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Star Tobbi (Chapter 26)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

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                That day become last scene to shoot for the drama and Keito also join as guest where he and Karina will perform on stage. While getting ready, Karina notice something, “You use that guitar for today’s scene?”

                “Since I still don’t know where to use this…” Keito points to his guitar before continues, “…I’m thinking to use it today since you also use your guitar. You bought that on that day too?”

                “Yeah but my skill is not good like you. I just learnt the tune from Rin-chan last night.” Say Karina while strum a bit her guitar.

                Keito only smiles before says, “It not weird when come to you.”

                Ryosuke carefully walk towards the stage and says, “Don’t show too lovey-dovey while singing during the shooting or people will know about what behind those affection.”

                “Urusai! It not only you who could lovey-dovey with Rin-chan. You even do kabedon…” Ryosuke abruptly jump to the stage to cover Karina’s mouth that bring surprise to almost everyone who witness it as it too fast.

                Keito praise Ryosuke while clapping hands, “Wow! You really great just now. That jump really hard to do.”

                Karina has to step really hard on Ryosuke’s foot to make him take off his hand before says, “Keito-kun, you should praise him after rescue me. His grab almost killing me.”

                “If you want to say about that matter, I already know.” Say Keito, ignoring that girl’s whine.

                Ryosuke surprise with it and ask, “How you could know about it?”

                “When you already know about us, we both talk on phone and she mention about that matter. Somehow, it sound really interesting and regret for not witness it too.” Say Keito.

                Ryosuke glares to Karina but that girl casually says, “It small revenge from me.”

                Rin join them, “Hey! We should stand-by at our place and if you try to make Karina-chan suffer, I will do thousands times worse on you.”

                Karina jump off from stage to hug Rin before happily says, “Yatta, Rin-chan is on my side.”

                Harada dashes to them and smack Karina’s head, “Act like a girl. You’re wearing skirt right now.”

                Rin glare to her manager while Karina, “Mengo~~, I just too happy and forget about this skirt thing.”

                They quickly take place when the director ask them to take place. On that scene, everyone come to watch show where Karina and Keito perform on stage. It will become the scene that show she already change since she run away from everything. The song is Magnet’s debut song and it really hard since it involve huge number of extras.


                Sara goes out as she thinks to buy something for Karina as thanks for the gift. She really surprise to meet Yuya who seem in middle of choosing something in a gift shop. She slowly get near him and act like shop assistant, “Can I help you, sir?”

                “No, it’s okay…” Yuya turn to see who is it, “Sara-chan, what are you doing here?”

                “Hm… maybe I can say that I’m searching for something for someone but no idea on what I could buy for her.” Say Sara.

                “Let me guess… it must for your leader, right?” Sara nods, “Wow, you girls are closer than family.”

                “Maa… She just too busy these days and I only want her to relax a bit. She always work herself exceed her own limit despite has weak body. She even really sensitive over many things like dust, cold, and even fur.” Say Sara with gentle smile.

                Yuya watch the girl’s expression that seem really gentle while mention about that and says, “You really take care of her.”

                “It’s the only tiny things that I can do her.” Say Sara.

                Yuya suddenly smiles as he get an idea for that and asks, “Are you free after this?”

                “Of course I’m free or I won’t be here.” Say Sara, wondering why that guy ask that kind of question.

                Yuya gently take hold of her hand to pull her closer to him and whisper, “Let’s go to other place. Here is not suit to search what you want.”

                Sara a bit surprise and confuse on what kind of response she should do when Yuya lead the way while holding her hand firmly. She tries her best to hold herself not to reveal her feeling at the moment. Both of them get into a shop that welcome with soothing atmosphere and nice smell of flowers. Sara seem a bit surprise as the shop seem weird for Yuya to know. Yuya notice it and quickly says, “I just happen to know about this shop from someone but never get chance to come here.”

                “Welcome to our shop… wow, Hoshiko’s Sara-chan and HSJ’s Takaki-san is here. Are both of you here for something?” the worker really happy to see them.

                “I’m searching perfect gift for someone that already work too hard.” Say Sara. The worker begin show the way to products that suit on what she want.

                Yuya amuse to watch Sara choose something for her leader as it clearly show that girl carefully choose. He admit he really interest with that Korean girl since the first day of meeting for JUMP and Hoshiko. He knows that girl work really hard as she talk different language from others but her skill really exceed people’s expectation.

                Sara show what she already choose to Yuya and asks, “What do you think about this? Will she happy to receive it?”

                “She will happy; you don’t have to worry about anything as I could guess she can sense your honesty.” Reply Yuya.

                When Sara want to pay for it, Yuya already place the money before says, “Since it was me who bring you here, I should pay for you.”

                “But it will become present from you, not from me.” Say Sara.

                Yuya smiles before says, “Just don’t mention my name to her. I bet she’s more comfortable to know it is from you.”

                While they still fight who should pay, the cashier who different from the one that welcome them and seem doesn’t recognize them as idols, says, “Both of you really look like husband-wife. Buy present for your mom?”

                “We’re not husband-wife and this gift…” Sara thinks suitable words, “…maybe in my group, she consider as our mom. She work harder than anyone else to make us live happily.”

                “That friend of yours really lucky to have both of you as her friends.” praise the cashier. Sara just agree to let Yuya to pay for it as she could feel her face hot with that comment.

                After that, both of them spend time together at various places and it is happy moments for them. Yuya sends Sara back home with reason he’s can’t let her to walk alone. She just allow it as she hopes she could spend longer time with him.

                As reach home, Sara says, “Arigatou for send me back here.”

                “It just small thing; as long you safely reach home.” Say Yuya. He adds, “Good luck for upcoming concert.”

                “Thank you, you will come to watch it?” ask Sara.

                “My ticket is for upcoming concert. I can’t wait to see you on stage as you look really beautiful at that moment.” Yuya’s words bring glow of happiness at Sara’s face.

                That moment really interesting but something interrupt them by Mariko who just arrive home after go out for her shopping. She says, “Do that at that place. This is not place for that or that.”

                “What do you mean by that or that?” ask Sara but that girl just walk away from them and get inside the house.

                Yuya cough a bit to fix the atmosphere before says, “I will excuse myself first. Gambatte for your concert.” He wave bye to her before leave the place.


                “Cut! And all-wrap!” shout the director and everyone cheer.

                Karina really happy to know everything already end but feel sad as she used to be with them. She hears Rin says, “It feel really great to get chance to work with such a great people as it give chance for me to talk a lot.”

                Ryosuke says, “Honestly… it really surprising you could say that much of words during shooting. I also feel really great to get chance to bring out the role that has same name with my admired senpai.” Everyone laugh to hear that.

                When the director give flower bouquet to her, she say while hold herself not to cry, “Thank you so much for give this chance as it really precious for me. If not because all of you, I won’t manage to act it well and I may never think to do such a makeover that sacrifice my long hair.”

                “Do you regret about that?” ask the director.

                “Maa… it will grow longer soon enough. Maybe I won’t cut my hair again after this. I realize how I love my hair when it already too late but then, just decide to forget it.” Say Karina that bring another laughter to everyone.

                They hear speeches from all cast and everyone express their happiness to work together. Keito silently hold Karina’s hand and squeeze it to give support to her without anyone realize it. They take pictures before get some time to rest before ending party.

                Keito and Ryosuke goes to the girls’ room as they will go to the party together. One of them knock the door and it take few minutes for them to open the door. It seem only Rin who already done while Karina still in middle of wearing make-up as she just finish change her clothes. Since she change her hairstyle, she also challenge different style of make-up.

                Ryosuke sound down while say, “Wah, I’m more hoping both of you will wear feminine clothes but it seem only hope.” Both of them girl wear jeans with their preferred shirt and comfortable shoes.

                “You know both of them are more comfortable wearing like that.” Say Keito.

                Karina make creep face as response to Keito’s words before says in mock tone, “Same goes to you, Keito-kun. It was you who always want to wear feminine clothes. Even that PV’s clothes was your idea.”

                “You still angry for that? You look really pretty in it.” Say Keito and Karina just pout before continue her make-up. He just take seat beside her before help her to get ready.

                Rin and Ryosuke decide to wait outside and buy drinks from vendor machine. It take a while before the other two join them at the car. They enjoy the party but Rin keep make sure Karina doesn’t take any weird drink may cause her too hyper and can’t be control. That make the leader pout and stick with her barley tea.

                Keito gently pats her head, “You have concert tomorrow, right? Remember to get enough rest tonight.”

                Kyoka watch both of the couple that sit in front of her before says, “Wow, it look like Okamoto-san is Karina-chan’s guardian.”

                “Maybe that would suit me since I get responsibility from her president to take care of her.” Say Keito. Others just laugh to hear it as Karina begin act kids.

                Ryosuke tries to make conversation with Rin but that girl only talk with other people and continue ignore him. Meisa realizes it and make guess, “You like Rin-chan?”

                Ryosuke really surprise to hear it but manage to hold himself not to be so surprise that cause chuckles from Meisa. She continues, “I could see that but you don’t have to worry as other people think it just you who really draw into your character.”

                “It just that I really admire her and work really hard to see her smile. I feel like I don’t need anything when I see her smile but I never close with any girls before this.” Ryosuke take sip his drink to cover-up.

                Meisa secretly points to Karina, “But you’re close to her.”

                “She is not like other girl as she already used to be in male environment. Rin-chan also different but her difference make me can’t stop watching her.” Say Ryosuke.

                Suddenly, something poke her cheek before says, “Mazo-chan in love~~!”

                “Hey! I thought there are no carbonated drink here.” Say Ryosuke when hear tipsy Karina talking.

                “She accidentally drink sake from my glass.” Say Kyoka. Karina begin run around the place and others try to tie her down. Rin come out with idea and decide to whisper to Keito that make him blush a bit.

                Keito cough a bit, “Okay… I will do that…” he walks to Karina who struggle and he surprise her by give kiss on her cheek that make her collapse to the floor. That action somehow make Karina stop moving and fall asleep.

                “It seem you hold key to control her.” Say Ryosuke and Keito only says, “I only do what I can do.”

                “I really want to see four of you to act together in future. Four of you has something that actually attract other people.” say the director. They continue the party to their fullest as they really happy with the completion of their hard work.

                They don’t realize there are actually something happen that will change everything that they hope never happen. Mr. Nagase really shock when hear news from some trustable channel about something, “It seem public already sniff that out.”


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