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Star Tobbi (Chapter 15)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Karina become strange..

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                Rin decide to meet up Harada at a hidden café to discuss something. She knows it hurt her pride but she has to say it, “Please make Karina-chan take back her bet. I don’t want to lose her and everyone will blame me because of I make she leaves Hoshiko.”

                “You know how stubborn she is, right?” Harada want to make Rin understand there is no turn back for what happen. Everyone know when that carefree girl become serious, nothing would change her. He adds, “I already try like thousands of times to pursue her but it failed. Rin-chan, why don’t you reconcile with Karina-chan?”

                “I don’t want to admit that I defeat with her.” say Rin.
                Karina meets Miwako after finish meeting as that lady want to meet her, “What you want to talk with me?”

                “I want to invite you along for that press conference as you give big help for me.” Say Miwako.

                Karina face twitch in disgust before says, “Big help? You only make things worse. You know this press conference will only cause more damage to many people.”

                “I didn’t cause damage. I only what the best and I don’t think you realize your position. I could make changes to your clothes until it look weird.” Miwako tries to threat Karina.

                Karina fakes her smile, “Just do it and I will show it to everyone proudly but you will get the affect. Maybe… there will be headlines that show your ‘great’ design plus you lose your touch over something trivial.”

                Miwako surprise to hear something that sound really serious from someone that really popular with her carefree attitude. She asks how Karina could come out with it and the answer for that, “Oh, I have friends that works in various fields that actually really help me. It always fun to spend time with them but some people jealous and make rumours about I’m being a playgirl since all my friends are male.”

                “I’m sure one day, you will become like me. I also popular with male but one day, I got news that I was pregnant and almost lose everything that I have.” Say Miwako.
Karina takes a look at her watch, “Ah, I will be late for my next work. I excuse myself for now.” She wants to leave the place but stop to say something without turn her back, “I don’t think I’m popular with male since I’m befriend with them and I won’t become like you.”

                Few minutes after that, Harada arrive in same place where Miwako make small meeting with Karina but doesn’t aware about tense atmosphere in the room.  Miwako says, “I never know Hoshiko actually compose of mostly stubborn people.”

                “That makes who are they and this…” He put a case contain cd on the table near to Miwako before continues, “Songs that Rin-chan wrote since Hoshiko’s debut and it really show that she’s talented but if not because of Karina-chan who notice it at first place. Mostly of the songs are made because of her friendship with Karina-chan. If you announce about Rin-chan is your daughter, she will lose inspiration as they already make bet that Karina will leave entertainment world when you do that.”

                “What do you mean by that?” ask Miwako. Harada begin explain how those two girls begin fight and both of them begin live
outside from Hoshiko’s house that cause more problemsHosHo. She could only see that Hoshiko’s manager leave the room with same attitude with Karina.
                Miwako suddenly curious about it and listen to songs in the cd. She thinks it could be used her mind before make new design.
she cries when hear song ‘Our dream begin’ as it tell about their life when found what is mean by dream and promise to be together to grab it. She mutter, “It seem I never realize how important those things to them.”


                Karina just wandering around the airport like nothing happens. She just disguises herself wearing Goth Lolita heavy style and
thick makeup; the way that she always feel like she want to be alone. She begin feel bored to stay there and turn to leave the place but surprise to meet Miwako who seem waiting for her. Miwako says, “I never know you have that kind of taste in fashion.”

                “Maa… I just want to have fun in way of fashion.” Say Karina before ask with cold tone, “What do you want now?”

                “I just need to talk about something with you.” Say Miwako. Karina gives suggestion that they should do the talk at other place where no one would recognize them.

                None of them talk until their order arrives. Karina enjoy her ice-cream when Miwako asks, “Why you didn’t tell me about you make bet with Rin?”

                “Why…” Karina thinks for awhile, “…maybe just for fun. It will be bored if you know everything, right?”

                “Wah, I never know you have such a rotten nature within you.” Mock Miwako.

                Karina giggles like she just get compliment from Miwako before says, “It only come out when it sense danger. I begin bored to act nice and accept everything. Sometimes, this nature needs to come out to enjoy the world. We need to be fair to ourselves but I don’t think you want to tell that to me here.” she only smirk to that lady without afraid of anything.


                “You will be fine during the stage play. I admit that I never met such a great actress like you. Why I can’t found you earlier?” say the director.

                Mariko really surprise to hear it as she always get critics from her acting instructor with Karina. She could only say, “I just do my best for everything that I do.”

                “For upcoming play, you will be the main lead.” Say the director before leave the place.

                Mariko feels really happy to hear it but a voice interrupt it, “Wah, you get offer from that old man! It show that you really great.”

                Mariko could see Karina walk towards her while clapping her hands that sound fake. That Hoshiko leader says, “It seems you have improved.”

                “Are you here just to critic about my bad acting?” ask Mariko.

                Karina shook her head before says, “No, my task for that already end since people already recognize your talent. From now on, you will only have yourself to decide it. Just keep in your mind and your bossy attitude.” She just leaves without waiting any response from Mariko.

                Mariko asks to herself, “What’s wrong with her? It looks like she is not Karina-chan.”


                Hoshiko begin worry with Karina’s changing attitude and decide to make meeting without her. They just lucky that Karina is not around at that moment because she has other works for Magnet with Keito. Sara says, “It seem not only me who begin feel creep with her.”

                “No one has any idea what happen on her?” ask Harada.

                Everyone there look towards Rin who always has answer for that but it seems not for that time, “I don’t know about that. We hardly talk ever since that day.”

                “We need to come out with something before anyone outside there will know about it. I’m sure none of you want to lose fans because of it.” Say Harada.

                Sara seem like realize something before says, “She seem like that when I met her when I return to Japan. We met each other
at airport but she only said, ‘Oh, you’re here. Be careful on the way back. We don’t want you to get injured like someone slashes your arms.’ I never think she will say like that. It almost like she aim to attack me.”

                “Does stresses really affect her?” ask Mariko.

                Rin suddenly mutter, “Or that bet really affect her until she changes her character.”

                “What bet? We never heard about any bet.” Say Reika.

                Harada explain everything as he knows Rin won’t talk about it. Suddenly, Mr. Nagase appears before says, “I understand how all of you worry about her and same goes to me.”

                “You know anything about it?” ask Mariko.

                “It seems she currently staying with GoDream’s house but there is no suspicious movement from what they told me. The only thing that worries me is she suddenly comes to my office to tell me that she will need to use my private investigator for few weeks to check on something.” Say Mr. Nagase.

                “Private investigator? I thought them in middle of work on other things.” Say Harada.

                “What is mean by that?” ask Rin. Mr. Nagase explains something to them that only cause bigger shock for them.


                Karina wander around with a group of guys but people will see her like a guy since her clothing that really cover the facts that she is a girl. They get into the club to chillax themselves. Karina says, “Ah! I never I could do things like these if I’m with them.”

                “Even you say like that but you actually worry about them more than anyone else.” Say Ichirou.

                Karina finishes her drink before order the other one. Seiji says, “You even work really hard to cover up their scandals until now. The only reason why Hoshiko scandal-free is because you did what you should do.”

                “Yeah, you know about it because it is you who always help me ever since us in high school.” Say Karina. She scratches her hair that nicely style by the guys in order to disguise but she’s not used to wax since she always do her hair into ponytail.

                “Hey! Want to hit on girls?” Hazuki come out with idea but Karina just stay at bar. She watches other people have fun on the dance floor as she’s not in mood to join those people. She leaves out silent sigh as staring to her glass.

                “What are you doing here other than sigh?” ask someone who sit beside her and she surprise to see it is Hikaru.

                “Hikka-teeth bro, what are you doing here?” ask Karina.

                “I also want to chill like you…” Hikaru look at Karina’s glass before asks, “You drink those?”

                Karina lifts up her glass, “It is need to relax.” Her red face clearly shows that she already drunk.

                “You just lucky that everyone will misunderstand you’re girly guy right now.” Say Hikaru. Karina asks him how he could recognize her, he points to her earrings, “I heard from Nobuhiko that you really love those earrings and only take it off if you have to wear other earring during works. Those from your mom, right?”

                “I really impress you could remember that.” Say Karina.

                Hikaru hit her guts with the question, “Fight with anyone from your group?”

                “I won’t tell you about it since it only involved group.” Say Karina. She finishes her drinks and fall asleep on the table.

                Seiji get near to the bar before make comment, “Ah! She falls asleep again after drink.” He notice Hikaru and says, “Oh, Kai-kun’s admired brother!”

                “Kai-kun?” Hikaru can’t understand it.

                “Oh, that is her nickname when she’s wear something like this. She always likes this when drunk.” Say Seiji. He continues as he knows Hikaru want to know more, “We have gone out, chilling like this and she will fall asleep with same reason. I will tell this because I think you deserve to know, every time this happen, it means problem with her group.”

                “She’s type that always hides what she thinks.” Say Hikaru. He curious over something when think about it, “Where she will stay tonight?”

                “Oh, she will stay at my house like before this… ah, before you get other idea, I’m staying with my family. My younger sister will help me to take care of her as she kind of attract with Kai-kun.” Say Seiji. Hikaru surprise to hear that kind of statement before he knows Seiji’s sister just attract with Karina because she really kind towards her. He thinks he will try to ask those in Hoshiko about what happen.


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