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Star Tobbi (Chapter 8)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

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                Both of them return to the room with juices and Rin says, “Gomen ne, Karina-chan. I want to buy your favourite white grape juice but it sold out and I bought this yogurt juice for you. I hope you okay with it.”

                “I already told you that I’m okay with anything. Arigatou! I’m happy!” say Karina as she opens the juice before happily take sip. It seem everyone talk about many things and give spirit for her as they know that girl really need support at that moment.

                After awhile, Nobuhiko also surprise to see many people in Karina’s room when he arrives. He says, “Wah, it surprise to see many people here today.”

                “Nii-chan, how about your bakery? I hope you didn’t close it today.” Say Karina as she knows her bother always busy with his bakery.

                Nobuhiko put a box on the table, “I bought you favourite cake today and about my bakery, I close only for today as I have discussion for an event. Ah, I forget to introduce myself. I’m Nobuhiko, Karina’s brother.”

                “He is the owner of Star Bakery that serves many delicious bread, cake and pastries there. I already become his fan when taste his cakes and... he also my friend from hometown that really sly when still kids.” Say Hikaru while smiling and high five with Nobuhiko.

                “I’m a bright kid. That can’t be helped but everything change in second.” Say Nobuhiko.

                “Yeah, too bright sometimes until it affect me and Rin-chan.” mock Karina and Rin nods as she agree with it.

                Sara asks Rin, “You know Karina-chan’s brother?”

                Rin nods, “Yeah, three of us from same orphanage. Don’t you think it weird if I don’t know my best friend’s brother when we were grown up together in same place?”

                “That would be weird ne~~!” say Sara shyly as she admit her insensitive about it.

                “Nii-chan, could you ask them to discharge me soon? I don’t want to stay here anymore as I want to do many things right now.” Whine Karina.

                “Of course…” Nobuhiko tries to give hope to her before says, “…no. You need to stay here until you fully recover. It’s for you own good.”

                Karina begins cries like little kids but it only an act. They know Karina really easy to feel bored when she’s not doing anything. They give her many tips how to kill time while at hospital before leave the room until only left Rin, Keito and Nobuhiko.

                “Nobuhiko-nii, do you know anything about my studies?” ask Karina who actually worries about it even never shows it to anyone.

                Nobuhiko calmly says, “About that… I already ask your college and they said you will take final exam as soon you get discharge and you will graduate from there soon.”

                Keito surprise to hear it, “Just like that? It seems really easy.”

                “She actually graduates from high school a year early from you and get into college even before we debut. Easy to say, Karina-chan is a genius with high IQ.” Say Rin and that make Karina’s face gradually red.

                Nobuhiko adds, “But for some reason, she never wants to show her genius and always hide it carefully. People don’t know about her early graduation because it happens before her debut which really easy to hide everything under rock.”

                “Nothing to get amazes with it since I only has normal student life like everyone else.” Say Karina like she reads everyone’s mind.

                “But don’t you think it really great? It means you could do many things with it.” Say Keito but Karina quickly says, “I have great IQ that comes with sacrifice. I lost many things because of my talent.”

                Keito a bit worry when see her face at that moment and wait until Rin and Nobuhiko leave the room before he could says, “But if not of these happen, I may not meet you yet.”

                “My only hope is to make everyone smile with what I do. That’s why I do many things.” Say Karina. Keito gently pull her head to his chest to comfort her and whisper words that make Karina feel calm under his embrace and slowly drift into dreamland.


                Kento come to visit her with Mrs. Nakajima that brings many things for her. He says, “She really worry when know that you get into hospital.”

                “Karina-chan, you really a bad girl. How could you hide about this matter from me? Luckily, Kento knows about it from his senpai as he overheard about it. You really like to make me worry.” Say Mrs. Nakajima as she hugs tightly of Karina.

                “Mama, you may kill her with your hug.” Say Kento as he could see blood drain from Karina’s face.

                Mrs. Nakajima releases the hug and stroke Karina’s head, “You just jealous of her, Kento because I never hug you like this. Oh yeah! Karina-chan, how about you spend time at my home for your recovery? At least, I have someone to accompany at home.”

                Karina surprise to hear the offer and Mrs. Nakajima adds, “Of course, you only have to stay with me until you fully recover as I think if you stay at your house, you will begin do your work and you already bored to stay here.”

                Karina thinks about the suggestion and agrees with it as she doesn’t want to stay there any longer. She wants to move around the building but due to some kind of problem, no one allow her to leave the room. Mrs. Nakajima really happy to hear it and happily manage everything for her.


                Mariko walks at the streets while wearing disguise that make people confuse who is her. She still couldn’t accept the fact that she failed her first audition. She never feels failure in her life as she always perform excellently in everything she does. She keep wondering why she failed in that audition while use the route that not in her plan.

                Suddenly, she bumps into someone scary and she becomes panic as doesn’t know she should do. The person yanks out her disguise and says, “Wah, your face really looks like an idol. How you treat me like an idol… I mean gravure idol…”

                “I’m not gravure idol!” Mariko want to run away but her hand being grab by the guy. Everyone seems blind their eyes even it happens in front of them. She already out of idea on how to escape from that guy.

                When she almost being drag away by the guy to other place, someone says in mock tone, “Dude, it’s not nice to treat girl like that. It will never make you popular since girl will see you as useless that never know how to treat girl nicely.”

                Mariko surprise to see the person who dares to say something like that. She can’t see the person’s face well as it covers with cap but she could recognize it is a female’s voice. The scary guy want to punch her but the person quickly grab the guy’s hand before twist him that have bigger build than her really easy to the back. The person says in threaten tone, “How about you release that beautiful girl or I will break this filthy arm?”

                The scary guy run away after the person push his body forwards and the person turn to her, “You should take care of yourself extra careful since you’re an idol.”

                Mariko surprise as she already make sure no one realize who is her but when she could see the person’s face clearly, her mouth mutter, “Shin-kun…”

                “Long time no see, Mari-chan.” Mariko knows who it is; the few number of people that she trust, Shinku. Even she do many bad things on her, that girl never care to ignore or forget about her and she always surrender with her attitude that never care who is her.

                Mariko wants to say something but Shinku signal her to shut up and walk until they arrive at a dark café. She decide to ask, “Why you suddenly here? I thought you still at overseas… following your parent.”

                “I already return to Japan about… 4 years ago. I don’t want to live together with those people anymore. I run away from them and begin my life here, the place where I was born.” say Shinku. Mariko really surprise to see the girl in front of her that totally different as Shinku’s appearance that almost look like guy.

                When she ask her about what she’s doing right now, the reply that she get, “I’m doing many works right now but right now, I only spending time at streets, doing nothing. I also know you already become an idol because I work at music store before this. Actually, I already watch you from far for quite of time just now and notice you seem really down. Something happen to you until make the girl that always held her head high feel down today?”

                “I feel mad about why I failed my audition when I really good with it.” Say Mariko. She never scared to blur out everything when with Shinku. That girl really good in hide secret and no one would ever dig out from her.

                Shinku take sip from her drink to wet her throat before says, “Life is not always at the top. Sometimes, we need to be at the bottom to see opportunities at the top before you rise up. I know you never taste of the failure but in your kind of world, you don’t have choice other than need get used with it. Look the failure as something that you need to fix in future.”

                “You have felt the failure before this?” ask Mariko.

                Shinku nods, “Of course I have felt that… always but because of the failures, I learn to be more mature and ready to face anything in my life. Maybe you should see things from bottom once in awhile or you will never move on.”

                “I don’t think I could do that.” Say Mariko as she looks down to her cup.

                Shinku taps the table to get her look up, “It’s not ‘I don’t think’ but ‘I will’. That the only way to learn copes with it. Finish up your drink and I will send you back since this place are not for you.”


                Sara pushes trolley while choosing ingredient that she want to cook for the day. She really miss Korean dish but she doesn’t want to eat it at restaurant. She keeps checking things from her phone until doesn’t realize she meet someone there. The person greets, “Wah, you really focus on shopping.”

                Sara surprise to see it is Yuya, “Of course I need to focus since I want to prepare great dish today. How about you?”

                “Just walking around here while try to figure out what should I eat today.” Say Yuya.

                “You should try Korean food as it really delicious.” Suggest Sara as that the only thing in her minds on that time. Meeting with her father makes her appetite demand Korean dishes after long time.

                Yuya frown, “But I don’t know how to prepare it. How about you prepare it for me?”

                Sara doesn’t think long before says, “I’m okay with it but you will have to come to Hoshiko’s place since that place is more suitable than other places.”

                Both of them go to Hoshiko’s house after finish pay everything. Reika who relaxing at living room, notice both of them and ask in tease tone, “Are you want to make house date?”

                “No, I just want to cook for him and also you. Don’t you dare to imagine things. Where others?” say Sara as she washes her hands before begin cooking while Yuya just take sit at one of stools.

                “Rin-chan helps Karina-chan to get discharge as she will stay at her aunt’s house for awhile, Mariko-chan… she told me that she won’t be home until night, and other girls has training at camp for 3 days.” Say Reika as she put dirty mug in sink.

                Yuya looks around and compliment, “Wah, your house look really clean. If this house live by JUMP, it will be super messy and noisy.”

                “Girls’ house should be always clean. Another reason for that, if Hoshiko’s mama sees any place in this house in mess, she won’t keep silent.” Say Sara.
Yuya ask who is it and she says it is Karina. He says, “Wah, she seem really carefree but never think she will get that strict.”

                “If not because of her, maybe we still not unite. She becomes our point to get comfortable with each other. She knows how to make all of us become one or we won’t become like who we are nowadays.” Say Reika.

                “But why seem Nagase-san doesn’t want to join you? It seems she creates distance with you girls except during performance.” Yuya always curious about it and it hot topic among people who know Hoshiko.

                “We also don’t know why she’s like that but we really hope she could join us once in awhile. Even Rin-chan cold with us but she still join us, as long Karina-chan also with us.” Say Reika. Sara finishes her cooking and serves it on dining table with help of Reika and Yuya.

                Yuya taste the meal and says, “Wah, it really oishii!! You could become great wife.”

                “Yeah but it will be hard since her appetite is bigger than anyone else. She just lucky that Karina-chan allow us to do anything that we want as doesn’t off-limit.” Say Sara. They enjoy their meal and surprise when Rin arrive home.

                Yuya surprisingly asks, “Why you’re here?”

                “Of course because this is my house...” reply Rin coldly, “…I need to get change of clothes as I will stay overnight at Karina-chan’s aunt’s house. I will return tomorrow before we begin our practice.”

                “Ne… how’s Karina-chan?” ask Reika before Rin leave the kitchen.

                “She’s okay but it seem she become too hyper. That’s why I’m staying over to help her aunt to take care of her.” say Rin. She leaves them without care to see the reaction and that make Yuya surprise as he knows Rin rarely talk.

                “That’s normal for us.” Comment Sara as she realizes what Yuya’s think. Three of them continue their meal without care of anything else. Yuya leave the house when he finishes eat as he still has other work after that.


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