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Star Tobbi (Chapter 23)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Something will change with Karina?

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                The only reason why Karina seems out of it is because her parent’s death anniversary and she keep imagine if her parent still alive. It always happens and she knows how to handle it but she doesn’t know what happen to her on that year.

                She takes taxi to Nobuhiko’s shop as she already agree to be there and Bara already wait for her as she will help her to cover her.  Bara make Karina wears hoodies that totally cover her face before get into the shop. Bara says, “Nobu-kun will join you as soon he finishes bake his last cake. Since he can’t just leave his work, he needs to finish it all before others take over the shop.”

                “Daijoubu; I already know about it as it was me who doesn’t let him to close the shop.” Say Karina.

                Bara leaves her alone to give time that makes her close her eyes in order to calm down while listening to her surroundings. Since her parent’s grave is at Okinawa and none of them could return there, both of them plan to spend time together to do something.

                Since Karina doesn’t really have many memories about her parent, Nobuhiko come out with the plan for the day. He joins her few minutes later and both of them go out together. They visit a gallery and Nobuhiko says, “I have been searching something for past few years and finally found it here.”

                “What do you mean by that?” ask Karina.

                Nobuhiko brings her to part of the gallery to show a drawing of beautiful girl on stage and she looks really charming to be on stage. He explains, “To-chan finish this drawing few days before the accident and this is based on what came to his dream. He told me that this is you.”

                Karina loses in words and make he continues, “I already discuss about the drawing and we agree that this drawing would never be sold to anyone as you’re the owner of the drawing. To-chan already inherits it for you. Other drawings here are also ours.”

                Karina remembers their parent loves to paint and make drawing but never know some of the drawing would be in that gallery. She almost cries with the painting that actually show current her. She cover her mouth while let her tears drop as her mind begin replay her memories of her parent. Nobuhiko stroke his sister’s head to soothe her sadness. He whispers, “To-chan and ka-chan will always watch us from heaven. Don’t pressure yourself until stress you down.”


                “Where is her?” ask Reika when they reach home and there is no sign of Karina. All of them relax at the living room.

                Harada check something from his phone before says, “It seem she not return home tonight as she has something that need to be done together with her brother.”

                “Hey! We still busy making preparation for the tour but she could have time to relax like nothing happen.” Mariko really annoy and let out her anger.

                Rin lose her patient to hear it and want to slap her but Reika and Sara quickly hold her. Harada gently scold Mariko, “She may have something that she need to do. She holds more responsibilities than you.”

                “People that never know what is mean by hard work won’t understand it.” Rin glares Mariko while in those two grab.

                Mariko shout, “Like you know about it too. You always depend on her and hide behind her shadow. Everything you do, always involve that girl. Without her, you’re nothing.”

                “Mou~~, both of you really noisy at time like this. How about using those energy for concert?” they really surprise to hear Karina’s voice when they think she won’t be there. They turn to see Karina leans against the wall not far from them.

                She casually walk towards Mariko and almost slap her but her hand stop when it almost touch Mariko’s white cheek. She says, “You also shouldn’t say that to Rin-chan. Aside from Hoshiko’s job, you also have nothing. We’re all the same but you never want to admit it. Keep saying, you’re different from others. Yeah, you’re different in one aspect from us; your dad is our president which mean you have more attention from him than us.”

                Karina change her focus to Rin that make Sara and Reika let her go. She says, “Thank you for think about me but you need to open your eyes. You act cold almost to everyone because you afraid to get attachment with them. You don’t want same things happen to you, those people will leave you behind but you never realize those people will help you to grow up. Stop being a child!”

                Everyone freeze to hear it as Karina at that moment is not Karina that they want; too serious and her words too blunt. Karina stand at the middle of the living room to says, “We always call ourselves as Hoshiko but our attitude never symbolize it. Even star (Hoshi) has 5 edges, they still connected at the middle that makes them as star. Fans may could been deceive with our fake ‘closeness’ but those lie won’t work on them if that happen too long. Yeah, we’re really great with that lie for years but do you ever realize some of them could sniff it out? When that really happen, we already doomed and too late for everything. Decide what is mean by Hoshiko in each of you until before our tour. This tour may be our last tour as a group.”

                After finish say that, Karina just walk away to her room without want to see what kind of response that her members make. She lock the door before go to bathroom to clean herself. She knows that may cause more trouble but she knows that everyone should realize that by now. She play music while relaxing inside the tub.


                Harada leave the house when he suddenly get phone call from Mr. Nagase to meet him at a bar. Even he still surprise with Karina’s words, he still meet that president. Mr. Nagase asks, “Is there anything happen in Hoshiko?”

                “What make you suddenly say that, Mr. Nagase?” ask Harada that clearly surprise.

                Mr. Nagase take sip from his glass before explain, “I hear rumours from certain people that talk about how Kuzuryu Karina want to graduate from Hoshiko. Maybe it just rumours but too many people that interest with it especially those who have wait for this moment.”

                “I don’t think something like that happen with those girls.” Say Harada.

                Mr. Nagase catch something from it, “So, it seem other things happen there…”

                Harada couldn’t hide it and tell what happen after he send the girls back to their house plus Karina’s words that make all of them dumbstruck at the moment. Mr. Nagase seem already predict that when he says, “I know she will explode soon or later. She practically hide all her worries just to ensure everything would be perfect for Hoshiko.”

                “You will just let her without do anything?” ask Harada. He can’t think of anything to keep Hoshiko on correct place.

                “I know you really worry about that but have faith on them. There must be some reason behind what happen.” Say Mr. Nagase.


                 After several days, Hoshiko really surprise when JUMP come to their practice for the concert along with Johnny. The girls wonder why that famous president come to their practice but Karina politely greet that guy, “Sorry for make you come here when you really busy.”

                “It’s okay, you already know why all of us here, right?” ask Johnny and Karina just nod to reply it that bring more confusion to others who have no clue about it.

                JUMP except Keito begin take their places within the studio while Keito and Karina begin discuss about something at a corner. Sara asks Yuya, “Why all of you are here?”

                “Oh, we actually also wonder why we’re here when it supposedly only Keito should be here. Johnny-san just said we should join him.” Reply Yuya while he watches Johnny greets Mr. Nagase.

                Mr. Nagase claps his hand to gain attention everyone in that studio before he announce, “Hoshiko and JUMP will have another combined mini-live in 2 weeks. Audiences will be choose by lucky draw.”

                Johnny continue, “And for this mini-live, fans will ask question to all of you. There will be no NG on that day.”

                “About the fans, I already send invitation to them via email and we only need to wait for their replies.” Say Karina. Keito also nod to tell everyone the same things.

                “Eh?! Both of you are the one who choose the fans?” ask Kota.

                Keito nods before adds, “Yes, it is both of us but somehow, it really hard to do since we choose those who can’t join our mini-live at Okinawa.”

                “This will be our mini-live that may disclose many things that have been hide from our fans.” State Karina bluntly but those in Hoshiko knows what that girl really want to say; it concern about their bond.

                “Good.” Praise Johnny. After that, both group begin discuss on what they want to perform. It doesn’t really disturb Hoshiko’s preparation for tour since the song list is almost same.


                Hikaru hugs Karina playfully before says, “Karina-chan, I miss you, my sister! Does anyone bully you when I’m not around?” They already finish their meeting for the mini-live.

                “I’m okay…” Karina tries to shove off that guy but failed before says, “If any production need someone that super protective over his younger sister, you really suit as candidate.”

                “I know and I will make sure you become that younger sister.” Say Hikaru before ruffle Karina’s hair. Then, Yuya and Kota come to rescue that quickly take Hikaru away from Karina as they could see that girl begin piss-off.

                Reika want to offer drink for Karina but that leader just pass-by them before leave the room. Everyone surprise to see her just walk away without want to say anything. Daiki decides to ask Reika, “Something happen with her?”

                “Hm… It hard to explain it as we also confuse on what happen.” Say Reika. They watch Keito follow that Hoshiko leader leaves the room. Everyone just really curious to know what actually happen to that girl that make her change.

                Daiki remember something and says, “I heard she want to graduate from entertainment world. It seem her get better offer at somewhere that will give her chance to work outside Japan.”

                “That can’t be true…” Rin mutter that.


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