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Star Tobbi (Finale)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Their life after Hoshiko disband.

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                The screen show Hoshiko have fun with their lucky fans at the Disneyland and Disney Sea. They ride various attraction to enjoy the special day and even walk together like a couple. It really surprising when Rin could become friendly with her lucky fans to do many things. While the person still watch the show, a knock interrupt the person’s focus on the screen before hear, “Karina-chan, I hope you don’t forget the plan to café hopping.”

                The person is Karina who still brush her hair before tie it into messy bun to compliment her look that wear floral skirt with plain t-shirt. She grab her handbag while check herself in mirror and wear her sneakers before step-out. She says, “Mengo~! I’m just watching the date show since it is our last time spend time with our fans as Hoshiko.”

                Both of them walk together to train station and Keito remembers, “Yeah… Each of you already busy with solo activities!”

                “Yeah but when clock hit 10, all of us begin busy at our chatting room. Even it only last for two hours as everyone busy.” Say Karina while waves her handphone. It is handphone that only for private use that she buy after Hoshiko’s disbandment.

                That day, they will join Ryosuke and his friend to visit several cafes. It is the guys’ idea as Karina begin really busy with various works. She also has to join several promotion for new drama with Keito and join production for new show that will involve fashion talk. She want to decline it but for some reason, no one would agree with her.

                They ride the train even Karina notice some of the people around them. Even public already knows about their relationship, she still not comfortable to get those attention. Keito notice it and take hold her hand into his to give calmness to release the tense. He doesn’t want to stress that girl as he knows it is really hard for her to stay carefree like usual after her group’s disbandment. Even it already several months since that moment, it still give effect to her and he understand it.

                When reach at a café, Keito opens the door for her to walk in and she really surprise to see Rin there with Ryosuke. She runs to hug her best friend before cry as she really miss that girl. Everyone could see Rin really shock with what happen but manage to say, “Hey! I’m still alive! We always chat with everyone, right?”

                “But… but…” Karina can’t say anything as she really happy to meet her. She always search for chance to visit jimusho as she knows Rin always spend time there, make preparation for her debut single but her manager never let her there with excuse that she’s too busy for that.

                Ryosuke and Keito just take their seat while let the girls take their time. After few minutes, Rin manage to pull Karina to take her seat beside her lover. Ryosuke says, “I plan this as we never go out as friends and it is really great day as none of us has any work today.”

                Karina wonder about it and remember, “You’re right~! You live next to her ne~!” she look around and happily ask, “Can we order something? Mazo-kun’s treat deshou?” Everyone sweat-drop with her response before giggles a bit before continue their plan on the day. They forget how carefree that girl is because they think her worry about what happen.


                Sara just finish her task at hospital where she send clothes for her father. She watch the show that she gets from Karina and couldn’t help not to smile. She really treasure her fans even she is not an idol anymore. She get invitation to their jimusho become one of their talent but she already make decision that she will focus on take care of her father while helping her brother.

                Her driver open door for her to get in car before says, “You always look really happy when watch something that has your members in it.”

                “It is really show on my face?” ask Sara.

                “Yes, even master said you look really beautiful when on stage, doing what you really love.” Say the driver. Sara only smiles as she knows her father will say like that as she is same like her late mother.

                One the way back home, she check SNS to see Karina’s blog about her latest work that will involve fashion that make her giggles. She knows among them, Karina may always know what’s in trend but she never confident to execute to herself as she prefer something that comfortable. She just comment with wish of luck for her.

                When she realize, the car already stop and the driver carefully open the door for her. She thanks him before steps out and walk to the house. She knows the only people in the house is the workers as Mark still at office. She really surprise when notice a package at the table in the living room. Everyone know that they can’t just walk into her room when she’s not around as she keep saying her room is her privacy.

                “Welcome home, miss. This package is for you and it arrive this morning.” Say the maid.

                Sara decide to open it there and surprise when it has many things that make her remember about stay at Japan. There are letter from the sender who turn out is Yuya. He mention in the letter that is his gift before she leave Japan but never get chance to give it to her. He also apologizes for not contact her and get her address from one of the girls.

                She smiles as she knows she can’t meet him for the last time before leave Japan as her departure is something that jimusho keep it secret except for the girls and Harada. She also can’t use her Japanese number anymore and only her family and the girls know her new number. She takes out her phone and know there are some way to connect back to him.

                She send short mail, “Hey! I just get your package! Thanks for great gift!”

                She get replies shortly after that, “You’re welcome. Glad you like it. I’m surprise you still keep my contact information.”

                “I just happen to keep it. Gomen for not telling you that I already change my number.”

                “It’s okay because I just get the new one.” Both of them chatting for a period of time, talk about many things. She really enjoy to spend time talking with him as it is something that she always do other than spend time with the girls.

                They only stop chatting when Sara hear Mark is calling for her and Yuya has to get ready for his work. Sara put aside her phone before go downstairs to ask, “Why you’re calling for me?”

                “It’s already time for dinner!” say Mark that make Sara only nods in agreement. Her brother bring out some topic, “An entertainment company want you to become one of their talent.”

                “No, I already told you that I won’t become idol anymore. I want to focus in taking care appa at hospital. We agree about that when I return here.” say Sara as she eat her dinner. She never think to return back to become an idol or a performer. She only want to focus on taking care her father who in the hospital.

                “I know but those people never give up to invite you.” Say Mark. Everyone knows about his sister is an idol before and her beauty make people want her to appear on TV as performer again. That’s why he arrange talented driver for her in case she has to run away from those people.

                Sara confidently says, “Just tell them that I’m not interested and I never care if they want to label me arrogant because I want to take care appa.”


                Mariko just finish the last scene shooting of the new drama where she get a role as supporting cast. Hikaru who happen get the same role of her, happily says, “I really happy that I finally get to act with you.”

                “Your act really great even it is really hard to portray.” Say Mariko. Even she can’t do like what Hikaru did.

                Hikaru shake his head before says, “I’m more impress with you. That’s why many director talk about you and your talent in acting. They even said it really great that you choose to focus on acting because it is your call.”

                They attend the after party and interact with many people. Hikaru keep looking at her even he still talking with his co-stars. He admits she become more beautiful than the last time they met but he brush it off that she’s wearing make-up at that moment.

                After few minutes, Mariko walk to get near Hikaru to tell him, “I wonder why you keep looking at me.”

                Hikaru shutter, “Nothing… it just… that… you look really beautiful.”

                “Of course I’m beautiful.” Mariko tries really hard to cover her blush.

                “I’m not mean you never beautiful before. It just you look better without that arrogant side of yours that attract more people to talk with you.” Say Hikaru. Both of them just lucky that no one focus on them as they busy socialize with people around them.

                “There’s a new movie at cinema but I don’t want to watch it alone. Are you free on Friday?” says Hikaru. He really happy when Mariko says that she’s free and happy to join him to the cinema.

                After the party end, her manager already wait for her to return home. Hikaru want to spend more time with her but she already tell him, “I don’t want to let my mom alone at home. My dad has work outside Tokyo that make no one at home and he only return home tomorrow morning.”

                “You’re such a great person. Still think about your mom even you’re tired by now.” Say Hikaru, impress with the girl in front of him that totally change.

                Mariko proudly says, “If not because of my mom, I won’t even get chance to see the world and maybe meet wonderful person like you.” With that, she just walk away.

                Hikaru wonder, “She actually feel the same way like I do? I must be dreaming right now. I better go home by now.”

                Mariko realize what she just tell Hikaru that make her blush. Her manager notice it and quickly warn her, “You’re not to get into any love relationship as you have to focus on your work. You’re at the peak right now!”

                She could only sulk at her seat when hear what her manager says. It’s not her luck to get someone that is kind like Harada but super strict manager. That make her wonder why would her dad choose that person as her manager but she manage to brush it off by think it is for her own best.


                Reika keep clapping her hands to check the dance steps of GoDream before begin the real shooting of their new PV. She smiles as she satisfy with it and only make little comment, “Just don’t show stiffness on your faces when in front of camera.”

                After the dance part end, Reika are free to excuse herself early as she only there to check the dance. She fix her handbag strap on her shoulder as she steps out from the building. She still wonder what she can do on that day and surprise to see a car stop in front of her. She knows it is Daiki’s car as she has ride it several times before.

                She knock the window and asks, “What are you doing here?”

                “Just get in the car and we will go somewhere. I’m sure you need new aspiration for new idols.” Say Daiki while try not to let anyone recognize him. Reika quickly but carefully get on the car before the car speed off. Since the disbandment, Reika and Daiki meet more frequent to exchange news.

                “Where we are going?” ask Reika.

                Daiki casually reply, “I found out a new club that have great music but I don’t think I can walk there alone.”

                “I can understand what you mean. It would be awkward as many people there socialize.” Reply Reika. She never get into that place as she afraid to talk with stranger.

                Both of them reach there and Reika could see the place fill with noise and people are enjoying themselves. They go to bar to get drink and Reika says, “Wah, this place really great.”

                “You never been here before?” ask Daiki.

                Reika shook her head, “I don’t dare to go by myself as I really hate to talk with stranger. I will feel like want to run away when some weird guy just come to me before begin his gibberish.”

                “People will attract with you because you’re really pretty.” Say Daiki.

                “That!” Reika refer on what he said before continue, “Something that I really don’t want to hear. I more prefer someone that just be himself as that it more attractive to me.”

                “You’re really honest with what you want.” Praise Daiki.

                Reika take sip of her drink before says, “Since I have to limit everything when I’m an idol before this, it make me honest what I want but still carefully with my choice.”

                “But there is one thing I’m curious about. Why after Hoshiko’s disbandment, you decide to become trainer when you can just continue your work as model?” Daiki ask that as he never get answer even from trustable source that he has.

                Reika has a gentle smile on her face before says, “When early years for Hoshiko, I have deep depression because no one ever recognize me as one of the member. Some of Hoshiko’s face really honest when make comment that sometimes hurt our feeling and comments that I always get is something that question why even I’m in the band. No one practically realize about it except for Karina-chan. She just come to my room…”


                “Reika-chan, what are you doing right now?” ask Karina while she knock the door.

                Reika check the clock to see it already 3 am. She force herself out from bed and surprise when open the door as she notices that girl already in comfortable clothes but not pyjama. She asks, “What do you want in middle of night?”

                “I know you have been sleeping all day and it is not good for you. I want to bring you out to have some fun.” Say Karina happily. Reika can’t understand why but she just change her clothes because that girl insist.

                Both of them go to somewhere that seem not suit for them and Reika surprise to see everyone there is dancing. She hear Karina says, “I know it really hard with what happen and you need some kind of channel to let it out. I think this place is suit you.”

                “How you could know place like this?” Reika think no one would notice that place exist.

                Karina fist-bump with some of people there before says, “How I know? Just before we get choose as Hoshiko, I really love to walk alone in night. I found this place when I hear interesting music but there are no ruckus happen. I walk near and found this place. It really great when they never care who you are, as long you love dancing. You can express yourself without anyone ever care.”

                “But I’m not into dancing.” Say Reika.

                “Just use this to express yourself and improve what inside you.” With that, Karina just pull herself to join those people. From there, she learn to be happy with herself and always improve herself. Her love towards dancing begin at that moment.

End of flashback~~

                Daiki really impress to hear the story and says, “Wow! That’s why you girls really great.”

                “Maybe… Karina-chan helps each of us to realize what we’re capable. Even I sad with that thing happen but we get to continue our life over something that we really like.” Say Reika.


                After few days, Rin goes to studio as she has another recordings for her debut single. It really surprising for her when Karina put indefinite hiatus on singing but she still involve in pre-production of songs for other artists. She get lyric and surprise when notice alias name that Karina use when she want to hide herself.

                She asks, “Why she writes lyric for me? She should use it for herself.”

                Yukio gives reply, “It was her decision to let you sing what she wrote. She know she won’t have time to focus on singing for time being. That’s why she’s using her alias name.”

                While in middle of recording, she really surprise when Karina stops to visit them. She could see that girl really happy to let her sing the song she create. As soon she finish singing, she return to tell Karina, “Thanks for let me to sing song that you create.”

                “I create the song special for you.” Reply Karina happily. She take a look at her watch before says, “I can only be here for few minutes. I still have that new group to look after. It really hard when their members only think about popularity.”

                “Was is you who choose them?” ask Rin.

                Karina pouts, “Not me who choose it but Saichou-san who did it. He challenge me to do that.”

                “What kind of group name you give them?” ask Rin. It really interesting to know Karina has to handle those kind of people as it can be typical in their jimusho.

                Karina say in stern tone, “I told them that they won’t get any name until the end if they keep acting like that.”

                “It seem you really become their mom.” Say Yukio while he check the recording.

                Karina leave out sigh, “Yeah but mom for 12 stubborn girls who only think to become popular but not how to make people respect them as a person.” She stands up to make some exercise before says, “I will take my leave soon as those brats will finish their practice in any minutes. I have to make sure none of them escape their next lesson.”

                She gives Rin a big hug before run from the studio as she knows if she miss a second from it, those girls will just wandering around the jimusho and it really hard to search for all of them. Rin can only hope that her best friend will be okay as she knows stress never did good thing to her.

                Yukio understand about what happen, “I heard one of the girls is Karina-chan’s manager’s sister and also Madoka’s fan.”

                “Those girls must want to break Karina-chan but they never realize her decision will change everything. Only our batch understand how powerful yet scary she is.” say Rin.

                “Yeah! Everyone in your batch found your own way to shine, right? She is really talented but for some reason, she prefer to stay in dark.” Say Yukio and Rin adds that no one ever want that girl stay in dark that make them let her shine.


                Karina shakes her head a bit when watch all of that girls get scold by Reika. She casually ask, “They make problem again?”

                “The answer is YES. They keep ignoring what I told them and just do their sloppy dance steps that only ruin themselves.” Complain Reika.

                Karina walk to the front while glaring to each of the girls before says, “Are you girls really want to become idols like your senpais in this jimusho?”

                The reply she gets is something that the girls want to become idols. She continues, “You think you can become idols with that attitudes? I’m sure all of you think it really easy to become idol when come to this jimusho because it is easy to join here, right? Well, I will be really happy to announce there will be no one who want to take any of us if you continue act like this! I’m sure some of you will hate me but I don’t care as I only do what I should do!”

                “Karina-chan, I think you need to be a bit soft with them.” Reika surprise to see how stern Karina at that moment.

                Karina snicker, “Hn! Like I care! You know why I’m like this, right? Ace Entertainment never want people who only want to become popular without ever want to make useful effort! Make sure all you return straight to home or you will get expel!”

                One of the girls stands up to protest her, “What kind of power you have? Even when you have a group, you only ruin it with your scandal.”

                Reika could see Karina’s cold smirk appear on her face, “Oh! You must be Kiriko-san’s sister. Your sister is such a great manager for me and she’s really proud of you but it seem you only ruin your sister’s expectation on you.”

                “Who care about her? You only hold our road to popularity!” say that girl again.

                “Road to popularity?” Karina chuckles with it, “You only make me laugh. Okay! I will give chance for you to prove it to me. I will arrange you for an audition for upcoming drama for main role and if you get accept, I will negotiate with Saichou about your girls’ debut.” Everyone cheer to hear that but only Reika notice evil emotion from that girl.

                When only left two of them, Reika asks, “What you already arrange? I’m sure you only dare to say that when you have plan.”

                “That girl is completely modern city girl who never know about life of countryside and the role that she will audition is someone who never go to city and has spirit of Yamato Nadeshiko. She won’t get the role if she keep acting like that. She is mix of Madoka and Mariko.” Say Karina.

                She take a look at her watch and leave out sigh. Reika asks, “What kind of work you have after this?”

                “We have meeting for new theme for upcoming season for Otome Heart. I will do my best and I’m leaving first.” Say Karina. She manage to give hug to Reika before walk away.

                Reika mumbles, “She’s working really hard ne~!” each of Hoshiko members know how hard their life when they are not together anymore but they know that they will support each other until the end as their bond is something that can’t be break by anything.


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