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Star Tobbi (Chapter 34)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: The girls has to get used with their new lifestyle...

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                Fans really curious when see members of Hoshiko upload their pictures at SNS with something that different from what they always wear especially Karina who wear wedding dress. Karina only chuckles when read comments from her phones when some of it says that she will get married soon. Rin holds box and lose patient to watch Karina who seem really relax when there are many things need to be done before scold her, “I think you’re here to help me to move things and not to laugh like insane people, Karina-chan.”

                “Mengo, mengo…” Karina keep her phone in her pocket before quickly help Rin to move things to her new apartment. She notice familiar name on the plate next door, “Yamada?? It seem too familiar… maa, that is usual name.”

                When they finish move things, Karina helps Rin to install TV and hear bell rings. It turn out Ryosuke while bring some refreshment, “This is for my new neighbour~!”

                Karina really surprise to see him at the door and try to digest everything, “Uso? You’re that Yamada?”

                “That Yamada? What do you mean?” Ryosuke confuse on what Karina try to say. He just place what he bring on the table before help Rin since there are no response from that girl.

                “I already tell you before this that he is my neighbour that live next door. You must forget about it.” Say Rin but it seem Karina just ignore them, like nothing happen. She can only help Rin a bit as she still has other work after that.

                Karina tells Rin, “I promise you that I will come here to help you as soon I finish my work.”

                “It’s okay if you don’t have time for it. Gambatte for your work.” Say Rin. Karina hugs her happily before leave the house.

                Ryosuke waits until that girl fully leave before says, “Somehow, she looks like a mom worry over her daughter. The type that won’t let her daughter grow up in front of her.”

                Rin’s face expression become gentle when says, “She just don’t believe for me to live alone as we always together ever since kids.”

                Ryosuke quickly change topic by poking her forehead, “You should focus on unpack things as I’m sure you don’t have much time for it.”

                “Itai! Mind where you touch me! I could throw you out from window!” warn Rin.

                Ryosuke smirk before corner her in flash and whisper, “I would love to see if you could do it or not, Rin.”

                That action really make Rin blush and try to push him away from her but his hands really fast to catch hers. He pinned her hand to sides, “You have to remember that I’m a lot stronger than you.” He moves off from her after awhile and says, “We should finish unpack things before continue it. Oh! After this, I will prepare meal for both of us.”

                Rin quickly shake her head and walk into her room to continue unpack her things. She feels lucky there are Ryosuke around as he has strength to lift up heavy things. She finishes arrange her clothes in the closet and turn to see that guy behind her, “How long you already there?”

                “Not too long. I want to tell you that I already finish everything and want to invite you to go supermarket. Maybe we can figure out something to eat.” Say Ryosuke. He leaves her alone to give chance for that girl to get ready to go out.


                Rin just follow him as she think to buy something for herself for the day. She just push the trolley while Ryosuke choose ingredient. He asks, “Are you okay with Japanese dishes?”

                “So far, I never have any problem with foods.” Reply Rin. She take what she desire to the trolley without Ryosuke realize it. She could sense some of the people recognize them but notice him really relax, “You really calm despite people recognize you as an idol.”

                “Just ignore them and just be yourself. You afraid things like what happen to those two happen to you?” Ryosuke know Rin just worry over that. Even what happen to Karina and Keito is still hard to believe. Everyone wonder how they could easily get okay from their super strict president.

                “Maybe I afraid a bit since I will move solo after this. No one would cover my mistake anymore.” Say Rin.

                Ryosuke sense hint of sadness from her as he knows that girl sad about Hoshiko’s disband. He may has face loss of member in his group but never face something like that. He gently pat Rin’s head while say, “You still have bond that create with them and nothing would change that.”

                Both of them finish the shopping and walk back home. Ryosuke smiles to watch Rin enjoy her ice-cream like little kids to overcome heat at that day. She notice his gaze and asks, “What?”

                “Nothing, it just look like you really like ice-cream.” Say Ryosuke.

                Rin blushes to hear it and quickly says, “I’m just happy to feel something cold my body.”

                When reach at their apartment, Ryosuke tell her, “Come to my house after this. I will prepare lunch for both of us.” With that, he walk into his house while Rin return to her house. She’s thinking to practice her new songs.


                Mariko read her new script that will be used for the audition for new drama. It just minor role but she want to try it as she really attract with the storyline that touch many things in life. She finishes read it and pack her things to leave the studio that Hoshiko always used.

                She bump with Madoka and that senpai says in mock manner, “It really unfortunate for Hoshiko to disband even it already predict to be great group in next 10 years.”

                Mariko try to hold her tears before says, “That is just prediction and we already make our decision.”

                “It really show how fragile thing when it being built with merely connection. We work really hard for it and it take long time to become popular.” says Madoka.

                Suddenly, a voice interrupt them, “Even we built by connection between a dad and a daughter, reputation that we gain is from our work hard. We complete each other in our works and not for selfish purpose.”

                Both of them turn to see it is Karina with dark expression on her face. She hold tightly a metal bat in her hand and drags on floor that create sound that will make anyone scared while says, “Let me give taste of our hard work through this thing!”

                Madoka really scared as it could show on her pale face before run away from there. Mariko also scared but feel relieve when see sly smile on Karina’s face. She asks, “You did it on purpose?”

                “Yeah! You know how rotten her mouth is? It won’t be able to close unless we use this method.” Karina swing happily her bat.

                Mariko asks, “Where you found that?”

                “This is mine and I left it at GoDream’s studio. I take it because I need this for upcoming shooting. I never think I will use it for filming.” Say Karina happily. Mariko could only show her tiny smile as she know the only reason why that girl bought that in first place is because she watch it in a delinquent movie that seem really cool for her.

                Karina asks, “Where are you going after this?”

                “I already promise to have dinner with my mom.” Reply Mariko. Karina offers her ride and she just accept it. While on the way, she asks, “You still live at that house?”

                “Yeah, I don’t have time to pack my things. I will do it when I’m free. At least, Sara won’t feel alone to stay there.” say Karina. Only she and Sara still at that house while Mariko already live with her mom, Reika move back to her family’s house and Rin just begin live at her new apartment. Sara will go back to Seoul after Hoshiko’s last single being promote. Mariko wonder why that girl hasn’t move out from the house even she already has her house way early than other.


                Reika trains GoDream for upcoming TV show but everyone could see her face really worry over something. Satomi decide to ask, “Something happen, senpai?”

                “Nothing…” Reika think on something, “It just about my brother. Ever since I return home, I keep fighting him over leftover dinner. He should lose some weight but accuse me who gain weight.”

                Anime sweat appear on Mimi’s face before says, “It really surprising ne~! I thought she worry over other things.”

                Eri says, “Our senpai really special in their own way. They really know how to cover their true feeling.”

                Fukuyo giggles but it stops when notice someone at the door and says, “Karina-senpai…”

                “Yo minna!” Karina lift up a box at her hand, “Anyone want oishii~ snacks?”

                Reika really surprise to see her and says, “I thought you have works today.”

                “If you’re talking about meetings, it end early and I manage to do many things today.” Say Karina. She give the box to Reika and says, “I hope I could hear any comment about this as it is new product from my brother’s shop.”

                “Wow! That famous shop? I heard it really hard to get in there as it always fill with people.” Fukuyo almost shout about that as she always want to go there but never get chance. She really happy to see the cakes in the box.

                Karina already leaves the place without any notice. Reika says, “Her brother really spoil her when come to things like this. Let’s take a break as all of you already good before we check one more time.”


                Sara feel really weird when get mail from Karina to meet her at a restaurant that serve Korean dishes. She just wear something comfortable since it already summer. She reach there to see Karina already wait for her and waves when notice her. She asks, “Why suddenly here?”

                “I always want to eat here but I afraid to eat alone.” Say Karina.

                Sara only smiles before take seat and make order for both of them. She knows that girl only want to cheer her up as she feel down. The time for her to leave Japan come closer and she really hope she would get more time. Their order arrive and she could see Karina happily enjoy her meal. She says, “Karina-chan, thanks for everything. I really happy to spend time with you and others here.”

                “I didn’t do anything. If only I know how to handle things more efficiently, things would be better than this.” say Karina with sadness in her eyes. She gulp down her drink to cover it.

                Sara notice Karina doesn’t take alcohol, “You still have work tomorrow?”

                “Not tomorrow but tonight’s scene will begin late in night. That’s why I’m thinking to take dinner with you before go to studio.” Say Karina.

                After they finish dinner and pay for it, Karina says, “Make sure you lock everything when you reach home. If you need anything, just make phone call to me.”

                “Karina-chan, you worry too much. I would be okay and thinking to watch movie.” Say Sara before get on taxi. Both of them wave bye before go to separate way.

                Karina put her hand in her coat’s pockets before walk to train station. She’s just lucky that night’s scene that will be record doesn’t require much script. While waiting train, her phone ringing to tell she just get new mail from someone. She read that mail that make her smiles before quickly type reply and keep back her phone in her pocket. She knows that day would be another day less from the date where Hoshiko will disband.


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