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Star Tobbi (Chapter 20)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary:  Just normal day for them...

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                Ryosuke finish change his clothes before decide to check others. That is shooting for the cover of the drama. He happily opens the door and a magazine land on his face. He asks, “What did I do wrong?”

                “Baka! Shut your mouth! Karina-chan is taking her nap and your annoying voice will only disturb her.” Scold Rin.

                Kyoka laugh a bit after watch them before says, “I think this is first time I watch he get hit by a girl at same age of him. Usually, girls will scream when see him.”

                “My type of guy is not him for sure.” Say Rin with annoy tone. She tries really hard to hold her anger to punch someone.

                Meisa hugs her from back playfully, “You should act more kawaii or no guy wants to get near you.”

                “That would be better; as long I could protect Karina-chan.” Say Rin bluntly.

                Ryosuke scans around the place to search for someone before found his target; a girl is taking nap while cover her face using a manga. He says, “She’s such a heavy sleeper!”

                Staff gets into the room and notice everyone ready for the shooting that make he says the set is ready. Rin shake her best friend’s body a bit to wake her up while saying, “It already time, Karina-chan.”

                “Hai~!!” reply Karina while yawn.

                It takes several minutes for Karina to join others as she need to fix herself but almost trip over set’s equipment when want to join them. They take their places before the cameraman begin click the shutter. They keep changing pose but sometimes, Karina will make weird pose and hugs Rin. That make cameraman says, “Wow! That really nice!” everyone really amazes as the pictures really have vibe like real family’s pictures.

                “Kuzuryu-san really great! So, the rumour that only you could make her smile is true.” Compliment the staffs as Karina manage to make Rin smile in the picture. Karina only grins before make her winning pose.

                Ryosuke make comment when they take their breaks, “I never think that you would have that childish side. You always have impression as person that always focuses on her work until the end.”

                “It not only you could have that childish side with that huge love towards ichigo~~!” Sing Karina while dance around the place to avoid Ryosuke who want to smack her while Rin death glare to him. Even she wants to hit him but Karina already reminds her not to since she may cause injuries that would make them postpone the work.

                “Let’s continue the shooting and stop playing both of you.” Kyoka quickly pull both Karina’s and Ryosuke’s ear to bring them back to set. They really bring family vibe along the shooting even there will be a lot of argue scene between Karina and Ryosuke. Meisa join them while still chuckling and Rin just make her annoy face as she couldn’t hit that guy who make her best friend get punishment from their ‘mom’.


                Mr. Nagase make sudden visit Hoshiko at their home and notice only Sara and Reika at home. He asks, “Where are others?”

                “Karina-chan and Rin-chan have works today that concern about their drama while Mariko-chan…” Reika doesn’t know how say that make Sara says, “…no one knows. She just leaves the house without say anything specific to us.”

                “I forget those two have works. Doushiyou~~! I want to announce something important. Maa… it seem I will tell both of you first. You girls will have tour within this year. Both of you better think what you want to do on stage other than perform Hoshiko’s songs but don’t tell others about it yet. We will make meeting for it.” Say Mr. Nagase. He even brings mame daifuku for them as he knows those girls really love that, “And this is for you girls but remember to share within five of you. I know one of you tend to eat more than others.”

                “Arigatou, Saichou.” Say Reika and Sara happily.

                After Mr. Nagase left, Sara and Reika continue watching movies and totally forget about the tour’s topic. What they remember, only mame daifuku that their president brought for them. They decide to eat it when everyone’s around. After several movies, both of the girls fall asleep in front of the television.

                Reika seem wonder something when they wake up, “Ne, does Saichou say something to us when he’s here?”

                Sara thinks for awhile before says, “Hm… I don’t remember anything aside from mame daifuku that he brought.”

                “Yabai! I forget about it too…” say Reika before both of them say in one voice, “Maybe just something not important as he always come here to visit us.”


                Mariko walks at the street as she wants to search for her mom’s birthday’s present that just around the corner. She’s thinking to buy perfume for her mom but think it won’t be any used since she still in hospital. She begins thinks it is nice when her mom discharge from hospital and could stay together with her.

                She realizes something, “I can leave that Hoshiko’s house if it really happens. That would be better than stay there longer.”

                “But I think that is stupid idea.” Mariko recognizes that voice’s owner. It’s belonging to jokerman of Hey! Say! JUMP or his name is Hikaru.

                Mariko quickly throws question, “What are you doing here?”

                “Just walking around and decide to greet you when notice you nearby but walking without focus where you’re walking will only cause danger.” Say Hikaru. He is wearing shades and cap that cover his face.

                “I think it is better for you to watch out with whom you want to speak as you never know paparazzi may do on you. Unlike me, you’re really popular and always have fans that follow you.” Say Mariko. She seem really relax without wear any disguises when go out.

                “I think you have more fans than mine as you really pretty.” Say Hikaru.

                Somehow, that make Mariko’s face red without realize it. Hikaru giggles before says, “It seem you still have natural reaction of normal girls.”

                “What do you think of me? A weird girl like Karina-chan?” ask Mariko.

                Hikaru wonder what is mean by that before remember Karina’s taste somehow a bit different from normal girls at her age.  He says, “That’s not what I mean by that. Why you only think her when I say you’re different.”

                “No one else is weird other than her.” say Mariko. When she remember the un-answer question and asks again, “What are you doing here?”

                “I just walk around to get inspiration for upcoming song but nothing comes to my mind and found you in deep thinking while mumble that matter.” Say Hikaru. He asks her, “Do you really hate her?”

                “You would never understand how hard for me to stand with them.” Say Mariko.

                Hikaru make her speechless, “Even you already with them for several years and always share dreams to achieve many things together?”

                “We’re not like you with others who used to grow up together. In our jimusho, everybody is rival. Even our senpais really hate us when we debut. What make it worse, Saichou treat us more than them.” Say Mariko. That is the hidden things within the jimusho that no one knows.

                “Eh?!  Are you serious? But it looks like Hoshiko with GoDream really close.” Say Hikaru.

                Mariko thinks for awhile before says, “That’s because Karina-chan treat them like her own sisters. That girl really excited for the new unit and even joins the process of formation of that unit. She always brings people into her world.”

                “Don’t you think it already time for you to get into her world?” Hikaru’s statement traps her.

                She says, “I don’t have time for that.” she just walk away to leave him alone but that guy follow her but still careful not to let anyone notice and recognize them.


                “Where are both you going after this?” ask Kyoka when they finish the shooting. Meisa already leave earlier as she has other work after that.

                “Rin-chan told me that she want to stay at studio while I already agree to meet up with my friends after this. It seem our gathering move forward from what we plan as one of them will go overseas soon.” Say Karina. Rin already finish changing her clothes and fix herself.

                “You male friends again?” ask Kyoka. She happens to know as already meet them before this when they send that girl to studio that reach at same time with her

                Karina nods, “Yeah since I don’t have other female friends beside those in Hoshiko. Even in high school, I’m with them and they help me in many things.”

                Kyoka seem confuse before Rin says, “Even we in same age, she attend different school and her school is really hard to get enrol as it have international standard.”

                “Wow, you must be really bright child.” Say Kyoka but Karina say, “I don’t think that as I’m super problematic student.”


                Karina reach home and looks around as no sign of anyone at the living room even it still early for anyone not to be around. She begins feel bored and don’t what she should do to kill time. Suddenly her phone ringing that show a mail received that make her get ready to go out.

                It seem she get mail from Kento that ask to meet him as he want to give something from her mom. They meet at a café and Keito give a bag to her, “Mama ask me to give this as she found good products for you. She’s thinking that you won’t buy this as you really bad in choosing the best.”

                Karina take a look inside it, “Wow, how she know I have been looking for this? Your mama has really great instinct.”

                “Ne, how’s your relationship with Keito-kun?” ask Kento that make her almost choke her own drink.

                “Why you ask about that? You know about it?” ask Karina back to her cousin.

                “I accidentally heard conversation your Magnet’s manager with Johnny-san. It seems they already know about it but they don’t want to take any action as nothing leak out yet. I really worry if he would do anything to your career.” Kento knows he can’t hide it from that girl as it may destroy what she already works hard for.

                Karina take deep breath before says, “I think I could handle that as I will know if public would know about our relationship. I always work together with several people to do anything as long it could hide those facts. Because my friendship with various people, make media already bored as they will only get information that I only friend with them.”

                “I’m telling this because I don’t want you broke down but you better careful. Sometimes, your care-free attitude and confident about that matter may cause trouble in future.” Say Kento.

                “Let me tell you something…” Karina’s face has dark shadow, “…as long my members in Hoshiko will stay survive in this world, I will do anything even it will cause my misfortune.”

                Those words make Kento speechless and can’t think of anything to respond it. Karina suddenly turn happy before says, “Well, just focus on your work and luck will shower you.”

                “I really respect that part of you.” Say Kento and Karina only smiles like little kids.


                After few days, Hoshiko gather in a meeting room as Mr. Nagase ask them to do so. Mariko look around boredly as she has to spend her day-off in that place, Reika and Sara talk about many things, Rin busy with her script while Karina… she seem fall asleep while listening to music. Harada get into the room and slap Karina’s head as hard he could to wake her up, “It’s not time for sleep! How you could sleep at important time like this?”

                “It can’t be helped as I’m really tired.” Say Karina while rub her head.

                “Rin-chan also has shooting last night but she looks fresh, unlike you.” Say Mariko.

                Karina groans, “That’s because her character is almost like her while mine is really hard to do. I even keep get scold by director because mistakes.”

                “Care-free girl need to act as serious and worrywart… it not hard as you have some of it inside you.” Say Reika. Karina takes magazine to cover her head before fall back to sleep.

                She only wakes up when Mr. Nagase get into the room. He says, “I’m sorry for taking your free time but I have something to announce to you; you girls will have tour soon and I hope you will come out with ideas on what you want to perform. We already plan to give solo corner for each of you on that tour.”

                Everyone really happy to hear it as they always make mini-live that only has small number of audiences. They give any ideas that come out in their mind and Mr. Nagase says, “Okay, we will arrange it and Karina-chan! You will have duet with Okamoto-san in your solo corner. I already notify them about this matter.”

                “I have to sing again? Can I make myself not singing again?” ask Karina.

                Rin quickly cuts her, “Don’t ever think that as we will sing duet in my solo corner. I don’t want to sing the song alone on stage. I will do it when you also do it.”

                “Wah! That really cruel!” cries Karina but everyone know she only fake it.

                Before the meeting end, Mr. Nagase says, “For upcoming corner of a magazine, it will cover your private life and snap-shoot your favourite places. It can be your room or anywhere. Decide who will go first.”

                “I will do it since I’m the leader.” Karina volunteers herself but that action makes everyone surprise as she’s the one that always reserve when come to something like that.

                Mr. Nagase happily says, “If like that, I will tell you about when the cameraman ready.”

                “Are you sure about that? Everyone will know about those plushie.” Say Rin while they on the way back to their house. Others think it just gifts from Karina’s fans.

                Karina just realize about it that make Rin comment, “You always forget important part at time like this. Maa, I will come out with something later on.” It seems Hoshiko doesn’t know anything about Karina and Keito’s relationship. Rin worry for her best friend as she knows that girl tend to disclose something when she in deep pressure.


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