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Star Tobbi (Chapter 4)
Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Hoshiko is uprising band and there just too many things happen within the band. What it is?

Teaser/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

                 It already late but Reika can’t sleep even after rolls and decide to walk around to find something that she can do. She bumps into Daiki who seem on the way to somewhere. She quickly say while bow, “Gomen, I didn’t mean to bump you.”

                “Daijoubu, where are you wanted to go?” ask Daiki even he seem want to rush to somewhere.

                “Just walking around since it really bored to stay in my room.” Say Reika.

                “How about you join us at pool? It already reserve for JUMP and Hoshiko to relax. Some of your members also there with us.” Say Daiki. Reika just agree with it and Daiki pulls her hand to follow him.

                She really surprise to see the rest of JUMP with Karina, Rin and Sara there but only Karina who seem focus on something at laptop. Reika asks, “Why you still with your laptop at time like this?”

                “I need to fix my report on new program. It seem my sensei found error in my program and ask me to fix is as soon as possible before send it back to him by tonight.” Say Karina as her fingers still typing on her laptop without take a look at keyboard.

                Reika really impress with her leader and suddenly get water splash from someone from inside the pool. Karina lifts up her laptop before scold, “Careful with that. I don’t want to ruin my laptop right now.”

                “Don’t just stand there. You should cool down yourself in pool. Reika and Karina too.” Say Yuri. It seems they already comfortable to call by each other name.

                Sara appears after submerge and says, “Actually, Karina-chan can’t swim and really hate pool.”

                Everyone surprise to hear it and Rin suddenly says, “She had drowned when we go to sea and that make her trauma of it.”

                “But where is Mariko?” ask Hikaru. Everyone surprise to hear it and he quickly adds, “It just…. Better if all of us here to enjoy our free time to know each other.”

                “Oh, she not always want to join us since she only think about works.” Reply Reika.

                Suddenly, Harada arrive there and whisper something to Karina that make her eyes go wide. Everyone’s curious grow bigger when she says, “Is that okay to let me to do that?” Harada only nods to answer for the mysterious question.

                Karina closes her laptop and follows Harada to leave the place without concern of anyone’s question that curious about what happen. After several minutes, Keito also leave the pool as he seem need to do something. Kota mutters, “I wonder where both of them went. No one knows where they are.”

                “Maybe Keito already return to his room as he told me that he needs to finish his assignment.” Say Yuto before dive into the pool. Everyone continue their enjoyment after awhile and totally forget about what happen.


                Karina and Keito in a studio and get ready for practice. They just get short notice from their jimusho that they’re going collaborate for a song. Keito will play the guitar while Karina will sing the song. She really surprise when Harada says, “It seem Saichou want you to sing it and Johnny-san want him to play the guitar.”

                “Why me? We can ask Mariko-chan to sing since she is the vocalist in Hoshiko.” Say Karina as she wants to avoid singing. She had sing for several times but only for demo and fun as she doesn’t confident with her voice.

                “He said this song suit your voice and this is your opportunity to show that you’re not just bass player and busy person.” Say Harada. Everyone leave the studio except for Karina and Keito in order to let them to practice song.

                “It seems we will perform together as surprise for everyone includes our members.” say Karina as she look to the music sheet.

                “Yeah but it is okay for you? This song in composed fully English.” Say Keito.

                Karina flips her hair and says in English, “It’s not only you who could talk fluently in English. I had taken many extra classes when I was little girls. My aunt sent me with hope that I could become honourable ojou-sama but I join this world and it gives me many advantages to survive.”

                “Your aunt?” Keito curious and remember something, “Ah, I heard from somewhere that you are related with idol but no one could discover who is it since you have spend time with different kinds of people. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

                “This matter will reveal soon and everyone will know that I’m Sexy Zone’s Nakajima Kento’s cousin. His parent really generous towards my brother and I even we didn’t live together with them.” Say Karina as she remembers memories with them.

                “You didn’t live with them?” ask Keito.

                “Yeah, nii-chan and I decide to stay at orphanage as we want to be kids that share same fate with us. Three of us only leave that orphanage when oni-chan gets works and both of us get scouted by Saichou.” Say Karina. She wants to change the topic and quickly says, “Let’s begin practice it or we won’t have enough time. I can’t leave my room too long or Rin-chan will suspect something.”

                “Me too since this time, I share room with Yama-chan and he like to ask many questions to me.” Say Keito. Both of them begin their practice in fast-pace as they didn’t have much time for it.


                Mariko knows about collaboration and feels really angry. She goes straight to hotel room where Mr. Nagase stays to express her anger, “Why it must be that brat? I’m the vocalist of Hoshiko and not her! I’m the one who should sing.”

                “I can’t let you to sing that song. You will only ruin it.” Say Mr. Nagase as he calmly put down his coffee cup. He knows his daughter will be completely mad when know about it. That’s why he and Johnny come out with idea to make it as surprise plan.

                “Why you never give chance for me to shine? It always about that brat; over and over in everything.” Say Mariko in rage.

                Mr. Nagase look towards Mariko and it make her uncomfortable even it is her father. He opens his mouth, “I know why you join my jimusho, just for revenge after what happen to your mom. If you keep thinking of revenge, I can’t give other job than sing in Hoshiko since you will not enjoy your work. One more thing, if you’re thinking to make scandal about Karina and Rin, no one would believe you.”

                Mariko really surprise to hear it and wait for her father’s words, “I had assigned bodyguard for each of you as I don’t want anything bad happen to you guys and they always report everything to me.”

                “Why you never want to back me up? I’m your daughter, not them.” Say Mariko.

                “I always treat you as my daughter but you never realize it. I want you to feel grateful with what you have; at least, both of us still alive and could see your achievement and proud with you. Have you ever tried to see in each of their eyes on what happen?” Say Mr. Nagase. Mariko storm out from the room without want to hear anything more from her father.

                While on the way to her room, she encounter with Hikaru seem on the way back from pool. He notices her and asks, “Why you didn’t join us have fun at pool? It really a waste without you there since we have a lot of fun.”

                Mariko glares towards him and he continues, “I really wish you could smile like what I always see on screen and magazine.”

                “I smile because my fans want to see my smile.” Reply Mariko.

                Hikaru smiles to her and says, “How about you smile for yourself? It’s worth it and you won’t lose anything.” Mariko just walks away from him and get into her room without saying anything to him.

                Hikaru leave alone dumbstruck and says, “She should learn to loosen a bit.”

                “And you loosen too much, Hikka-teeth bro.” Say Karina who just appear with Keito and that make him jump a bit. Hikaru ask about both of them and Karina reply, “Both of us go to shop to find snack since Keito seem afraid if I go out alone when we met at lobby.”

                “I also afraid if know you want to go out alone since your sense of direction worse than anyone.” Say Hikaru and both of them feel relieve even it didn’t show at their face. Three of them return to their rooms and get ready for tomorrow’s practice.


                They go to concert venue to check their costume and Daiki takes chance to ask Hoshiko, “Why you girls never wear short skirt when on stage?”

                “None of us are actually think to wear short skirt on stage since we play instruments and if you’re wondering why Karina-chan always wear jeans when on stage, it was her who choose her clothes.” Say Reika.

                “I just wear what I like to wear but this time, it seem management want me to begin wear skirt.” Say Karina as she notice there are skirt for her costume on that performance. She remembers that she needs to find another set of clothes for duet performance with Keito but they could only do that without anyone know it.

                “Karina-chan, why my clothes is sleeveless this time? I already say I don’t want to wear clothes like this.” Whine Rin.

                Karina take a look at Rin’s clothes and come out with an idea, “You can wear inner shirt with it if you don’t want to show your arms. I’m sure our stylish already bring inner shirt since I like to wear that during make performance.”

                Sara shows her clothes and tell about her worries wearing the clothes since the mini live will become experiment for Hoshiko wear different from their usual style. Soon, Reika also join to discuss about her clothes while Mariko seem satisfied with her clothes. Karina needs to come out with many ideas to cover everything that actually bring worries to her members.

                “Wow! You look like a mom in Hoshiko, Karina.” Comment Yuya.

                “She’s our mom while Mariko-chan as our dad that always ignores us.” Say Sara while smiling. Mariko only glares to them and focus on her own clothes. After everything okay, they begin practice for mini-live and check everything.


                When everything ends, Karina and Keito go to same studio to practice the song as it still secret from everyone except for staffs. Then, they choose clothes for the song at a clothes shop; Keito decide to wear simple dark blue shirt with vest, white pants and black shoes while Karina will wear layered white skirt with light pink blouse and heels.

                “Wah, I wonder if I didn’t look weird in this skirt… people surely could see my leg from side.” Say Karina as she never wears that kind of skirt before. Both of them leave the shop after feel happy with their clothes.

                “So, what you usually wear in your private time?” ask Keito while they on the way to bakery. They want to buy something for their members to cover their plan.

                “Just like what you see right now.” Say Karina. She fixes her hair and adds, “I feel more comfortable wearing jeans with simple tee and sneakers since my class are actually mostly composed of male students.”

                “Wah, I thought you will wear feminine clothes like what you always wear on magazines and shows.” Say Keito.

                “That’s normal for people to think like that.” Say Karina. Both of them get into the bakery and she asks, “What should we both for everyone? Everything here looks so delicious.”

                “Let’s buy varieties of it since we have a lot of people and my members will eat a lot.” Say Keito.

                “Same goes to Reika-chan and Sara-chan. She really love cooking and eating. At our house, she will cook anything that she wants but it always me who need to make sure everything okay since her experiment could be weird sometimes.” Say Karina. Both of them decide t buy varieties of cake and pastries for everyone.


                Rin want to go somewhere to kill time with her best friend but when she knocks Karina’s room, no answer. She could only think that her best friend goes to somewhere that has calm environment to relax and do her studies since it really hard to get free time. She grabs her phone and wallet before leave the room and accidentally meets with Yuto at lobby.

                He asks, “Where are you going?”

                “I’m thinking to go any places where I can enjoy sea without hear any scream from fans.” Say Rin.

                “Oh, I know just a right place to go.” Say Yuto. Both of them get into the taxi and begin their journey to the place.

                When arrive there, Rin asks, “How you know about this place?” She looks around before continue, “It seem no one around here.”

                “Oh, I found this place from Kamenashi-kun. He told me this place if perfect to enjoy beach without any disturbance and I have been here for several times before. You’re the first person that I bring here.” Say Yuto. He looks towards sky before adds, “At last, you talk to me. It really hard to hear your voice before this.”

                Rin’s face suddenly turns slight red before manage to say, “I just find hard to talk with people because scared they will mad with me. I could only talk easily with Karina-chan because she always the one who willing to spend time with me even during I want to be alone.”

                “She really sugoi since she has unique aura that make people give attention to her.” say Yuto.

                Rin plays with sand by her feet to find what to say, “Sometimes, I feel really jealous towards her. She has many things that could do and it various in genre while I only know about music.”

                “You should just confident with what you have because that’s what makes people like you.” Say Yuto. Both of them spend time together at beach but the awkward situation still surrounds them.


                Mariko still practicing her sing at back of studio even everyone already leave the place. She still wants to training as there are certain places in the songs that she feels unconfident to sing. Suddenly the door being open and it show Hikaru. She asks why he’s there and he replies, “I want to take my lyric sheets. I accidentally left it here. Why you still here?”

                “I just want to practice more for my singing.” Reply Mariko.

                Hikaru take a look at his watch and says, “But it already late right now. You must need good rest before mini-live tomorrow. Let’s go back together since it dangerous for girl to walk alone at time like this.”

                Mariko weight everything in her mind before agree to go back home with Hikaru as she actually afraid to go back alone. Both of them walk together and only silent accompany them. Hikaru want to say something but it keeps meeting dead-end while Mariko seem doesn’t care of it.

                “Wah, both of you together. Do you have anything that both of you together?” say Ryosuke when see they arrive at the lobby.

                “We only meet at studio when I need to take music score and she still there.” Say Hikaru while Mariko already leaves them. She doesn’t bother to greet the boys at that moment.

                Keito give small box to him and says, “Me and Karina go to bakery and bought something for everyone. This is your share.”

                “Both of you really suspicious. Why both of you go to bakery together? Coincidence?” suspects Hikaru.

                Keito calmly answer to avoid anyone notices the fact that he and Karina actually go to practice for surprise performance, “I was hungry and she want to find something to eat. So, both of us go together since she told me that she’s has a bit problem with her sense of direction.” Hikaru could only accept that kind of answer as he knows about that girl’s problem that happens since they were kids.

                When Mariko almost arrive her room, she meets Karina who is waiting in front of her room. She asks, “What are you doing here? Want to point out my mistake during practice again?”

                “Of course not for that. I’m here to give you this. Me and Keito go at bakery and bought something for everyone. Since I kinda ‘guess’ you won’t come to join us, I bring this to your room. I bought blueberry cheese cake, your favourite cake. Take enough rest as we will have live tomorrow.” Say Karina. She gives the box to Mariko and leaves the place.

                Mariko gets into her room and want to throw the cake but can’t do it because she always wants to eat the cake. She enjoys the cake and her mind remembers something, “It’s not wrong to be friend with them since you already share same dream with them.”

                “Dream?” Mariko thinks about those words while enjoying her cake, “This cake really oishii. I wonder where she bought it.”


                On a day before the mini-live, JUMP and Hoshiko make their last rehearsal but it seem Karina doesn’t focus even didn’t make mistake. After everything finish, Harada gives car key to her, “The car… like usual. Just don’t come back home too late since you have big day tomorrow.”

                “Thank you, Harada-san and mengo for everything. I promise I will come back home early today.” Say Karina. She put her bass at aside before check things her bag.

                Rin get near to ask, “Where are you going?”

                “Usual place…” reply Karina with weak smile before leave the place. It seems most of them curious about what happen until Sara says, “Ah! She must want to meet her family before the show.”

                “Her family? But her brother at Tokyo, right?” say Hikaru.

                “This place is her hometown and where her parent being buried. Every time we get chance to come here, she surely go there to tell her parent but we hope you guys didn’t say anything or she will feeling more sad.” Say Reika and receive nod from Hoshiko; that is one of things that their leader really hate being asked.


                Sara gets phone call from her father that asking her to come back Seoul again but her reply, “Appa, I’m still busy here. I already told you that I have many things to do here and tomorrow, Hoshiko will have mini-live.”

                “I only want to meet my daughter but she never want to come back home. Always use excuse busy with work.” say Mr. Song in mock tone.

                Sara knows her father would say something like that and decide to attacks, “How about you? You never care during I get bully at school and when I almost get expel from middle school.”

                Mr. Song flinches to hear it and says, “At that time, I still busy with my work and your omma still alive.”

                “And you keep saying it’s all omma’s responsibilities; home and family while you only know to give money to us.” Say Sara. She ends the call with, “I really need rest as I have something to do tomorrow. You should take rest to since I think you also have important function tomorrow.”


                Kota walks around to relax himself and found Karina at rooftop. He watched her swirls the drink before take a sip. He greets her by saying, “I hope you’re not taking any alcohol before our mini-live tomorrow.”

                “Don’t worry; I only take that once in awhile since I need to take care of my health. If you wondering why I swirl this thing, it’s my habit since kids.” Say Karina like she know why Kota say like that because her habit. It seems she is drinking juice from can.

                “Worry about tomorrow’s mini-live?” ask Kota as he adds, “Since your members like that.”

                Karina chuckles and says, “Even we always clash in many things, we become one on stage. Hoshiko could become Hoshiko because who are we. Even I still hope everything would be okay, my heart can’t stop worrying. I admit there are too many things that need to be done but it worth to do it.”

                “It seems you put others before you and never care about yourself.” Comment Kota.

                “Care about them is just same as I care about myself. There’s no difference between us. I think you know what I mean by that, Kota-kun.” Say Karina. She finishes her drink in one shot and throws into bin. She says, “I need to leave as I need to rest. You also do the same and yoroshiku ne.”


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