Karina fixes her glasses before leave the green room to stand-by with others. When it almost begins, MC asks, “We get question from Mi-chan from Shinagawa for Hoshiko. What kind lucky charms you guys have while making performance?”

                “None of us have any lucky charms except for Karina-chan.” Say Reika as Hoshiko looks towards Karina.

                Karina giggle before says, “My lucky charm is my glasses. Since I don’t want to wear contact lens, I always wear it or I would not able to see it well.” That answer receive laugh from everyone in that area as never think that girl will answer like that.

                “How about everyone in JUMP? Yamada-san…” ask the MC.

                Ryosuke says, “I will wear lens as it will be easier for me when dancing.” Kota quickly says that answer is about lens and not lucky charm.

                When the time comes, they get into the stage and enjoy the show. When come to their turn, the male MC asks, “I heard you guys also done swimming shooting. So, how you guys handle with swimming shoot during winter?”

                “We just do our best but for weird reason, Sara-chan ate ice-cream before get into the pool. We really surprise since others really cold at that time. Even Karina-chan gets fever after finish the shooting.” Say Reika while giggles.

                “Hoshiko-san, please get ready for your performance.” Say the female MC and the girl excuse themselves. “Wah, it really surprising to know that one of them eat ice-cream in cold weather.”

                “If I do that, I also fall sick.” Say the male MC. They introduce Hoshiko and they play their new single, Cold heart. Everyone really enjoy the song as it about a girl who really love the boy but being ignore with cold heart.


                “Thanks for your hard work… all of you.” Say the staffs after everything ends. Hoshiko return to their green room to change their clothes and get ready to leave. Mariko a bit mad to see Karina who still reading something from her notebook and asks, “Could you stop reading it when we want to leave the place? You may bump anyone.”

                “If I do that, could you help me in upcoming quiz? It will about networking.” Karina begins irritated. Mariko can’t say anything as only Karina among them who still pursue studies at university. Karina smirks and says, “Just focus on your vocal and remember your own lyrics. We can’t afford to let vocalist of Hoshiko destroy the songs that we really treasure.”

                Harada needs to stop the fight before it begins worse by saying, “Okay, I know all of you already tired but remember to get ready early tomorrow because you guys have work for Alice Fashion. The car already waits for you girls.”

                “Harada-san, could help me to bring back my bass? I need to make stop at one place before go reach home.” Say Karina and give her bass case to Harada.

                “Where are you going?” ask Rin.

                “I have a place that I really need to go today no matter what happen.” Say Karina before leave them to avoid longer talk. She walks to leave the building and bump into one of JUMP member.

                “You’re Hoshiko’s Kuzuryu-san, right?” ask Hikaru as he helps Karina to stand up after fall on the ground with Keito.

                “Yes, I’m really sorry because not looking around.” Say Karina as she bows and tries to cover her blush. Everyone really surprise because if there another mistake, both of them already kiss on each other lips.

                “It’s okay but why you not with your members?” ask Keito.

                “Oh, I need to make stop at a place by myself.” Karina take a look at watch and says, “I have to excuse myself. Thanks for today’s work.” Karina leaves them as the taxi already waits to bring her to a place.


                “Where do you think she goes at time like this?” ask Reika while they on the way to reach their car. Everyone really curious to know where that girl goes as she always busy during her off-day with many things.

                They want to ask Rin but she only replies, “I’m not her guardian and I know nothing about it. Just let her do whatever she wants. It is her life and not concern of me.” She continues listening to music from her mp3 player.

                They get into the car and enjoy their time on the way without think of anything as they really tired on that day. Mariko already fall asleep, Reika watch some video on her phone, Sara play with keyboard application in her phone and Rin throw her sight outside the window. None of them want to discuss about their performance on that day and Harada only focus on his drive on the road.

                Taxi that Karina rides stop in front of bakery shop and she get off while make sure no one follow her to that place. She gets into the place to meet someone that seems still focus on his work to prepare things for next day of business. Karina smiles before make comment, “It seem you really happy with your new work.”

                The person really surprise to see Karina inside the place and hugs her. Karina need to say, “Let me off, nii-chan. You make me out of breath!”

                “Gomen, I really happy to see you. How you could get in here even I already lock the door?” ask Karina’s brother, Nobuhiko. Karina shows the key that she gets and asks about his condition while look around the bakery that has special corner for customers to leave their comment or impression of the bakery.

                Nobuhiko asks her again about Hoshiko and she says, “Really tired since I still go to university and we will have work tomorrow morning.”

                “You should not make stop at this café if you still have work tomorrow. You need to get enough rest at your home.” Say Nobuhiko as he know his sister just finish work. He always watches her performance on TV and tries his best to check on her.

                “Just let me to check your shop. You even dare to leave work that you always dream to open this bakery.” Say Karina as she knows her brother work really hard to get job at famous company in order to raise her after loses their parent.

                “Since you already have work, I don’t have other reason to stay at that company and open this bakery, like what I dream for ages.” Say Nobuhiko. He finishes his work before send Karina back to her house that she stays together with Hoshiko.


                Mariko notice a car stop in front the house and Karina get off from it. She really angry to see it as she always wants to do like what Karina does; go back home with a guy but get scold by their manager. She asks as soon Karina steps in, “Where you have been until come back home late?”

                “I already told you that I need to make stop before reach home. Nothing more to say to someone like you. Ah, I really tired.” Say Karina with annoy tone. She wants to walk to her room but something stops her.

                “And go back home with your boyfriend? It feels really good ne to have lover who willing to send me back home at time like this and never get scold from Harada-san.”  Say Mariko while put her hands back of her head.

                “He is not my boyfriend!” Karina wants to fix the statement but Mariko ignore her as she plan to tell their president and hope something bad will happen to that girl. She really wants to become Hoshiko’s leader since she is the vocalist but their president chooses Karina as leader. Karina feel really tired to fight back and just walk to get back to her room to get rest.

                Sara says, “You don’t have to hate her because you can’t become leader.” Mariko really surprise to know others also heard the conversation; Reika and Sara at couch in living room while Rin leans lazily at stairs.

                “Never think you can do whatever you want just because you’re special from us.” Say Reika. It seems both of them watch what happen earlier.

                “Why none of you want to support me when I want to do something?” ask Mariko.

                “You need to know why by yourself.” Say Rin in cold tone before stand up and go upstairs where her room and Karina’s room located. All of them really surprise to hear what she is saying as Rin almost never want to join whatever they do or talk except Karina also with them. About why she acts like that, no one knows except her best friend.


                Hoshiko does work to show new clothes line for a fashion line and it being held at same building with JUMP. Mariko feel really tired after her turn finish and decide to take rest outside from studio. She sits at one of chair at waiting area to relax herself.

                While she still relaxes herself while listening to calm music, she hears something, “Tell them to call me when they begin back shooting. I really need to sleep a bit right now.”

                Another voice says, “We will call you when they begin. You should relax since you study until really late, Yabu-kun.”

                Mariko really surprise to see Yabu Kota at that place even she know that JUMP at that place. She want to hide herself but Kota already notice her, “Oh, Hoshiko also have shooting in here?”

                “Yeah but I need rest for awhile. Same like you.” Say Mariko.

                Kota lay on chair not far from her and says, “Please wake me up after 5 minute.” He closes his eyes and drift into dreamland without waiting Mariko’s response. She really nervous as she never meets any idols like him at place like that even she already become female idol for almost 2 years.

                Mariko could see Kota’s face clearly and mutter, “He really handsome when get near like this but he will never know my feeling.” Her hand unconsciously stroke his silky hair and smile. She really excited to see his sleeping face but quickly snap out when remember what she is doing.


                “Are you sure they could accept it?” ask Mina, the director’s assistant.

                “No one will oppose my words because I’m director… Book the usual place because I want to tell everything to them.” Say President of Ace Entertainment, Mr. Nagase. He walks towards the window and smile as he can’t want to announce it to Hoshiko about his plan.


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