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Star Tobbi (Chapter 11)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Rin knows about Miwako is actually her real mom and can't accept it. What will happen next?

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                Everyone really surprise at that moment as Rin’s hand begins bleeding and some of the girls scream in terror to see what happen. Karina quickly gets near and says, “Rin-chan, let clean the wound before it get infection.”

                Rin glares to her and asks, “You already know who her is, right?”

                “Yeah but…” Karina can’t finish her words and Rin says in cold tone, “You’re the worst! I thought there won’t be any secret between us but you hide the biggest thing from me.”

                “What the different when I tell you earlier, you still act like this, right? That’s why I hide it from you!” everyone surprises when Karina uses superior tone; something that hardly use by that carefree girl.

                Even Karina surprise with her own tone, she quickly says, “I think I need to go out for awhile to take breathe of air.”

                The stylish smile gently, “Your make-up already finish and you can change into the clothes before the shooting begin. Just don’t too take long time.”

                Karina asks the stylish about few things before leave the room. She decides to rest at rooftop while listening to music that Rin compose and Keito play the tune. She works really hard to lock all her negative feelings as that day’s work.

                Someone gives drink and says, “I heard about what happen… it seems you keep it too long and accidentally explode.”

                Karina it is Keito but she doesn’t have courage to look at him. She could only say, “I already fail as leader of Hoshiko. I never think about what she will do. I’m a baka.”

                Karina clutches her fist and Keito gently put his hand on hers. He says, “You just don’t want her to have any worries. You only want the best for her.”

                “Maybe you’re right but now… I don’t know what I should do right now.” Say Karina. Keito smile before whisper something to Karina’s ear.


                Everyone really worry about Karina as she hasn’t return there even she said she only want to go out for awhile. Reika says, “I want to search for Karina. She should return by now.”

                They look towards the door as it being open and it show Karina return with no emotion. She walks towards Rin who already in dark aura, “I know and understand what you want right now but let’s forget it until this work finish.”

                Rin doesn’t any reaction towards it and Karina doesn’t even care about it. They finish their preparation and go to studio for shooting. Everyone aware about the big fight between Karina and Rin but it seems only Rin who surround with dark aura while Karina doesn’t care about it.

                When come to break, Miwako asks, “It is too hard accept me as your mother?”

                That question really make Rin more annoy and Karina quickly give signal not to disturb them. Rin says, “I won’t accept women who throw me away after give birth of me and never care about me when I lost my parent. I don’t just lost my parent but grandmother who really care about me also died when I was kids and being throw to that orphanage. It really hard for me to survive there when I couldn’t see any light or hope. I thought I finally get out from those bad things when I met Karina-chan but everyone is the same. For your information, I would never think you as my mom until the very end.”


                The shooting somehow end safely and smoothly but Rin is the first one who left the place. Karina asks Harada and the reply she gets, “It seem she will stay at other place for awhile… okay, all of you. I will send you girls to home before I go to jimusho.”

                “Oh, I have to follow you today because I have something to do there.” Say Karina.

                After send others to home, Harada says, “It looks like this is your first fight with her, right? It seems my sister is hard for her to accept.”

                “Yeah, even you also take several months to make her accept you.” Say Karina.

                “I never realize she related to me until I make a bit investigation about her. I really happy and ask them to make me as your girls’ manager as I think I could protect her.” say Harada.

                “It seems we need to wait until she cools down. Do we have any work this month?” Karina wants to know their schedule.

                “Only at the end of this month because Hoshiko will launch their new single.” Say Harada.

                “Oh, that’s why we will debut GoDream first. I only hope right now there wouldn’t be any rumors about our fight today.” Say Karina. She really worry about it as everyone could see injuries at Rin’s hand even already cover by using of gloves and accessories.

                They reach at jimusho and go to separate way as Karina want to visit those girls first. They happily welcome her there and says, “Arigatou for give us great name.”

                “I just choose that name because I know all of you work hard for your dream. Gomen ne, it should be yon (4) but I make it go (5).” Say Karina. She accidentally makes that mistake when half-asleep and it already too late to fix it as Mr. Nagase happily accepts it.

                “We really happy to hear that name.” say Mimi.

                “I already heard from someone that four of you will move to new house soon.” Say Karina.

                They whine to hear it and Eri asks, “Why we can’t stay at same house with Hoshiko anymore?”

                “That house environment will give you inspiration for all of you to face the day. It will give chance for you to create something that only you girls have it.” Say Karina. She really wants to make those new girls away from trouble that may arise later. She talks with them for awhile before excuses herself as she wants to meet Mr. Nagase.


                Rin already check-in at an inn that away from the city. She really wants to relax herself from everything happen. She totally can’t accept that Karina, the least people that she trusts betray her completely about the most important things. She take deep breathe to forget everything but it only last for awhile.

                “Ojou-san, even you’re in middle of big problem, you shouldn’t let other people know about it.” Say the landlady as she serves hot drink.

                “I feel really betray when people that I trust most hide something that really important behind me.” Say Rin.

                The landlady smiles and says, “My son always says that life is like shuffled music player; you won’t know what will happen next but need to ready to accept it. He is a musician but unpopular one.”

                “The only reason why I’m staying with my group because the person that I trust also in the group. I don’t want she throw away her dream because I have different dream from her.” say Rin while her eyes already look far away from that place.

                “How about you take your time to relax?” ask the landlady before leave the room to give space of privacy to Rin.


                Mariko walks to the audition place but what make her uncomfortable because Karina also with her. She asks, “What you’re following me?”

                “I’m not following you but somehow, I also being invited to the audition but no like you… actually, I don’t really understand why I need to be there.” Say Karina. She already busy to discuss what kind of songs that she and Keito want for Magnet, and also about GoDream’s debut event but she need to go with Mariko.

                She exchange mail with Keito who seem also has work with JUMP while make sure Mariko doesn’t notice it, ‘Oh! You also have work today?’

                ‘Yeah but I really want to spend with you and talk about our unit’s debut.’

                ‘Silly! We already agree to meet when both of us don’t have work and you’re busy make preparation for upcoming tour.’

                ‘I could get feeling that you already bought the ticket for my tour.’

                ‘Don’t be fool when you’re the one who bought it for me.’

                ‘Ne… I was thinking if you have any idea for our songs.’

                ‘I already have an idea but I will tell you when we meet. It would be easier to talk more about it. Wish me luck as I just arrive at audition place with Mariko-chan. I wonder why I need to join her.’

                ‘It’s easy; you’re Hoshiko’s mom. Break a leg.’


                Sara walks at street to find anything she could buy as souvenir. She already gets permission to go back Seoul after promotion of Hoshiko’s new single to visit her family but don’t know what she should buy and accidentally bump into someone who wears shades and cap to cover his face.

                The person notices her, “Sara-chan, you should wear something to cover your face as you’re also an idol.”

                Sara knows only one person who calls her like that except everyone Hoshiko and it is Daiki. She wants to say something but he quickly pulls her to nearby café to hide themselves from public. Sara says, “I’m not popular like you and no one ever want to stalk me.”

                “People will mesmerize with your beauty even they don’t know you’re an idol.” Say Daiki before take sips of his coffee.

                Sara could feel blood rush to her face as no one ever says something like that to her. Daiki asks to avoid awkward atmosphere, “Where are others?”

                “Oh, Rin-chan has something to do, Reika-chan seem want to practice her new drum beat, and Karina-chan follow Mariko-chan for her audition. I feel bored staying home alone; decide to walk around to find something for my family when I visit them at Seoul.” Say Sara.

                Daiki suddenly get an idea, “How about I help you to find it? It feels bored since all my members also have work; 7 have their own CM filming while Best has their individual works.”

                “It is okay for you being seen with someone like me?” ask Sara.

                Daiki show his cute smile, “I don’t mind at all.”

                Both of them spend time to find things for Sara’s family. Daiki asks, “Don’t you feel homesick being far from your family and your hometown?”

                “I feel sick sometimes but I don’t have any courage to visit them until recently; when we did live together at Okinawa.” Say Sara.

                “Wah, I never think you’re strong girl when you have spoiled child’s vibe. You’re really great.” Compliment Daiki while Sara in middle of browsing some tea on the racks. He could hear, “I’m only looking strong on surface.”


                Mariko could not feel ease when remember about her first failure during previous audition. Everyone really surprise when see Karina and famous scriptwriter, Ichirou get into the room. Ichirou says, “Ohayou everyone. I wish good luck to all of you and we hope could do the best.”

                “All of you will be judge by 8 people and we’re also one of them. So, we’re open for any question before the audition.” Say Karina happily even she knows many people are wondering why she’s also there.

                “Karina-chan, why you’re here? What make you become one of the judges?” ask Mariko.

                Karina seem doesn’t understand well why she’s there until Ichirou says, “Actually, she is my co-writer where she actually doesn’t realize she involve in this script-making. That’s why I want her here to choose which of you suit on what both of us already create.”

                Everyone begin ask many kinds of question but both of that people only answer as long it doesn’t out from what they could say. Mariko couldn’t understand why Karina there and decide to ask her when get time to talk with her without disturbance from anyone, “Why you become judge and not one of who want the role inside it?”

                “I have no interest to act in this production since I already know everything that happens in the story. If I want to act, I rather choose something that I don’t know and that’s when the challenge comes.” Say Karina. She gently punches Mariko’s shoulder, “Gambatte for it. Just think judges in front of you are like people in jimusho and never throw out your arrogance.”

                Mariko couldn’t understand why her leader talks like that when she’s the one who keep asking her to throw away her arrogance. She tries to forget it and focus on script that provided for her but feel weird when character that she need to act quite similar with herself.


                Rin begin feel bored and decide to walk around the place. She makes stop at pet shop where she always go there with Karina when they in high school and not popular yet. She remembers how both of them always want to adopt several pets every time they come there.


                “Wah, this toy poodle really kawaii!!” Karina almost scream when see a puppy sleep at its place. They runs to the place just to see pet before their practice at jimusho begin. Karina sneeze before quickly cover her face with mask since she really sensitive towards animal’s fur.

                “Both of you are here again! And I see you already meet new pets.” Say the shop worker, Adam.

                Both of them smile to see him who already used to accept both of their presence in his shop. Rin easily cuddle the puppy and pet him while intend to scare Karina. Her best friend quickly run away when the puppy near to her face.

                Rin whine, “Oh, come on! I thought you already okay with it but it just you scared of it.”

                “No, no, no… not until we finish our test. I don’t want to get sick at important people.” Say Karina.

End of flashback~~

                “Wah, you’re here. I thought you already forget me when you popular.” Greet Adam.

                “I feel bored and remember about this pet shop. It really wonderful to keep this shop on business after long time.” Say Rin. Adam also the least people that could talk with Rin easily.

                “You always came here with Karina-chan and spend time here.” Say Adam. He looks around and asks, “Where is Karina-chan?”

                Rin’s face become dark and says, “She’s not here. She never cares about our friendship anymore and become selfish with her boyfriend.”

                “Wah! I never think that girl will get boyfriend but you don’t have to worry because I will keep it as secret. And? You fight with her again?” Adam make guess and watch Rin’s reaction, “You’re still same; come here alone when you fight.”

                “I can’t forgive her when she hides the biggest matter from my knowledge.” say Rin.

                “If she tells you earlier about it, will you want to hear it?” ask Adam that make Rin speechless as she doesn’t know how to answer it.


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